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  DMA Maps are available from the US Dept of Commerce.TPC (Tactical Pilotage Maps) can be obtained from : US Dept of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Ocean Service Distribution Branch, N/CG##; Riverdale, MD 20737-1199. Orders may be charged to credit cards by phone 301-436-6990 or FAX 301-463-6829. The Saratov area is TPDE4C. You may also request a free DMA catalog which lists all possible maps.

Wiesenmuller  -  Alexander Schwindt, under the direction of Wilhelmina Greb Stoll, drew a map of Wiesenmuller in 1989. All house lots are numbered and an accompanying sheet identifies the families living in 134 of the 900 homes. The approximate time is 1940. Size 22: x 35. This map is #412-Map of Wiesenmuller, Volga Region and available from AHSGR.

Wiesenmuller  -  Additions to the AHSGR village map by Alexander Muth and Alexander Jekel

Wiesenmuller  -  Map drawn by Friedrich Treise from memory

Wiesenmuller  - Map drawn by Joe Young

Wiesenmuller  -  Map drawn by Anna Stuckert Hyde and Mary Stuckert Morrow

Wiesenmuller  -  Location of village and Jeruslan River on Russian map - does include the surrounding area

The German Colonies on the Volga

Lower Jeruslan River Colonies