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Barnett notes-40+yrs worth

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This booklet is intended to update one that was written by Fred G Mieswinkel of Mt Vernon, Mo. in 1971. He had been assisted by Gertrude Josserand of Dodge City, Kan in his compilation. Thru the years I corresponded with both of them as I have collected Barnette data for over 40 years.

I feel if I don't soon get this in booklet form all my notes will be lost due to my many moves and am so afraid what may happen to any of us after a certain age.

I do not intend to intimate that I am absolutely infallible or that my notes are perfect, but what I am presenting is an accumulation of not only my notes and research, but that of so many relatives, too numerous to mention. You will find them mentioned in what material and notes I am enclosing. Some of this research was in the form of old notebooks, letters from long deceased family members and their talks with even more elderly family long before I was born. Some of the notes have been taken from family Bibles of which I had obtained photo copies at least 40 years ago and which as far as I know have long since gone to others whom I do not know nor do I now have any idea where the Bibles now reside.

I am still researching for the original immigrants and their background but want to put this into form for the rest of you to do some research and see what you are able to come up with. I would appreciate any additional information and/or corrections.

At the moment I can't give you an address to contact me but as I send these out I will include it.


The following was published in the Belfast Ireland Times in 1858 by R. M. Sebbets, Historian.

    There was a William Barnett , born ca 1609 who came from Scotland to Ireland prior to 1634, who was a weaver, a manufacturer of wool, and he settled in Londonderry, Ireland where he died 5 January 1652 and was buried there. His wife was Margaret was born ca 1613 and she died Londonderry, 19 Feb. 1682.


The Derry Cathedral , Parish of Templemore Register 1642-1720; lists the following baptisms:

1. Jane Barnett b 1635, m 29 Jan 1656 to James Davison of Culmore, County Derry.

2. Mongy Barnett, b 1637, m. 30 Aug 1658. Jennett Symerell

Issue: a. Mary Barnett bap. 6 Jan 1660

b. Elizabeth Barnett, bap 12 May 1772

c. William Barnett bap . 3 May 1663

d. John Barnett, bap. 10 Apr 1664, buried St. Peter's Church, Dec. 1756, m 26 Jan 1681, Katherine Gillpatrick(Kilpatrick)

3. Steven Barnett , b. 1639, m 1659 Elizabeth, dau of b 1639., dau. of Joseph Vance.

Issue: a. Elizabeth Barnett, bap. 20 May 1660

b. James Barnett, bap 27 Apr 1662

c. Susannah Barnett bap 6 May 1663

d. William Barnett, bap. 3 May 1664

4. William Barnett, b 1641, d. 1709. served in the siege of Derry, on muster roll 1663, age 22 years, m. 15 Feb 1665, Katherine Vance, dau. of Joseph Vance and Rebecca, bap. 24 May 1643.


a.. Katherine Barnett, bap. 14 May 1667, buried 21 June 1670

b. James Barnett, bap 16 Nov 1669

c. Jane Barnett, bap. 6 May 1663

d. Matthew Barnett, bap. 22 Apr. 1674, m. 19 Apr 1693 Jane Walker

e. Abigail Barnett, bap. 16 Aug. 1676, m. 10 Jan 1698 Robert Boyd

f. John Barnett, bap. 20 May 1678,d. 1 Sept 1734 m. Jeannette Power 16 Apr 1700; dau. of Patrick Power and Jeannette----

g. William Barnett, bap. 3 May 1679, m 10 June 1711 Margaret Preston

All of the above dates, not found in Derry Cathedral were from registers in St. Columb's Cathedral, Londonderry.
The last two, John and William, came to America in ca 1730 to Lancaster Co.,PA.

Issue for John Barnett and wife Jeanette Power:

*1. Robert Barnett b 10 May 1701d. 1773/4 Amherst Co,VA, m Mary Montgomery(b ca 1723)

2. James chr 23 May 1703, d. Albemarle,Co,VA , m Jane Johnson

3. John E b. Mar 1705 - d 1785, m Margaret Roan in 1725

4. Joseph b 1708 , m Esther Mathis

5. Mary b 1710

6. Jeanette b 1713- d 1787

7. Jean b. 1715 , m Moses Swan in 1731 Lancaster Co,PA

8. Rebecca b 1717

Children of Robert and Mary Montgomery Barnett::

a. Joseph, b 4 Oct 1731 Amherst Co, VA; d 18 Nov 1795 m 1757 Abigail Mills(He in Rev.)

b. Alexander b 1745 Amherst; d 1819 m 1769 Jane Montgomery (Rev.service)

c. Elizabeth b ca 1749 Amherst

d. James b 1750, d 1835 m 3 Feb 1790 Mary Hawkins

e. John b ca 1752, m Rebecca Harrison

f. Jane b ca 1755

g. Rebecca b ca 1758 m 1788 Joseph Moore

h. Mary b ca 1761 m 10 oct 1781 Samuel Bell

i. Rachel, b 16 Jan 1763; d 26 Nov 1813 Joseph Barnett

The above was sent by a descendant of Robert Barnett(I cannot guarantee accuracy)

Other references are:

  • Baptism records of Derry Cathedral, Londonderry, Ireland
  • History of BARNETT Family of near Hartford, Ohio Co., KY; by Mary Barnett, Louisville, KY 1926
  • Barnett Family of Ireland; published Belfast, Ireland Times; 1858, by R M Sebbets
  • The Descendants of William Barnett, 16779-1762;by Dr. James Duff Barnett
  • Index to Will Books -Intestate Records Lancaster Co, PA 1729-1850
  • John Barnett 1734 Bk A Vol l p 15
  • John Barnet Sr 1785 E 1 168
  • Samuel Barnet 1758 B 1 249
  • William Barnet 1762 I 1 17
  • William Barnet 1764 A 1 215
  • Abstracts of Lancaster Co, Pa Wills
      Of the above it can not be determined by this researcher just which were parents of OUR William Barnet, who died 1785 in Camden Dist, SC. I hope some of you can figure out if it is, indeed, one of these or another.


    It has been terribly confusing to discern just which Barnett/Barnet 's are those directly related to the ones who went to Kentucky and Tennessee. So I am placing notes for all that I have found that might be and will try to mark in some way that I am positive belong to these families. The others I feel are some connection but so far are not distinguishable.

    Citizens and Immigrants- South Carolina- 1768 Warren- Heritage Papers 1980


    Records of Land Warrants for Anson Co. NC p 3-4

    Abstracts of Land Entries Mecklenburg Co, NC 1778-95 Copy 1988 by Dr. A B Pruitt
      Altho some records for OUR William Barnett show he said he was in Kentucky by 1783, it is highly doubtful he was there before 1784/85 as no documents can be found for arrival earlier. I find in :

    1790 Census South Carolina

    Camden Dist, York Co

    96 Dist-Greenville

    Wills of NC & SC copied from originals
      South Carolina Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers by Moss

    p 45-47--There are many Barnetts from SC that filed claims or served in the Revolution . I will list only those that MIGHT have connection of ours.

    South Carolinians in the Revolution Sara S Ervin, Genealogical Pub. Co 1976 The Patriots at Cowpens Bobby Moss 1985
      Other References:
      Old Waxhaw Cemetary Inscriptions, Lancaster Presbyterian Church, SC

    (I am including this record as "our William and family" are known to have belonged to this church so feel these names are relevant, although just how, am not sure)

    Many more but could find no ties or relationship

    ** Could this James be the brother of William, Robert and Andrew who was killed at Ramsour's Mill?

    Lancaster Co. SC Deed Abstracts 1787-1811

    Hugh White

    Robert Barnet

    Andrew Barnet

    John Foster, Attst: by Hugh White before Jno McClenahan, JP, 1 Oct 1784


      There were several references to a William Barnett as Sheriff of Lancaster Co in the 1790's but feel sure our William had left the area by then. There were many references to Andrew Boyd and several times to the Kennedy's

    Stub Entries to Indents Salley

    Index to SC Land Grants 1784-1800
    246 40 02 1796

    120 40 02 1794

    398 3 03 1785

    399 3 1785

    130 5 02 1785

    131 5 02 1785

    308 8 1786


    Extraneous Barnetts from Pa to Va. and Other states

    The earliest William Barnett that we can prove and be certain of, was the one that we all know, who died circa 1784 in Camden District, South Carolina. >From his will,(see in Notes Chapter), you can see that he more than likely was living with second wife at time of his death. So who was his first wife and mother of his children? That is one of the unanswered questions, which may never be resolved.

    Computers have certainly enhanced genealogical research and how much easier it is do find things than it was back in the 1950's and before. So much can be found in libraries by use of computers and I am sure in the near future it will be even easier and maybe some of you will solve the problems of the Barnetts that I have been unable to solve..

    For those of you that have not done much research on this family, I urge you to get involved. But I must warn you, it is an incurable disease. Once contaminated there is no return. I will tell you that the dates I am including, if not documented by Bible records or such, were given me by direct

    descendants. I cannot document them, but feel sure they were passed along by members of their immediate families. Most fit the pattern, but they could be off a day or two, as I have found in receiving notes from individuals. Generally speaking they are rather accurate.

    My main concern is the fact that in past research I find so terribly many Barnetts, and for the Revolutionary period, I know of 4 or 5 William Barnetts, and several Roberts. The only way to prove the various ones connected to this family is by wills, and word of mouth from descendants. I know that DAR has accepted several Roberts, but with different wives. I urge you to try and fit your ancestors, with the same names passed along, as well as documented things such as wills, deeds, etc.

    In trying to find the Barnetts that came to Pennsylvania from Northern Ireland, we find a few who settled in the same county. My ancestor, William Barnett, who was in the Revolution, in his application for a pension(see Notes) explicitly states, that he was born in Lancaster Co, Pa , along the banks of the Susquehanna River in 1759. So I started there. He further states that at the age of 5 he moved with his father to South Carolina. I then went to deeds there to see when they started arriving.

    Barnetts were like rabbits or fleas in South Carolina. They settled, when I found them, from the will in Camden District of the elder William in 1784, in the area that was originally in North Carolina, along Sugar Creek/ Catawba River junction. But the Mecklenburg, North/South Carolina area was full of Barnetts, this area originally encompassed the Camden District of South

    Carolina. Further investigation, shows where the same families who had been in Ireland and later in Pennsylvania together had all settled in that area. This brings up the names of Spratts, Jacks, Biles, etc. And it seems that our Barnetts intermarried into those families extensively. But you must remember that this nation at that time had few people, they did travel in groups together, and since there were so few families, they tended to intermarry. That begins the confusion.

    I will only carry this booklet down 4 or 5 generations, to let you tie into them. I am afraid if I continue further, since I have had no contact with most of the descendants, I will make more errors. Besides, you need to have some fun.

    I will mention a few of those who left Ireland, settled in Lancaster, Pa area and hopefully some day we can determine just which were ours. I know there have been some other books on these, but I have never been able to tie "OUR" William who died in South Carolina in 1784 to those of Pennsylvania. There is a connection, but I have been unable to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. I also will include some church records from Ireland that tend to prove some of the very early emigrants from there to PA.

    Among the books and records researched in the last 40 plus years, is the one by William M Egle entitled Pennsylvania Genealogies written in 1886(this was reprinted in 1969 and notes on this family found on p 62-77 of that edition). A hundred or so years ago, they were closer to their immigrant ancestors and had more first hand knowledge. But remember that they also tended to weave stories into the fabric to make it better so we often have to take it with a grain of salt.

    NOTES of research from the above book:

    I. John Barnett born 1687 in Ireland, died 1734, his wife being Jeanette Powers. They came to Lancaster Co, PA in 1730. They had the following children:(these are proven by wills I obtained from the Lancaster Will Books- see Notes)

    1. Robert b 1701, wife Rachel Montgomery, they went to Virginia.

    2. James b 1703, wife Jane Johnson, also to Virginia, from whom a number of the southern Barnetts came.

    3. John, Jr b 1705 ; wife Margaret Roan

    4. Joseph born 1708

    5. Mary born 1710

    6. Jeanette born 1713, died 1787, unmarried

    7. Jean born 1715 wife of Moses Swann

    II William Barnett, brother of the above JOHN, born Londonderry, Ireland , died 1762 in Lancaster Co, Pa., his wife being Margaret Preston. Their children were;

    1. Joseph

    2. Sarah

    3. Others

    I-1 John, son of John (I) born 1705. wife Margaret Roan had the following children:

    a. William b 1724, wife Rebecca

    b. Samuel b 1726 wife Martha

    c. Joseph b 1728 wife Elizabeth Graham

    d. Andrew b 1737

    e. John b 1732

    f. Daughters- Sarah, Margaret, Ann & Jeanette

    I-1-a William b 1724 is the right age for the William who died in SC in 1784 but the only problem is that his will was probated in 1764 in Hanover Co, PA . So that leaves us nowhere. A number of researchers have thought the Robert(with wife Rachel Montgomery)who went to Virginia could be the right one but that isn't possible. as OUR William was born by his own testimony in Lancaster Co, PA in 1759 and went to SC about 1764/5.

    So until and if we can ever get the Pennsylvania records to correspond with those known documents with actual factual dates and places, this can never be resolved. One thing known to the family is that for several generations, we have all been told that OUR Barnetts came from the Londonderry part of Ireland, after being there a generation or so, coming from Scotland. But it is my feeling that which ever one turns out to be the father of OUR William Barnett who died in South Carolina in 1784, he was the grandson of the original John or his brother William that is found in Egle's book and Pennsylvania records. I will include the wills in NOTES for you to try and resolve.

    In other books, such as Hunter's Sketches of Western North Carolina ; Godey's Lady's Magazine, an article entitled A Carolina Woman of the Revolution in an 1851 issue; various Barnetts of the south are included. Another book was by James Duff Barnett, which at one time I had a copy of but he traced his family only, and other than he used the same 2 generations in Pennsylvania, there was no similarity as his line went west and not south to begin with. Some of these records of Barnetts in the south involve the Spratt family marrying into the Barnett family, others involve the Jack family intermarrying with Barnetts. This has been one of the problems in distinguishing between the various William Barnetts, who were of the same period. Suffice it to say these other families almost surely came to this country from Ireland with the Barnetts but no research on my part has been done.


    As best that can be documented will follow:

    William BARNETT (1) born ca 1725-30 in Londonderry, Ireland , died in 1784(see Will in Notes) in Camden District, SC. He first settled ,probably with his parents, in Lancaster Co, PA along the banks of the Susquehanna River, according to son William's pension application. His father more than likely was a William, but could have been a Robert. It is believed that these Barnetts all came over together and settled in that Pennsylvania community as there were many of them there. This William most likely had 2 wives as his will leaves to his wife Jane, certain items "which she brought with her", indicating such. This then would probably mean that she was not the mother of his children, but this also is pure speculation, pending verification, which may never be found.

    William's will was made 9 Sept 1784 and probated 18 Jan 1785. His heirs were his wife Jane; Robert (2), referred to as "eldest"; Will (2) received land; Andrew, land; daughters Ann and Mary. ( It is found later that they went by Sally and Elizabeth so somewhere one of these names was a nickname- such as Elizabeth Ann and Sally or Mary. ) Daughter Sally married Josiah Payne and it is thought when the rest of the family moved to Kentucky went into Tennessee with brother Robert and his family, as their marriages are recorded in Davidson Co, Tn. on 24 May 1789.

    The following are thought to be deed records for this William Barnett but with so many of same name in virtually the same place there could be an error, although we are positive on some of them:

    Mecklenburg Co.,NC Deed Book 10

    Deed Bk 12
      North Carolina Dept. of Secretary of State-Land Grant Office
    (Anson Co) (Mecklenburg Co)
      Camden District, SC Wills & Administrations 1781-87 Brent Holcomb

    (it is important to remember that Camden District in 1785 consisted of what is today York, Chester, Lancaster, Fairfield, Richland Claremont, and Clarenden counties--by 1791-99 it was then Pinckney District comprised of York, Chester, Spartan and Union counties today and Camden District was Fairfield, Lancaster, Kershaw, Richland, Claremont, Salem and Clarendon counties.

      SC Archives & History Vol 12, p 102 Roll AD 6481 Memorial:

    A memorial exhibited by William Barnett to be registered in the Auditor General's office pursuant to Act of Assembly in that last made and provided of a plantation or tract of 190 a. of land, situate as supposed when run out to be in Mecklenburg Co. N. Caroline, E side of Catawba river on the Waters of the Waxhaw Creek on the Waggon road joining of between John Crookets and Wm Kings lines on the W side of the road----. Granted the 29th April 1768 to Wm Barnet the Memorial by Gov. Wm Tryon. Also of another tract of 313 acres of lands situate as above in Anson Co. on the N side of the Catawba river joining Andrew Pickens and Wm Davis & Wm Wood, including improvements---- granted the 23rd of Feb of 1754 to Sam'l Dunlap by Matthew Rowan, Esq. the said Dunlap conveyed to Wm Barnet the Memorial by deed of release bearing date the 7th of Jan 1765 but by a later survey of the boundary line between N & S Carolina the above tracts of land fall within the province of S Carolina in Craven Co, therefore the memorial required this his Memorial my be interred in the Auditor Generals applied of this Province. In witness wherof he hath here unto set his hand the 15th of Feb. 1773.

    William X Barnet

    Index to Deeds of Province and State of SC 1719-85

    The following are Plats and Deeds for land obtained by Barnett's in South Carolina, the exact kin cannot yet be determined but they were all in close proximity and I feel close kin:

    The daughter Elizabeth was married to a Kennedy as her son was listed as a grandson in the above will of William Barnett. Elizabeth was dead by 1798 and her will was in Robertson Co, TN--WB vol 1 p 25, July term, 1798 p 41 saying the estate of(Elizabeth ?) Ann Kennedy, dec'd was sold by brother Robert to Sundry persons--Adam Young, Ephraim Boyd, Robert Barnett, George Brisco, Hugh Stephenson, James McDonald, William Stephenson, John Crysel, William Kennedy(her son). In Brent Holcomb's Camden District Wills, Apt 37, pkg 1338, 29 June 1779 prov. 1 Nov. 1782, the will of James Kennedy, lists wife Ann, dau. Mary, son William, father Felix. Some of the witnesses etc are listed as the same as those in the will of her father so I feel certain that this is Elizabeth 's husband. And that is why she moved to Tennessee with her brother.

    When Mary met and married Josiah Payne is really unknown for I have found no records that list them. It is accepted by DAR that she was his second wife, his first being Elizabeth Fleming (their marriage was23 Aug 1755, and given as Goochland Co, VA where Josiah was from) I have searched for his will in Alabama and Tennessee as some in the family say she died in north Alabama but have found no records of wills and at that time there were no death records.

    What is known is, that their daughter Sally Payne went to her Mother's brother's home(William) in Green Co. Kentucky and was raised by him until her marriage to Thomas Richeson Marshall in Green Co.,KY in 21 Feb 1827. She had several children before she died. (A great deal of research needs to be done on this line, even if DAR does accept the above for the following reason--There was a Matthew Payne who was in Tennessee by 1780 and in 1795-before TN became a state, he drew up a will listing 4 sons, Josiah, George, Matthew Jr. , and Joel. There were also some other Paynes in the area on the tax rolls in 1805. Could this be the Josiah who married Sally (Mary) or not? Certainly gives food for thought even if the one from Virginia was the accepted one. Or Matthew could be brother of the Josiah who married Sally Ann and they all moved to Tennessee together.

    Another note from a man in Detroit, Michigan in 1948 claims that these above Paynes and says they sold their holdings in Pennsylvania(York ?) in 1762 and migrated south and west. He claims that the above Matthew Payne first migrated to Washington Co, VA on the south side of the Clinch River by 1777.  I lived in that county for 7 years and never knew any Paynes then. His neighbors were a Josiah Payne who died 1813 and Lewis Green who died 1783 whose daughter Sarah married before 1785 either Josiah or Matthew Jr..  All relocated by 1781 to adjoining land of Josiah Payne on Manaker's Creek, Davidson Co, TN.

    We might add that a Josiah Payne was born 1735 in Goochland Co, VA and married 1755 Elizabeth Fleming and had 7 children including a Josiah b 1761. Josiah Payne m/2 Mary BARNETT and had Anne who married Gideon Pillow 1784 to Edgefield, Davidson Co, TN and died there 1804.. Some claim he was buried on brother Joseph's farm, south side of Cumberland River, Smith Co, TN. All this does create doubts as to which of William Barnett's daughter (Sally) Ann who it is known married a Josiah Payne, which Josiah Payne did she marry? The marriage record I have from Davidson Co, TN was in 1789 and she was near her brother Robert, so descendants of this family need to do extensive research). Davidson Co., TN Marriage Book I 1789-1837 p 4 gives Josiah Payne to Mary Barnett, May 4 1789(As above found another Josiah Payne Jr that says this was second marriage for him as he had married Aug. 19 178? at Nashs Lick, Tn and had issue. Which is correct? Also in the Marriage Book Robert Barnett to Margaret Young, July 31, 1789.

    The second generation should start with the children of ROBERT I. . It is known since he was the eldest and his brother William claims to have been born in 1759 in PA that ROBERT was born there also about 1755-58.

    He moved to Camden Dist.,SC along with his family in period of 1762-64, where he served in the Revolution along with his brothers William, Andrew and James(?). It is thought he married about 1783 to his first wife, which many believe was Sarah Boyd. There was a close neighbor and friend Andrew Boyd who witnessed several family wills and probably was Sarah's father. It is essential to obtain a will for Andrew Boyd to prove this. Robert inherited 190 acres of land from his father but he sold that and moved to Tenn where on 31 July 1789 he married Margaret or Martha Young in Davidson Co.(there is a record on file there). A Robert Barnett appears in 1790 in Lincoln Co., KY, which covered all of southern Kentucky and joined what was then Davidson Co, TN, so I am unsure if this was the same Robert Barnett or yet another one. Robert settled the estate of his sister Ann Kennedy in Robertson Co, TN in 1798, received a grant of land in Warren Co, TN in 1806. This might have been from his Revolutionary War service. In 1806 he sold land to his son-in-law Adam Young; also son William, and he died in 1818 in Wilson Co.,TN.

    Robert Barnett and most likely his first wife were parents to the following children, altho the order of their birth is not proven. It is said by family that he had the family Bible but it is not known what happened to that Bible. Robert's will is on file at Lebanon, Wilson Co, TN, dated April 2, 1818, probated Aug. 1818, Book 1814-1819, p 382.

    1. John born ca 1780-83 in SC died 1853 in TN, married Polly McAdow(McAdoo) 18 Sept 1807 in Wilson Co.,TN, she and their 2 sons died between 1838-43; he married secondly Elizabeth P Hancock in Henderson Co., KY.( March 1853 Adm. of Eliz. P Hancock Barnett states John Barnett dec'd; Wit : FA Cannon, Martin Hancock & Wm E Lambert) John was a Cumberland Presbyterian minister from 1816-1853, he being the eldest of Robert's four minister sons. (Barnetts of Cumberland College- Biographical Sketches of Early Day Ministers of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church by Richard Beard. DD pub 1874 and History of the Cumberland Church by B.W. McDonald)

    2. William born 24 Apr 1784 in SC(some say Christian Co,KY ?); died 29 Aug 1827 Hardeman Co., TN; m/ Jane Owens; m/2 Elizabeth, widow of Col. Shelby. His will names wife and 5 children: Naomi McQui, John Calhoon, William Harris, Finley Ewing and "my dau. Martha B Lambert and her husband Samuel".(Will also names brothers John, James Y, and Robert W, my sister Isabell Biles, steph-son Alfred M Shelby) The will found WB 1825-1838 p 42-45(Bond made 11 Jan 1826, license issued same date, solemnized on the 12th in Hardeman Co, TN). John Calhoon married Mary E Morrow 23 Feb 1832 Hardeman Co,TN, became Presbyterian minister in Texas in 1853, William graduated Cumberland College and Finley went to Missouri.

    3. Abby born 1786-90 , married 29 Sept 1807 Jonathan Biles of Wilson Co,TN. They received land in Warren Co,Tn which had been granted to her father Robert in payment for supplies furneished the soldiers in the Revolution and was given to "Polly" as her dowery. Their children :

    a. Thomas

    b. Robert Barnett born 1810 m. Nancy Ramsay--had 7 children

    c. Joseph

    d. Jane m. Wyatt Lane

    e. Elizabeth m Stephen James

    f. Mary m Moses Myers

    g. Martha m John O Brown

    h. Nancy m Joseph W Brown

    4. Rachel married Joseph Hobson(see DB C, p 50 28 Sept 1807 Wilson Co, Tn where Robert Barnett sells to Joseph Hobson 180 a. on Barton's Creek for $225 and the Will of Joseph 31 Jan 1852 p 217 Johnson Cop.,MO)

    5. Sarah Boyd born 21 Apr 1796, married on 10 May 1814 to Thomas Thaxton(son of Thomas and Rachel Thaxton) and lived on farm in Warren Co,TN in 1822. About 1830 Sarah and Thomas moved to Jackson Co,MO where they stayed till 1850 when they went to Round Rock, Texas. Thomas died 7 Aug 1869 and Sarah died 24 Aug 1877. Both are buried in Round Rock cemetary, Williamson Co.,Tx. Their children were:

    a. James Barnett

    b. Nancy Dillard

    c. Hily Ann

    d. Martha Caroline

    e. William

    f. Margaret Evaline

    g. Rachel Jane

    6. Martha born ca 1781-88 in SC, m ca 1798 to Adam Young, she was proved as Robert's daughter, by Wilson Co,T DB B p 448-49, when Robert Barnett, father to Martha, and wife of Adam Young, deeded property 16 Sept 1806. The Young family moved to Missouri, living in Saline Co. in 1821, then to Lillard Co, where they died- Adam in 1840 and Martha before 1870. Their children were:

    a. James Barnett m 5 Aug 1825 Martha Johnson- 6 children

    b. Nancy m James McMahan- 7 children

    c. Mary Barnett m Chatham S Ewing- 3 children

    d. Robert Barnett b 3 Feb. 1804 Wilson Co,TN, d 28 July 1873, Lawrence Co, Mo

    m Rebecca Steele

    e. Rev. Alexander Anderson b 10 Apr 1805 Wilson Co.,TN d 13 Mar 1880 Lawrence

    Co., Mo. m Ann Steele of Green Co., MO- 9 children

    f. Rachel W m William Whitsett, m/2 ___ Tucker

    g. Huldah C b 1810 m Daniel Lankford - 5 children; m/2 James Waddell- 2 children

    h. Martha B died bef. 1 Jan 1834, m ____ Johnson

    7. Isabella Margaret b. 6 May 1792 Wilson Co, TN., d 9 Oct 1848 Caldwell Co,KY and buried Elkhorn Tavern Cemetary. She m 1808 James Biles, who died Davidson Co,TN.. In 1815 he took his eldest son Charles to his grandfather, Samuel Biles in NC, deserting his wife and three younger children. James and Isabella had lived in Wilson and Warren Co., TN and 13 years after 13 years after he left a divorce was granted in 1828. Isabella m. 21 Mar 1832 James Blue in Caldwell Co., KY They died there. Cemetery stones say :

    James J Blue 25 Apr 1792- 7 Apr 1848, age 66

    Isabelle Blue 6 May 1792-9 Oct 1848, age 66

    Isabella and James Biles had the following children:

    a. Charles b 1809 Warren Co,TN, d 26 Feb 1869 Grand Mound,WA --m Sarah W

    Usher(9 Oct 1811 VA-23 Jan 1883) Her father was minister as was Charles

    They had 8 children

    b. Capt. James b. 3 Mar 1812 Hopkins Co,KY, d 5 Feb 1888 Tumwater, WA, m Mrs.

    Nancy Merry(Carter) Biles 19 Jan 1837, wid. of Willey Biles of Yazoo,MS-7 ch.

    c. Margaret Young b 1814, m 21 Dec 1831 John Hampton Gay. They lived Oktibbeha

    Co., MS--had 6 children.

    d. Euphemia b ca 1815

    8. James Young, one of the 4 Cumberland Presbyterian minister sons of Robert, was born 31 Jan 1798 and died 14 Feb 1848. His places of residence were Sumner and Wilson Cos., TN and acted as an executor of his father's will in 1818. He died in Pembroke, Christian Co., KY 1848-49. There are no known descendants but he had married daughter of Rev. David Usher. A marriage is recorded in Christian Co.,KY for James Y Barnett and Elizabeth H Usher, July 1829. It is said they had a son and 3 daughters. His OBit was in the Banner of Peace and Cumberland Presbyterian Advocate of 24 Mar 1848(Lebanon, Wilson Co.,T) and gave his birth and death dates. His wife was still alive in 1874. It seems evident that James Young and brother Robert were children of Robert, Sr's second wife. A quote was found from Rev. Richard Beard,DD saying "William and John Barnett had a younger half brother, Rev. James Young Barnett who entered the ministry in early life"

    9. Robert W., son of Robert and Martha Young Barnett was born 1799-1800. He was not of age when his fther died in 1818 and was living with his mother. It is thought he attended Cumberland College in Lebanon, TN. He is listed in Biographical Sketches of early ministers of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Second Series, by Richard Beard, DD, publ. 1874, p 197 It is said he married daughter of Rev. Adam Alexander, but his children are no known. There is a marriage in Hardeman Co,TN of Robert to Mary W. Alexander, Dec 6, 1827. (Land Entry Records in Haywood Co, TN found: Rev. Robert W Barnett 50 A.; Rev. William for 3 1/2 A near Mt comfort; Peter G Rivers to Robert W Barnett deed 200 A near Mt Comfort; Others found in Hardeman for the various brothers)

    The above records of Robert Barnett, SR. family were all given me by various descendants of his children so I cannot guarantee their accuracy. But a number of them were backed up by actual records so it is assumed they were correct. I have never tried to obtain Robert's Revolutionary Service record and any descendants can try to get from either South Carolina or the National Archives. But do remember there were several Roberts in South Carolina by the same name. I found in South Carolina Roster by Bobby Moss p 47 a Robert Barnett who served in the light dragoons under Capt. William Alexander, Lt. Col. Wade Hampton and Gen. Sumter, during 1781. (Sally, Doc. p 61; AA 301;M211) .

    Also Robert Barnett who served in the militia under Capts. Hugh White and John Drennan and a Lt. Tomlinson.(CS; AA 301; O 243) These could be the same Robert but if interested any descendant can look them up. There was another Robert but he married Sarah Love and went to Georgia and not of the same family.

    Pioneers of Davidson co, TN by Edythe Whitley

    Tennessee Genealogy Records Edythe Whitley

    II WILLIAM BARNETT brother to the above Robert, according to his own pension application, gave his birth date as 15 May 1759, along the bank of the Susquehanna River in Lancaster Co.,PA. He also states that he moved with his father to the Carolinas when he was about 5. His father acquired quite a bit of land in the area of North Carolina that later became South Carolina, when it was Mechlenburg Co., later known as Camden Dist., in the part of the state now known as York and Lancaster Cos. His application # S30846, dated 17 Sept 1832, filed in Green Co.,KY states further that he moved to Green Co. in 1783 and had lived there ever since.

    William married Nancy Richeson, daughter of Thomas Richeson(Richerson), who came to KY. from Virginia. They married 8 Feb. 1798 , recorded in Taylor Co,KY in the part originally Green Co. Nancy's father Thomas Richerson also had Revolutionary service.

    The "Corn Stalk Militia" of Kentucky 1792-1811 says William Barnett, Major, 16th Regt. 8 Jan 1798 from Green Co. and William BArnett, Col., 16th Regt 18 Dec 1799, Green Co. so he must have served his community in its defense.

    Under Kentucky Land Grants: Book I p 218

    Old Kentucky Grants Book 11 p 317-19  Dated 28 Aug 1799

    All of above in Green Co and I have copies of originals of some of these in my files.

    Abstracts of Green Co. Land Entries R N Smith 1975

    1785 Green Co.,Ky TAX LISTS
      Green County, KY Deeds (1793-1908) Book 2, p 4

    Know all men by these presents that I, John Bledsoe of Fayette Co, and state of Kentucky, do by these presents make and appoint William Barnett my lawful attorney, to sell the whole or any part of my 942 A survey of land lying and being in Green Co.---at the branch of Pitman Creek-- 18th day of Sept. 1798 John Bledsoe, Esqr.

    Green Co. Land Entries 1796-1834 R.N. Smith, 120 n. High St., Burkesville, Ky 42717

    A copy will May, SC

    A copy Will May SNC


    Green Co, Ky Records

    Green Co Marriages
      2nd Census Of Kentucky 1800 Glen Clift 1820 Kentucky Census Index 1840 Kentucky Census Index 1850 Kentucky Census
  • p 125 60/William Barnett 50 m farmer b Ky
  • Lucy 30 f Ohio
  • Andrew 20 m lawyer 2500 KY
  • William 17 m farmer Ky
  • John 15 m
  • James 13 m
  • Thomas 6 m
  • Lewis 2 m
  • Robert 2 m
  • George 6/12 m

  • 52/ Thomas R Barnett 52 m farmer 10000 Ky
  • Susan 53 f VA
  • William 27 m druggist Ky
  • Nancy 20 f
  • Mary S 10/12 f

  • 53/ Thomas Marshall 21 m
  • Emily 12 f
  • Emily

  • 54/ Beverly Marshall 55 m farmer 7000 VA
  • Elizabeth 47 f KY
  • Joseph 17 m student
  • Mary 15 f
  • Samuel 12 m
  • Richard 10 m
  • James 8 m
  • James Moss 3 m
  • Sally Stovall 45 f VA

  • #390/ John Hazelwood 36 m physician 1500 Ky
  • Marion 30 f
  • Elizabeth 16 f
  • Martha 6 f
  • Mary 4 f
  • Yelverton 2 m
  • 1880 Census Green C0, Ky Dist. # 53(Greensburg Area) 21 June 1880
  • p 41 4/4 Thomas Marshall w m 69 mar. Cum. Pres. preacher b Ky f b VA m b NC
  • Joanna w f 61 wife b KY f b VA m b VA
  • Elizabeth w f 36 dau b KY
  • Sally E Barnett w f 21 b KY
  • Frank T Barnett w m 24 son-in-law b KY(son Wm Thos. & Nancy C)
  • 5/5 William Thos Barnet w m 56 farmer b KY f b KY m b VA
  • Nannie(Cowherd) w f 50 wife b KY f b KY m b KY
  • Alice w f 20 dau b KY
  • Anna M w f 15 dau b KY


    Wills of Green Co, KY 1796-1824

    Dated 14 Jan 1847
    Probated 17 May 1847
    Legatees: Wife, mary, to rec. slaves as follows: Edmund, Jim, Toot, Green, Prince, Andrew, Ben, Alex, Bob and Warren, her lifetime. Also as many of the families of slaves as she chooses. The rest of the slave to be set free except those mentioned. Charles and Teresa, a mulatto, to wife Mary and at her death, to be freed or wife may free any or all of them, as well as children of slaves. The 690 acres of land on Casey's Creek in Adair Co. to be given to Negroes that are to get their freedom, none of it to be sold by said slaves for at least 21 years. To Andrew Barnett, son of late brother William Barnett, and William Thomas Barnett, son of Thomas Barnett, my gold watch and land I live on after my wife's death, patented to myself and brother-490 acres. To Andrew Barnett Marshall, son of Sally Marshall, late Sally Payne, #400. To Andrew Barnett Gumm, $400 To Andrew Barnett Williams, son of Warnet Williams of Adair Co $400. All residue of estate to wife her lifetime and after to be converted into money and given:

    1/5 to William Barnett

    1/5 to Thomas Barnett

    1/5 to Betsy Marshall

    1/5 to Andrew B Marshall

    1/5 Andrew B Gumm

    Benj. Harden, Parker C Harden and wife Mary, and John Shuck to settle all controversies that may arise.

    Execrs: Wife, John Barbee and Parker C Harden

    Jordan Owen found as Witness several times

    Minute Book --Court of Quarter Sessions 1793-94 Green Co, KY
      Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds by Jillson
      Early Kentucky Settlers Filson Club 1988
    Dated this 5th day of February 1796(?) The condition is such that whereas ---- is granted to the above bounded Will Barnett and Nancy Richeson maid, if there be no lawful cause to --- said then office---- to be bond to remain in full force.

    Will Barnett (Seal)

    James YOung (Seal)

    Wit: James Albin

    Consent of Thomas Richerson, father

    1. Robert Milton ca 1828-aft 1889, m Nancy Jarboe and Mary Evelyn Roberson.

    He had by 1st wife 7 sons, 2 daus. and by 2nd wife 6 sons and 1 dau.

    2. Josephine 1832-1877

    3. Andrew Barnett 1836-1879 wife Mary Ann, he died Trinity Co,TX (he inherited from his Uncle Andrew Barnett and Andrew Barnett Marshall's will on file in Green Co Ky WN 3 p 322 30 Oct 1867 He was apparently childless

    4. Joseph C 1836-1879 d. Grayson Co, TX, wife Mary E

    5. Joanna 1838-, lived Tarrant Co,,TX 1877 m ---Grayham

    6. George 1840-1877

    By his 2nd wife Lydia Green:

    7. William T 1852-1881

    8. John(Jack) Richard 1856-aft 1877 i n Grayson Co, TX

    1860 Wise Co, TX census p 313
      The children of William and Nancy Barnett are:

    I. Judge Thomas Richeson, born 21 Oct 1798 and died 29 Sept 1886.

    In the 1880 census he was living near Greensburg, KY. Thomas married Susan Elmore on 30 Apr. 1822. She was the daughter of Thomas and Leticia(Williams) Elmore of Amelia Co, VA. and was born 18 Feb.(or Aug) 1797 and died 3 Aug 1863. Their children are as follows:

    A . Warner Elmore who died without issue

    B William Thomas, b 23 Dec 1823, d 13 July 1909; married 21 Dec 1848 Nancy Cowherd(23 Jan 1830-28 Nov 1919)


    1.Betty 5 Mar 1851- 5 May 1870 m ---Webb

    2. Sunie 7 Sept 1852-27 May 1930 m 21 Mar 1878 John Barnett, her cousin

    3. Molly 23 Sept 1849 m 11 Mar 1869 Luther Strader

    4. Frank T 22 Jun 1854-m 25 Nov 1878 Sally Marshall; d age 90 years

    5. William Andrew 6 Aug 1857-28 Aug 1865

    6. Ann m ---Eaton

    7. Alice 15 Jan 1860 m Addison McInteer , d Larned, KS

    C . Mary H. Barnett 1828, d 1862 m 1849 Simon Settle(1823-1871)

    1. Judge Warner Elmore Settle b ca 1850 m 1875 Shelly Rhodes
    a. Frances Elizabeth (DAR has papers thru her)

    b. Rachel m J H Curry (DAR has papers thru her)

    c. Mary m ---Kellogg

    d. Rhodes m Elizabeth Vaughn

    e. Henry- retired Navy Admiral

    2 Dr. William A Settle m Easter Edwards
    a. Josie m ---Graham

    b. Lillie m ----Ford

    c. Carrie m ---Robertson

    d. Easter

    e. Jolin

    3 Susan Amanda Settle m --Porter
    a, Clinton

    b. Mary

    4. Thomas Settle

    5. Benjamin Marshall Settle 1860-1925 m Marcilla DeWitt b 1828, dau of Marcus DeWitt, Tn. Cumberland Presbyterian minister, Chaplain Confederate Army

    a.Simon DeWitt b 1899, d aft 1965

    4. Ann L b 5 May 1848 m Dr Benjamin Marshall; no issue

    II William Andrew Barnett(son of William II above) was born 7 July 1800 Green Co.,KY and died 18 Apr 1868 in Davenport, Iowa,(for will see later) but was buried in Green Co, KY family cemetery.  He married 1/ Mary Cowherd, on 23 Mar 1823 She was the dau. of James Cowherd, who was in the Revolution and moved from Va. to Ky on land granted him for his service. Mary was born 17 Apr 1794 and d. 7 May 1839.

    Their children were :

    A . Sarah Barnett b 16 May 1824, d 3 Nov 1855 m 23 Aug 1842 Alexander Compton Crabb of Eminence, KY. They had:
    1. William Barnett CRABB

    2. Mary Crabb

    3. Andrew Crabb

    4. Sarah Agnes m George Henry "Harry" Green

    B . Andrew Barnettb 4 Mar 1827 d 11 Feb 1910, Louisville, KY m 11 Dec 1856 Kate Frances Tyler (2 Mar 1832-15 Jun 1912) Issue:

    1. Tyler 23 Sept 1857-1921) m Annie L Schwartz(their issue: Theodore,Andrew and Katherine who m. Albro Parsons)

    2. Fannie m Robert Cunningham(ch: Kathleen m W. Lewis, Robert, Barnett, Nancy)

    C Emily Barnett b 24 Mar 1829, d 7 Aug 1916 in Louisville,KY, bur Cave Hill Cemetery. She married 23 July 1847 William Smith Green
    Their issue:

    1. Molly

    2. James

    3. George Henry "Harry" married cousin Sarah Agnes Crabb(above)

    4. Robert d. 27 Feb 1930 m Ann Liza Crasap

    5. Kate m Jordan Owen

    6. Dorothy "Dora" d 6 Oct 1952 unm

    7 Elizabeth d 9 Jun 1951 unm(she and sister above changed Bible birth page so no one would know how old they were.)

    D. Lucinda Barnett b 8 Nov 1830, d July 1849 m 22 Dec 1847 W C Webster

    E William "Buck" Barnett b 8 May 1833, d 22 Feb 1904 Eminence,KY m 17 Mar 1859 Martha Cowherd. Issue:

    1. James William b 1862 Green Co, KY, d 1938 Harrodsburg, KY m Mary Ditto,(b Henry Co, Ky 1873, d Mercer Co,KY 1958)
    a. James Jr

    b. William Andrew m Hattie, dau. Frances m. Al Mander

    c. Elzy

    d. Mary Lee b 1902

    2. Capitola d 16 Jan 1943 m Charles Bright; Issue: Charles Jr, & Judith

    3. Roberta "Bird" b.1866 Green Co,KY d 2 Aug 1947 m John Duncan.  Issue: Martha & William

    4. Andy b 1884 Henry Co, KY, d 1895 Eminence, KY

    F. John Barnett b 9 Feb 1835. d 16 Jan 1915, Greensburg, KY m Sunie Barnett(cousin)

    G James b 15 Feb 1837, d 16 Jan 1862, Battle of Shiloh

    William II married his second wife, Lucy Read Cable,(b 19 Nov 1819 in Ames Ohio). 8 Nov 1842. William sold his slaves in 1856 and moved first to Rock Island , IL then to Davenport, Iowa. His children by his first wife stayed in Kentucky but children by his second wife were too young and therefore were raised in Iowa. Issue by second wife:

    A. Thomas Barnett b 7 Feb 1844, m 13 Aug 1872 in Glasgow, KY Mary Agnes Wilson

    (19 Aug 1844-24 Dec 1921), dau. of James A & Sarah M Wilson. Issue:

    1. Minnie (4 Aug 1873 Mitchell,IA-10 Mar 1947 Osage, IA) m Frank Gregory d 9 May 1926

    2. Martha Lewis (2 Nov 1875- 10 Mar 1938 Ontario,OR) m E M Greig 7 Aug 1900

    3. Lucy Cable (25 Feb 1877-8 May 1929, Mithcell,IA) m Fred Fox 1904; m/2 E W Trout

    B Lewis Cass Barnett, b 13 Jan 1848(twin), d 18 May 1936, m 16 Nov 1936 Laura Tombler

    of Wyoming, MN (she d 23 Jan 1943) Issue:

    1. .Lucy Cable b 1 Apr 1895 m/1 Kenneth Scott 3/1/1917; m/2 Josh S Brooks 1930;

    m Keiffer Meyer 4/17/1950

    C Robert Walker Barnett b 13 Jan 1848(twin) d 9 Jun 1855 Green Co, KY

    D Mary Apphia Barnett, b 4 Apr 1852, d 12 Feb 1920. he m 20 Jan 1876 Davenport,

    IA to Lorin Weston,(b. Ellenville, NY 1 Oct 1845,d Chicago, IL 11 May 1926)

    1. Frederick William(14 Apr 1883-21 May 1946, Tuscon, AZ) m twice, no issue

    2. Lucy Cable (10 Oct 1885-6 Aug 1960 Chicago, IL, bur. Minneapolis, MN) m 23 Feb 1924 Erdman Julius Albrect b 23 Sept 1889-Germany) no issue. Mrs. Albrect is responsible along with her mother for keeping files and records on the entire family as they knew most of them. When she died all her records were sent to Sarah Roche Browder, author of this.

    E George Barnett b 8 Feb 1850 d 9 June 1855

    Part 13


    Will of William Barnett who died in Davenport, Scott Co, Iowa

    I William Barnett do hereby bequeath and devise to my son John Barnett all the property real and personal which I hae or may be entitled to in the State of Kentucky including all my ----- in action against persons residing in said State or south of the Ohio and Missouri Rivers, I bequeath and devise to my wife Lucy R Barnett all the balance of my estate and property mainly situate in the State of Iowa and Minnesota in trust for herself and our four children, Thomas, robert, Lewis and Mary, with full power in her at any and all times to sell any and or said Estate and property as she may see fit. But as she sells the same she shall divide the proceeds between herself and our said children equally, each having one fifth part thereof. My children by my first wife, except said John Barnett have heretofore been provided for and my wife hold the north half of block twenty in Davenport Iowa as also certain real estate in Minnesota in her own right. My --- in actions against person in Kentucky are in the hands of attorneys for collection with instructions to pay the proceeds of the same to my said son John and in case the sum of two thousand dollars is not realized from the same the deficit is to be made up out of my estate north of the Ohio River. As witness my hand and seal the 30 January 1846

    William Barnett

    Witness: PS Cable and A F Heath

    State of Iowa

    County of Scott

    In the county court of Scott county I do hereby certify the foregoing to be a true and complete copy of the last will and Testament of William Barnett, late of Scott County, Iowa....................

    Signed F D Eagel, County Judge

    The above filed both in Iowa and Green Co, KY court houses.


    The following is copied from Family Bible as of 27 Feb 1956, a notarized copy when Bible was in possession of Lucie Weston Albrect of Chicago, IL. The whereabouts of Bible unknown in 1996

    Marriage records

    William Barnett Sr and Mary Cowherd were married 25th March 1823

    William Barnett and Lucy R Cable were married 8th Nov 1842

    A.C. Crabb and Sarah Barnett were married 23 rd Aug 1842

    W.S. Green and Emily Barnett were married 23rd July 1847

    W.C. Webster and Lucinda Barnett were married 22 Dec `847

    Andy Barnett and Kate F Tyler were married 11th Dec 1856

    William Barnett, Jr and Martha Cowherd were married 17th Mar 1859

    John Barnett and Susan E Barnett were married 21st Mar 1878

    Thomas Barnett and Mary Agnes Wilson were married 13th Aug 1872

    Lorin W Weston and Mary Apphia Barnett were married 20th Jan 1876

    Lewis Barnett and Laura Tombler were married 16th Nov 1893


    Sarah Agnes Barnett was born 16th April 1825

    Andrew Barnett was born 4th Mar 1827

    Emily Barnett was born 24th March 1829

    Lucinda Barnett born Nov 8th 18830

    William Barnett born 6th May 1832

    John Barnett born 9th of Feb 1835

    Thomas Barnett born 7th Feb 1844

    Robert Walker Barnett and Lewis Cass Barnett were born 13th Jan 1848

    George Barnett born 8th Feb 1850

    Mary Apphia Barnett was born April 4th 1852


    Mary Barnett died 7th May 1839

    Lucinda Webster died July 1849

    Sarah A Crabb died Nov. 3rd 1855

    George Barnett died June 9th 1855

    James Barnett died June 6th 1862

    William Barnett died April 18th 1868

    Lucy Read Barnett died June 22nd1894

    Robert Walker Barnett died Jan 12th 1898

    William Barnett Jr died Feb 22nd 1904

    Thomas Barnett died Jan 29th 1905

    Andrew Barnett died Feb 11, 1910

    John Barnett died Jan 16, 1915

    Emily Barnett Green died Aug 7th 1916

    Mary Barnett Weston died Feb 12th 1920

    Lewis Cass Barnett died May 18, 1936

    1. The family Bible of William Barnett is in the possession of his great granddaughter Lucie Weston Albrecht(Mrs. E Julius), 6956 Constance Ave., Chicago 49,IL, from which these records were copied. There is no date on this Bible as several pages in the front are missing.

    2. Taken from the gravestones in the Barnett burying ground about 2 miles from Greensburg, Green Co, Ky:

    Nancy Barnett Jan 1774-Jan 21,1840

    William Barnett May 15, 1759-May 5,1839

    William Barnett III May 7,1800-12 Apr 1868

    3. Copied from the Bible of Thomas R Barnett(brother of William)

    In possession of Mrs. Elizabeth Barnett Sachs(Mrs. Joseph J_ 3509 Colfax Ave.,S, Minneapolis, 8,MN:

    Bible dated 1824 : W. T. Barnett and Nancy Richeson married Feb 8, 1798

    4. Emily Barnett Green is buried in Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, KY

    5. Birth and place of William Barnett is found on his application for pension filed at Greensburg, KY Sept 17, 1832--S # 30846. "The said pensioner, William Barnett also stated and swore that he was born on the banks of the Susquehanna River in Lancaster Co, PA on May 15, 1759. He states that he removed to the State of Kentucky in the year 1783" Pension issued May 13, 1833 for $80 per annum.

    Part 14


    III. Elizabeth Barnett,(dau. of William Barnett and wife Nancy Richerson) b 1 Jan 1802, d 8 May 1874, Green Co, KY; m 1 Dec. 1819 Beverly Marshall (he was b 1798 Va. d 8 June 1874).Both buried family cemetery, Green Co He was son of William Marshall of Charlotte Co.,KY and his wife Elizabeth.

    Their issue:

    A. William Beverly b 1820 Green Co,KY-d ca 1875/80 prob Tn ; m/1 7 Jun 1847 Martha (Mat) Sanders(dau of James Sanders & Mary Ann Griffin); m/2 Martha A Robinson(dau. Samuel & Mahala G White Robinson) 13 Oct 1851

    1. Mary E (Molly) b 1848 m 2 Feb 1870 James M Spellman

    2. Martha (Mat) Alice b 1850

    3. William (Willie) James b 7 Sept 1852 d 11 Aug 1911 m 22 July 1873 Ann Jane Wright

    4. Isabella 22 Dec 1853 m ----Duffy

    5. Elizabeth W b 1855 m -----Smith

    B. Elizabeth A. b 4 Jan 1823 d 25 June 1847, m 14 Jan 1844 George B Moss- 1 son

    C John Luther b 1 July 1826 d 17 Nov 1845 unm

    D. Thomas Beverly b. 23 Sept 1829 d May 1914 Trenton, TX; m 1 Nov 1849 Emily

    Frances Smith --son: Dr. William Andrew

    E. Joseph b. 16 Dec 1831 d 1853 unm

    F Mary Susan b 8 Feb 1835-d 28 March 1884 ; m 8 Feb 1855 John Ingram Penick

    1. Ann Elizabeth (1 oct 1858-25 July 1864)

    2. Thomas Beverly (1 Sept 1861-20 Mar 1833 San Diego,CA)

    3. Richard Benjamin (2 Feb 1864-28 Jan 2948 Maysville, OK)

    4. Katherine Lee (17 Sept 1867-26 Mar 1924 Grayson Co,TX)

    5. Mary Belle (25 June 1871- 18 Aug 1887)

    G Samuel Edwin b 28 May 1838-d4 Nov 1911 Whitewright TX) m 6 Dec 1860 Mary

    Creek White (dau Samuel White) 10 known ch-:

    1. Isabella (2 July 1862- d inf.)

    2. Minnie Jackson (15 Dec 1866-10 Feb 1870 TX)

    3. Samuel Edwin Jr (Jan 1864-dy)

    4. Rosalie (17 Oct 1869-3 Mar 1932 TX) m 20 Mar 1887 Harvey Benedict

    5. Beulah B (12 Sept 1872-18 Feb 1932) m 24 Dec 1897 Thomas H Self, TX

    6. Beverly Barnett (15 Feb 1875-ca 1938 TX) m Mary Maude Bird

    7. Joseph Luther (27 Mar 1877- 27 z,st 1878)

    8., 9, 10 unknown

    H. Richard B ) 1840-ca 1895-96) m 9 Jan 1872 Martha Miriam Bailey


    1. Ann P

    2. Richard

    3. Edna

    I James Edward(Crocket) (17 June 1843- 6 Aug 1927) m 27 Dec 1864 Martha P. Hazelwood(dau. Dr. John Robert Hazelwood & Marion Cowherd-(17 June 1844-30 Dec 1919-dau. Yelverton Cowherd & wife Elizabeth Elmore. Moved to OK ca 1886


    1. Edwin Luther 29 May 1866-7 Nov 1909 m 9 Sept 1894 Zora Emma Foster

    2. Joseph Alvin 14 Feb 1868-1958 m 12 Jan 1890 Alma Lee Calhoon

    3. Anna Mabel 28 Oct 1869-5 July 1926 m John Halsell Hudspeth

    4. Lula Lee 1871 m John Edwin Everhart

    5. Hattie W 15 Dec 1872-24 Nov 1962 m 24 Mar 1896 John Henry Savage

    6. Henry Payane 12 Feb 1875- May 1939 m 1904 Hattie Frances Slaydon

    7. Samuel B 7 March 1878- 7 Sept 1953 m/1 Carrie Harris; m/2 Alvie Adock

    8. William Penick 29 Aug 1880-15 June 1957 m 8 Dec 1901 Zora Sadler

    9. John Barnett 29 Oct 1884-21 Sept 19951 m Grace Chapman

    10. Robert Walker July 1886-1875/6 m 3 times

    11. Thomas d at birth

    III Andrew Barnett b 23 Nov 1761 d May 1847 Green Co,KY m Mary Hardin- no issue; Will Bk 3 p 112 dated 14 Jan 1847, pro. 17 May 1847: Legatees wife Mary, Andrew Barnett, son of William Barnett "who is son of my late brother" and William Thomas Barnett, son of Thomas Barnett; Andrew Barnett Marshall-:son of Sally Marshall, late Sally Payne; Andrew Barnett Gumm,; Andrew Barnett Williams; residue after wife's death to William Barnett, Thomas Barnett, Betsy Marshall, Andrew B Marshall, Andrew B Gumm.

    Will Bk 3 p 151 dated 19 Jan 1848,prob 2 Feb 1848 Will of Mary Barnett leaves her estate to her brothers and Charles B Gumm, wife and children

    IV James Barnett- wounded at Ramsours Mill, died later of wounds; we assume this was his name. See Wm's pension.

    V Sally Barnett m. Josiah Payne(her name could have been Sarah Ann -father's will says daus were Mary and Ann) Issue:

    A, Sally m. Thomas Richeson Marshall(son of Robert Franklin Marshall & Joanna Richeson(she dau. of Thomas Richeson and Rebecca DeJarnette) in 21 Feb 1827 Their issue:

    a. Robert Milton b 1828 m 1851 Nancy J Jarboe

    b. Josephine b 1832

    c, Andrew Barnett Marshall b 1834 c ca 1868 Trinity Co, TX m Elizabeth A ---

    d. Joseph C b 1836-1879 Grayson Co, TX m Mary E ____

    . e. Joanna b 1838 m ---Graham

    f. George b 1840, d aft 1860 census Wise Co, TX

    Thomas R Marshall m after Sarah 's death Lydia Green(1810 PA- ca 1877 TX) They had William T and John lived in. Grayson Co, TX 1870

    VI Elizabeth Barnett (her name could have been Elizabeth Ann) m. James Kennedy Issue:

    A. William Kennedy named in grandfather's will

    B. dau who m. an Arnold and moved to Ala. where they had 2 children

    Elizabeth's will filed Robertson Co, TN WB Vol.I, p 25, 1798

    James Kennedy's will Apt. 37,pkg 1338, 29 June 1779, prov 1 Nov 1782 SC, names wife Ann, dau. Mary, son William, father Felix.

    Green County, KY Marriages

    William Barnett and Nancy Richerson 4 Feb 1798 dau. of Thomas Richerson

    Betsy Barnett and Beverly Marshall 28 Nov 1818

    Thomas Barnett and Susanna A Elmore 30 Apr 1822

    William Barnett and Mary Cowherd 20 Mar 1823

    Green County, KY Deeds ETC.

    26 Mar 1805 William and Nancy Barnett, Andrew Barnett and Molly his wife sold to Lewis Pemberton, all of Green Co, 100 acres, military survey

    Taylor County,KY

    Sept 1856 William Barnett and Lucy, his wife, Thomas R. Barnett and Susan, his wife, Elizabeth Marshall and Beverly her husband sells to Robert Dearing 2/3 belongs to William Barnett and 1/3 to each Thomas R Barnett and wife and Elizabeth Marshall and husband/

    Part 15


    Application for Pension

    William Barnett, SC # S30846

    On Sept. 17, 1832, in Green Co,KY the said pensioner at the age of 74 years appeared in Court and stated and swore that in Camden District, SC, he had first volunteered to serve in the Company under the command of Capt. Robert Crawford in the Summer of 1779 and he stated they had joined the regiment under the command of Col. Eli Kershaw at Camden, SC and they had then marched to a place near Augusta, GA, and they had then joined the brigade under the command of General Williamson at Chalk Hills. The pensioner was then joined to the Regt. under the command of Col. LeRoy Hammons. He then joined the Mounted men under the command of Col. Kershaw and they marched to "Three Runs" on the Savannah River, below Augusta, GA/. The said pensioner, William Barnet, was then taken sick on the Ashley River in SC near the City of Charleston and then he was sent home after a period of three months having served.

    The said pensioner, William Barnet, then again volunteered to serve for a tour of two months in the Co. under the command of Capt. Caldwell in Roan Co., NC and they marched against the Tories at Ramsours Mills on the Catawba River and then joined the brigade under the command of Gen. Sumpter in SC. Then they continued in that command until the fall of the year 1782. They came under the command of Gen. Marion for a tour of 3 years service. The said pensioner William Barnet, also at the same place stated he served in the battle of Fishing Creek, called Sumpter's Defeat, Fishdam on Broad River, with Gen. Marion in the Battle on the hear of Cooper River and also under the command of Gen. Green at the Battle of Camden.

    The Affidavit of Andrew Barnet was also given at the same time and in the same place. The said deponent stated and swore that he was a brother of said pensioner William Barnett, and he stated that said pensioner had served in Sumpter's Defeat, in the Battle of Camden and the Battle of Ramsour's Mill.

    On Feb. 25, 1833 in Green Co, KY the said pensioner William Barnet again appeared in open Court and said he had served from the summer of 1779 until Dec. 1782 and said he had been employed for part of that time in the spring of 1780 in guarding the Camden jail, under the command of Lt. Cannada. Also under the command of Col. Looke in the Battle of Ramsours Mill and that he was honorably discharged in the fall of 1782 in SC. He stated he was wounded at Battle of Ramour's Mill and had a brother who also was wounded and later died of his wounds.. He also stated that he had been born on the banks of the Susquehanna River in Lancaster Co. PA. on May 15, 1959. He stated he moved with his father to SC when he was about age 5 He further stated he had removed to the State of Kentucky in the year 1783, and resided in Green Co.

    The affidavit of Johnson Graham, a clergyman, and Whitfield Smith was also given at the same time and at the same place as the foregoing. The said deponents stated and swore that at one time and in the same county and state that they had been both well and favorably acquainted with said pensioner, William Barnett, and the said deponent also stated and swore that in the neighborhood in which the said pensioner resided he was reputed to have served in the War of the Revolution on the side of the United States of America, as aforesaid.

    The said pensioner William Barnett was on the Kentucky roll of pensions at the rate of eighty (80) dollars per annum and his certificate of pension for that amount was issued on May thirteenth 1833 and it was then sent to William T. Willis at Greensburg in Green Co., KY. In Roster of SC Patriots by Moss most of the above information is given but he claims that the original Family Bible is in the possession of a brother Robert who moved to Tenn..His report in this book was slightly more colorful but one note worth mentioning in this book and not in the application in KY was that Andrew Jackson was Capt's orderly when William was in Capt. Crawford's Company AA304; 1134

    Andrew Barnet: North/South Carolina #S.1165

    I will not give all this pension application as Andrew Barnett, brother of above William, had no heirs, thus there is no real interest in preserving his record, other than he did serve, gave affidavit for his brother William. He was 72 years of age when he gave his affidavit on Jan 21 1833. He had similar service as his brother William. He, too received $80 per annum for his service.

    I have never gotten a copy of their brother Robert's service and pension application. I feel sure it is probably to be found in Tennessee and also could be available at the National Archives.