Provoking thoughts about the Barnetts  

Thoughts and Bewilderments

Thoughts!....observations, and a few hunches.

    These Barnetts were of a group known as the Scot-Irish or Ulster-Scots.  These people started their emigration from Northern Ireland in 1718 with a major peak in 1729-30, when my Barnetts immigrated to Pennsylvania.

    Some of the Barnetts stayed in Pennsylvania for many generations before spreading westward into Ohio, and then into Indiana, Illinois, Missouri..............  There was another group, my ancestors, who were in Virginia before 1760 and in Kentucky before 1776, with even more migration after the Revolutionary War.  Not all left Virginia, some stayed, while others went to North Carolina and Tennessee.   I have no proof of this, but I have always suspected the impetus for the migration into Virginia, from Pennsylvania,  was brought about by the Borden and Beverly Land Grants.  The location and time frame of their moving is very close to these two events (The link to the Moores below, also draws this conclusion).  Here is a well written web page pertaining to Presbyterian Scot-Irishmen who moved to Virginia to partake of this cheap land.  I have encountered a Virginia historical web page that discussed and explained these two land grants, but can not find it now.  Here is Chalkley's Chronicles of the "Scotch-Irish" Settlement in Virginia.

   It is important to differentiate these Barnetts, the Scot-Irish, from the English Barnetts who were in Eastern Virginia in the late 1600s.  It becomes difficult to distinguish between these two groups, since both parties were fond of the names, William and James.  One of the more telltale signs of the early Scot-Irish is their affiliation with the Presbyterian Church.  It seems that when the Scot-Irish moved, they moved in mass, at least in large enough numbers to form a church.

Common Scot-Irish names that show up in the same areas throughout our early history, apparently migrating together.  Moore, Montgomery, Dickey, McNeeley, McClure................


    I have several individuals who probably belong in this database, but due to incomplete or conflicting information, are excluded.

 I would appreciate any input on the above items.  - Jesse L Barnett