Letter from EDWARD CLARK of Chesterfield District, SC

To DANIEL CRAWFORD of Coosa County, Alabama



South Carolina

Chesterfield District }6th January 1857.

Dear Brother,

I take the opportunity of answering your letter which gave me much satisfaction to hear that you were all in good health or at least the most of you.  This leaves myself and family well hoping this may find you all enjoying a like blessing. Our connection is well so far as I know.  The health of the country is good at this time so far as I know. Some time past there was a good many sick with the flux and several died. Old Mrs. McCaskill died. She was all of the neighbors who died that you were acquainted with. Times bids fare to be hard this year in the way of provisions. Corn I suppose will sell at this time for one dollar per bushell and expected to be higher if to be had at all. Tennessee pork sold for from 6 3/4 to 7 cents per lb. Neill made as much as usual. I fell short 150 bushels caused by the wet in 1st of summer & then drouth and the lack of work was the worst hurt. People has become quiet since the elections is over and appears to satisfied at the election of Buchanan. There is murders committed occasional. Some runs away, some hung and some comes clear with imprisonment though but one recently in Chesterfield. One Johnson killed a Sellers above Cheraw and has left.  B. Hugh has bought land in Anson Co., N.C. I expect he will settle for life. If I could leave home long enough I would go to see the West though I no not know when that will be as I have got a large family and but little assistance to support them though I am not satisfied to live here. Write as soon as you get this and give me the number of children you have and their names. Jane joins me in love to you all. Your brother with respect.

                                                                                                            Edwd. Clark

                        To Danl. Crawford

I will have as many of my children to write their names as can write that you may see their hand write and the rest I will write my self.


Eleanor Clark 1857 [date in pencil]

Mary Clark

Duncan Alexr Clark

Edward Crawford Clark

Daniel Hugh Clark

Nancy Clark                 These I wrote myself [the last five names]

Gilbert Neill Clark

William Archd. Clark

John Malcom Clark




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Additional information about this family:




This cemetery is located at the intersection of Johnson Road (S13-82) and Rocky Creek Road (S13-490). To get there from Jefferson, take Hwy 265 east, turn right on S13-45 and then turn right on Johnson Road. The church is on the left side of road.

Clark, Edward                        Jan 17, 1816   Apr 12, 1885

Clark, Jane                            Aug 09, 1811  Dec 15, 1887  Wife of Edward Clark

Clark, G.N,                             Nov 08, 1851  Mar 09, 1903

Clark, J.M.                              Aug 09, 1855  Dec 24, 1924  Father

Clark, Wm. Archibald            Dec 06, 1853 Jun 08, 1921    Father

Clark, Edward C.                   Oct 25, 1846   May 15, 1923  Father





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