Charleston News and Courier Newspaper, February 5, 1883
Charleston News and Courier Charleston, South Carolina
Monday, February 5, 1883
Highlights of this edition:

-The Cost of the Custom House in Charleston, SC.

-Suicide at Beaufort, S.C.: Alfred G. THOMAS, Editor of the Sea Island News, Takes his own Life.  …was discovered suspended by the neck with a rope in the water closet…Thomas was also a clerk of the town council and editor of the Sea Island News.

-A Flaming Sea of Fire. The destruction of the Standard Oil Works-Fifty thousand barrels of oil in a blaze. Cleveland, Ohio.

-Women’s Burden of Dress. The Danger in the Folds of Heavy Skirts and Cloaks. Weighing Garments which Women Wear - How the Heavy Burden may Cause Disease or Exhaustion.

-The Sunday Law- New Haven.  The Original Jubilee Singers, of Norfolk, Virginia, were arrested to-night at Clark Peck’s Opera House for singing, in violation of the Statute of 1786, which prohibits concerts, theatrical entertainments, &c., on the Sabbath…

-Notes from Orangeburg. A Negro named Isaac Thomas was arrested  and promptly lodged in jail here last night for forging an order on Mr. George H. CORNELSON, the proprietor of the Orange Mills… All the creditors of Messrs. D.E. SMOAK & Co. have agreed with the firm to accept a compromise, and I am glad to say that this enterprising young firm will resume business to-morrow…  I am informed today that Maj. A. B. KNOWLTON, who moved to Kansas several years ago, will return here in a few weeks and resume the practice of law.

-Judge Robert J. CALDWELL, a prominent lawyer of Monroe, Louisiana, is dead.

-Isaac GANNS, a merchant of Trenton, Louisiana, was closed out Sat. under writs of attachment by creditors of $10,000.

-J.J. MARTIN, a station agent at Stevenson, Alabama, was run over by the train Sat. night and died yesterday of his injuries.

-John B. SMITH, a merchant at Birmingham, Ala. And William DONOHUE quarrelled over a game of cards and agreed to fight it out with pistols. SMITH was killed.

-Deputy U.S. Marshall LITTLE arrested at Vicksburg yesterday, David WHITE, a noted counterfeiter, who has been operating in Texas, where he is wanted.

-Progress of the Plough- A Wonderful Story of out Material Progress. Col. L.A. RANSOM, the statistical agent for S.C. of the National Dept. of Agriculture and the Secretary for the state of the National Cotton Planter’s Association, has compiled statistics showing increase in agricultural productions of the state during the twelve years from 1870 to 1882…

-The S.C. Railway makes Another Score-A Full Description of the New Union Passenger Depot in Columbia.  (long article)

-Fire and Flood – A Disastrous Conflagration at the Capitol of Tennessee. Nashville.
Places mentioned include: Building of DIEHL & LORD, ale bottlers; the Capitol Warehouse; DUDLEY BROS. & LIPSCOMB; S. LOENSTEIN, hides and produce dealers; LOENSTEIN & Hist.; ALLEN’S livery stable; W. WEITZEL’S machine shops; B.G. WOOD’S foundry;  and BYRNE Bros. Grocery…

-Flood in Ohio. Akron. The Little Cuyhoga River rose three feet in a short time…The water swept away JOHN KENNEDY’S house, Mrs. KENNEDY barely saving her three children. MARY STRAPP has drowned. The house of HARRISON W. GREER was flooded and he and his children were rescued. ..

-The wreck of the Tacoma. San Francisco. A dispatch from Empire City, Oregon says that upon the receipt of the news of the wreck of the steam collier Tacoma a volunteer life boat crew was organized there…

-General JOSEPH E. JOHNSTON passed through Charlotte last week. He is traveling in the interest of the Home Insurance Company of NY.

-Dr. W.T.C. BATES of Columbia, has been elected assistant physician to the State Lunatic Asylum to fill the vacancy caused by Dr. J.W. PARKER.

-M’lle RHEA has cancelled her engagement at Charlotte, much to the regret of the public of that city. GUS WILLIAMS will endeavor to console Charlotte with “one of the finest”.

-A monument to the Confederate dead is to be erected at Goldsboro by the Goldsboro Rifles…

-Prohibition in Spartanburg. The Practical Benefits of Temperance-How Cotton Mills Pay in South Carolina- A Dividend of Seven per Cent in Six Months….

-Governor DANIEL H. CHAMBERLIN, the well-known ex-Governor of SC, and since a member of the New York Bar, who has been abroad for some time past for his health, finds it now practically restored…

-It is said that there is a negro man living on Mr. SMITH LIVINGSTON’S place in Newberry County, who has 42 children and 324 grandchildren.

-Thirty-four negroes left Laurens County last week for middle Tennessee.

-Major U.B. WHITES, the defaulting treasurer of Newberry County, says that he has a return sheet which shows that he has accounted for all the poll tax collected while he was treasurer.

-Mr. A. KOPPEL of Newberry, lost his younger brother in the Cimbria disaster.

-Homicides in the South. A Strong Letter Showing the Prevalence of Murder in the South-Education a Certain Cure for Crime…

-A Daring Safe Robbery. The Jewelry Store of S. THOMAS, Jr. & Brother Entered and Robbed of Nearly $12,000 worth of Diamonds and Jewelry… [273 King Street, Charleston]

-A Lost Soldier-Mr. A.B. MULLIGAN of this city has received a letter asking for information about the remains of JOHN V. MULFORD, of Ohio, who was a private in the 16th Infantry US Regular Troops and is said to have died in Charleston while a prisoner of war in 1864. Any information as to his fate will be gratefully received.

-In Memoriam, WILLIAM DENNISON PORTER… By a unanimous resolution of the Washington Light Infantry, [a union] will be held at the armory for the purpose of paying tribute of respect to the memory of him who for over half a century was closely and influentially associated with the corps. Addresses will be delivered by Mayor COURTENAY, Col. CHARLES H. SIMONTON, Prof. F.W. CAPERS, Mr. G.D. BRYAN and others.

-MARRIED: THOMPSON-McIVER On the morning of February 1, at the residence of the brides mother, Darlington, S.C., by the Rev. W.T. CAPERS, D.D., FANNIE CALDWELL, daughter of the late Captain JOHN K. McIVER of Society Hill to HENRY T. THOMPSON of Charleston.

FUNERAL NOTICE: The relatives, friends, acquaintances, of Mr. and Mrs. L.T. LEVIN
And Mr. N. LEVIN and families are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral Services of Mrs. L. NEVIN….(partially taped over-can’t read all of it)

-The friends of Dr. JOHN L. ANCRUM will be glad to learn that his health has rapidly improved…

-JOHN PECKNEL and EDWARD SULLIVAN were arrested by police yesterday for fighting on the steamship Morro Castle at Union Wharf.

-A Sudden and Mysterious Death - … from Summerville…of the death of  Mr. THOMAS JOHNSON at Twenty-six Station, under the most distressing circumstances. Mr. JOHNSON was a young man of excellent character and was much respected in the community in which he lived. ….went to the house of Mr. DAVID STUTTS a few miles from Twenty-six, and remained there a few hours when he left the house with the intention of borrowing a horse to make a visit to a young lady to whom he was paying attention. Nothing further was heard of him until Monday morning when his dead body was found on the roadside a short distance from the house There was nothing to show that his death had ensued from other than natural causes….

-In the Weekly News on Wednesday next, February 7, Mr. B.H. TEAGUE of Aiken, who was a gallant private in the Hampton Legion, will give an account of the stirring incidents of the war record of this command….

-Captain F.W. DAWSON left Charleston on Saturday and will sail from New York in the Britannic this week for a tour of rest and recreation abroad…

-One of the oldest journalists in the country, Mr. ELIOT KINGMAN, whom most of the old time readers of the Charleston Courier will remember as “ION”… died at his Washington residence last Friday. He was born in Warren, Rhode Island May 24, 1797 and was therefore in his 86th year…..


-Mrs. M.B. PAINE, made application to Northeastern Railroad Company for renewal for 4 shares stock, the original being lost or mislaid.

-Estate of ELIZABETH P. HUGER will apply to judge of Probate March 2, 1883 for final discharge. C.K. HUGER and A.F. RAVENEL, Executors.

- Estate of C. REGAN will apply to judge of Probate February 13, 1883 for final discharge. M.C. O’NEILL, Executor.
Transcribed by Julie Hampton Ganis, last updated May 28, 2001

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