Born between 1810 and 1820 in GA

Died _______ (between 1849-1853) in Cherokee Co, NC


Married on Nov 9, 1837 in Hall County, Georgia (by Moses Brian, JP) to:


MARY “Polly” VOYLES (daughter of James VOYLES and Ruth GARREN)

Born in 1817 in Haywood Co, NC (or SC)

Died ______ (after 1887) probably in Notla, Cherokee Co, NC


Their children:

1-MARY ELIZABETH FERRELL[1] (b.Jan 7, 1841 in Habersham Co, GA-d.____)

married on June 24, 1854 at Vinson Ferrell's house in Cherokee County, NC[2] to


1860 Census Cherokee County, NC.

Buried at Friendship Baptist Church, Fannin Co, GA (at NC line)


2-JAMES VINSON FERRELL (b.Jan 25, 1842 Habersham Co, GA, d.Oct 1886

Blairsville, Union Co, GA), married on May 30, 1861 in Fannin Co, GA to

NANCY F. OWENBY (OWNBY) (b.Jan 27, 1842-d.Nov 1917).

He was in Co B Thomas' Legion, Walkers Battalion (Confederate) during the Civil


Moved to Fannin Co, GA about 1878.

Sold land in Cherokee Co., NC  in 1880, 1885 and 1887.

Civil War record stated that he had a fair complexion, light hair, blue eyes, and was

5'10" tall.

Buried at Friendship Baptist Church, Hwy 60, Fannin Co, GA (at NC line).      


-Amos H. FerrelL (b.1863 NC-d.____), married on Jan 4, 1885 Fannin Co,


            -James FerrelL (b.1865 NC-d.1940 Cobb Co)

            -Margaret S. FerrelL (b.1868 NC-d.____), married William Mull   

-John S./G. FerrelL[3] (b.Jun 1870 NC Union Co, GA-d.____), married on Dec

23, 1894 Fannin Co, GA to Corie Jane Ausberry (b.Sep 9, 1874

Union Co, GA). They moved to Morgan Co then Putnam Co, GA.










3-JONATHAN H. FERREL (b.Dec 1844 in Cass Co, GA-d.March 25, 1929[4] in Union

Co, GA).

He was a Private in the 3rd TN Mounted Infantry during the Civil War.

1st married on Apr 18, 1862 Fannin Co, GA to NANCY I. LADDER (b.____-d.

after 1929).     

            2nd married Apr 5, 1869 Cherokee Co, NC to MARTHA S./L. HUGHES


Sold land in Cherokee Co in 1886.

1900 Census Fannin Co, GA, Sugar Creek Dist., house 227.

Buried in Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, at Union Co./Fannin Co, GA line.


            -Lafayette Ferrel (b.1864 NC-d.____), married _____________

            -Mary Ferrel (b.1870 NC-d.____), married ____________    


4-SUSANNAH FERREL (b.Oct 1846/47 Cherokee Co, NC-d.Feb 14, 1926

Chattanooga, TN. She is buried there in Greenwood Cemetery, Alton Park,

Hamilton Co, TN).

Married Jan 23, 1870 in Cherokee Co, NC to RILEY HAMPTON (b.Dec. 1, 1835 in Wilkes Co, NC-d. Apr 7,

1915 in Cherokee Co, NC. 1920)




Click HERE for a map of Georgia Counties.

Click HERE for an 1895 map of Cherokee Co, NC




The exact spelling of his name is not known. It differs on the old records, and is either VINSON or VINCENT and FERRELL or FERREL.




Vincent Ferrell and Mary Voyles were married on Nov 9, 1837 in Hall County, Georgia.

Mary’s sister Elizabeth VOYLES (b.1805-d.1885) married JOHN FERRELL[5] in Union County, GA about 1825, and they are buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in Union Co, GA. I wonder if Vincent and John FERRELL are brothers?????


From the book: The Annals of Upper Georgia Centered in Gilmer County, by George Gordon Ward, 1965, page 100:

Vincent Ferrell, who had moved here from Habersham County, acquired the “gold mine lot,” on which he discovered gold. Ferrell, about 1842, had settled upon this lot, then in primeval forest. He cleared a small farm in either that year or 1843 he was cutting a small ditch through a strip of bottom when, according to some good authorities, he first discovered, by accident, gold. Excited to fever pitch, people stampeded to lease various portions of his land, upon which other rich but sporadic finds occurred.”


“The Ferrell family had a custom of doing the family wash close to their spring. Some member, in dipping water into pots and tubs, scooped up some gravel and sediment from the bottom of the spring. Mrs. Ferrell, in emptying such vessels, noticed gold in the bottom of a wash tub. This discovery must have followed closely the one by her husband in the ditch.”



1840 Census of Habersham Co, GA, Singleton District:           

Vincent Ferrel-20-30, one female 20-30.


1845: Cherokee Co, NC Deed to Vincent Ferrell from JW Brown for $465 land in Dist 4, tract 77, ..."joining GA line." (bk 2, p.363)


1846: Cherokee Co, NC Deed to Vincent Ferrill from John Ledford for $600, Lot 84, Dist. 4. (bk 2, p. 477)


1848: Cherokee Co, NC Deed to Vincent Ferrell from John Carroll for $200, lot 84, Dist 4. (bk 4, p.51)


1849 Cherokee Co, NC Deed (issued Oct 6, 1845, redorded 1849): Land Grant from the State of NC to Vincent Ferrell (assignee of Adam Pitner), 220 acres, section 84, dist 4. (bk 4, p.211).


1849: Cherokee Co, NC Deed to Vincent Ferrell from Benjamin Stiles for $400, 166 acres on Persimmon Creek, Dist 4, tract 96, and also 216 acres in Dist 4, tract 96. (bk 4, p.230)




1853: Cherokee Co, NC Deed to Walker and Stiles from V. Ferral estate (by Commissioners). (bk 6, p.204)


1860 Census of Cherokee, Co, NC, p.425, Notla Dist, Englands Point PO, house 604:

Mary Ferrel-43 (widow, b.Haywood Co, NC), James-16 (b.Habersham Co, GA), Jonathan-15 (b.Cass Co, GA), Susanah-13 (b.Cher, NC).

Real estate valued at $500 and personal property valued at $1000.      

1860 Farm Schedule, Cherokee Co, NC, Mary Ferrel-35 acres.


1862 Cherokee Co, NC Deed, Land Grant from State to heirs of V. Ferrill. HH Davidson guardian of heirs of V. Ferrell. For $58.34, 250 acres in Dist 4, section 106, joining ... "Harrison's Creek, ... State Line ..." (bk 10, p.249)


1862 Cherokee Co, NC deed to Jasper Voyles from heirs of Vincent Ferrell, for $400, 258 acres in Dist 4, section 106. (bk 10, p.250)


1870 Census of Cherokee Co, NC, Belleview area of Notla Township:

Riley Hampton-34, Susan-23, Mary Ferrel-55, Caroline-8.


1876 Cherokee Co, NC deed from Mary and James Farrel, et al, 205 acres in Dist 4, on waters of Rapers Mill Creek to Georgia and NC Railroad(bk 21, p.560). Recorded in 1887.

Signed Mary Ferrel, Elizabeth Brockman, James Ferrell and Susan Hampton.


1880 Census of Cherokee Co, NC:

Riley Hampton-44, Susan-(b.GA) 33, James-8, Wesley M.-5, Martha L.-2,  William H.-1 mo, Mary Ferrel-65 (b.SC).





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[1] -Bettye Young

[2] -From pension application of Mary. F. Brockman, National Archives. Witnesses at the wedding were Maston M. Hawkins and Susan Hawkins

[3] -ancestors of Charlotte Morrison

[4] -Death certificate was filled out as “Farrell”, #14162-K.   

[5] -ancestors of Marilyn


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