Harrison Family Genealogy
Julie's Genealogy
Maternal Line:
Julie's Maternal Grandmother
March 25, 1905-May 4, 1971
Julie's Maternal Grandfather
January 10, 1906-July 7, 1970
Great Uncle Henry Theo "Straw" Harrison
Grandfather Abner Heath Harrison
Abner Heath Harrison (b.Jan 10, 1906 Rowan Co, NC-d. July 7, 1970 Cabarrus Co, NC), married on June 29, 1932 in York Co, SC to Bertie Hazeline Rhyne (b.March 25, 1905-d. May 4, 1971). They are buried at Carolina Memorial Park, Concord, Cabarrus County, North Carolina.
Their Children:
Karen Lynn Harrison -
1st married
John Emmett MacDonald,
2nd married
Fred Hampton, Jr.
Leslie Francis MacDonald
Dana Harrison MacDonald md. Robert Dillon
Julie Ann Hampton md. Ralph P. Ganis
Judy Heath Harrison
1st married
Charles Stephen Mitchell (author of "How to Speak Southern" above).
2nd married
Joseph Farri.
Maria Elena Mitchell
Jackie Brown Harrison married Janet Marie Harrington.
   Jason Heath Harrison
    Jeana Rhyne Harrison

Abner Heath Harrison was the son of William Baxter "W.B." Harrison (b.1882 Rowan Co, NC-d.1941 Cabarrus Co, NC) and Rosa Nettie Brown (b.1885 Rowan Co, NC-d.1971 Cabarrus Co, NC). They moved to Concord from Salisbury, NC about 1918. W.B. Harrison owned a grocery store bearing his name, that was at "Five Points", at the intersection of S. Spring St., Chestnut St. and Broad St. in Concord.  William Baxter Harrison and Rosa Nettie Brown are buried at Unity Presbyterian Church, Woodleaf, Rowan County, North Carolina.
     Their other children:
Henry Theo Harrison
     Elizabeth Cleo Harrison
     Margaret Gertrude Harrison
     Mary Neely Harrison
     Nelly Brown Harrison
     Edna Mae Harrison
     Doris Lorraine Harrison
     William Baxter Harrison.

William Baxter Harrison was the son of Henry Loman Harrison (b.1859 Davidson Co, NC-d.1925 Concord, Cabarrus Co, NC) and Alice Gertrude Thomason (b.1859 Pontotoc, Mississippi-d.1930 Concord, Cabarrus Co, NC). They resided in Rowan Co, NC then moved to Concord about 1920. Henry and Alice are buried at Woodleaf Methodist Church Cemetery, Rowan County, North Carolina.
    Their other children:
Walter B. Harrison (b.1885-d.1916)
James Claudius Harrison (b.1890-d.1959).

Henry Loman Harrison was the son of:
Reubin Harrison (b.1830 Davidson Co, NC-d.1903 Rowan Co, NC) and Mary Louise Nance (b.1820 Randolph Co, NC-d.1911 Rowan Co, NC) who married in Randolph Co, NC in 1848. They moved from Davidson Co, NC to Woodleaf, Rowan Co, NC about 1865. Reuben would have been the right age to have served in the Civil War, but no record of his service has been found. Reubin and Mary Harrison are buried at Gays Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery, Woodleaf, Rowan County, North Carolina.
     Their other children:
Calvin M. Harrison (b.1849)
Miranda Harrison (b.1852)
Samuel Thomas Allen Harrison (b.1854)
Cassanna Harrison (b.1856)
Rose Harrison (b.1852)
Lorena Maude Harrison (b.1863)

Reubin Harrison was the son of:
Henry Harrison (b.1799 Halifax Co, NC-d.1885 Davidson Co, NC) and 1st wife Nancy Dew (b.1801-d.c.1845 Davidson Co, NC). 
Henry and Nancy's other children:
Joseph Allen Harrison (b.1824)
Henry Harrison, Jr. (b.1826)
Temperance Harrison (b.1827)
Nancy Louisa Harrison (b.1833)
Gemimah Harrison (b.1836)
Henry Harrison, Sr. 2nd married Elizabeth Smith in 1847. Their children:
Margaret Harrison (b.1848)
Barbara Harrison (b.1850)
William Hosea Harrison (b.1852)
Elleanor Harrison (b.1854)
Winnie Harrison (b.1855)
Amanda Harrison (b.1858)
Celesta Harrison (b.1860)
Henry Harrison, Sr. was the son of:
Gideon Harrison (b.c.1765 VA? NC? - d.c.1840 in Ky or TN) and 1st wife _______ Pare. Gideon moved from Halifax Co, NC to Davidson Co, NC about 1815, then from there to Gibson Co, TN (West Tennessee) about 1823 and then later to Kentucky. He supposedly died near Paducah, KY before 1840.
Gideon Harrison's other children:
James Harrison (b.1796)
Winifred Harrison (b.1800)
Nancy Harrison (b.1805).
They remained in the Davidson County, North Carolina area, near Jackson Hill and Denton. It's possible that Gideon remarried and had more children in TN or KY.
(North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky)
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Dana MacDonald
Bertie (
Rhyne) Harrison
Abner Heath Harrison
Leslie MacDonald
Karen (Harrison) MacDonald
Abner Heath Harrison and
Karen Lynn Harrison
William Baxter "W.B." Harrison
(b.Sept 27, 1882 Rowan Co, NC-d.Dec 23, 1941 Cabarrus Co, NC)

Rosa Nettie Brown Harrison
(b.Oct 19, 1885 Rowan Co, NC-d.Mar 7, 1971 Cabarrus Co, NC)

Buried at Unity Presbyterian Church, Woodleaf, Rowan County, North Carolina.
Henry Loman Harrison
Born Dec 25, 1859
Davidson Co, NC-
Died Jan 12, 1925
Concord, Cabarrus Co, NC

Alice Gertrude Thomason Harrison
Born March 21, 1859
Pontotoc, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi
Died May 3, 1930,
Concord, Cabarrus Co, NC

Buried at Woodleaf Methodist Church Cemetery, Rowan County, NC
Born about April 5, 1830 in Davidson Co, NC.
Died Sept 17, 1903 in Woodleaf, Rowan Co, NC Buried at Gays Chapel Methodist Cemetery in Woodleaf, Rowan County, North Carolina
(wife of Reuben)
Born Aug 7, 1820 in Randolph Co, NC
Died Feb 28, 1911 in Woodleaf, Rowan Co, NC.
Buried at Gays Chapel Methodist Cemetery in Woodleaf, Rowan County, North Carolina

Who were her parents?????
Final Resting Places
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