WILEY JACKSON was born about 1794 in NC and died between Feb 2, 1860 and Nov 1, 1861 Union Co., NC.
He married before 1825 to MARY "Polly" _____, who was born about 1796 in NC and died between Nov 1, 1861 and April 1862 in Union Co., NC.

Their children were:

1-GASTON JACKSON (born circa 1825 in NC-died between 1877 and Dec 1889,
probably in Anson County or Union County, NC, near Peachland). Married on
Dec 25, 1844 in Union Co., NC to CHARLOTTE "Lottie" MANESS (born circa
1826-died after 1894 Union Co, NC).
He enlisted in Union Co. on March 24, 1863
into Company C, 10th Battalion NC Heavy Artillery "Monroe Heavy Artillery"
for the Civil War. He was transferred to Company D on May 23, 1863.
     a-HULDA JANE JACKSON (b.1846-d.1911) m. on Oct 8, 1868 Anson Co to
        EDMOND D. PRIVETT (b.1845-d.1917). Edmond Privett was in Co F, 2nd
        NC Jr Reserves during the Civil War.  Buried at Deep Springs Cemetery,
        Peachland, Anson Co., NC.
(ancestors of Ralph Ganis)
     b-LYDIA E. JACKSON (b.1848-d.May 30, 1909) m. after 1860 to JAMES AIRINGTON
        (b.May 4, 1845-d.Jun 29, 1915). Buried at Mt. Moriah Church, Pageland, SC.
     c-GEORGE W. JACKSON (b.Aug 1849-d.c.1909) m. 1870-1871 to MARY
        ELLEN HASTY (b.Sep 1843-d.Mar 23, 1929 Pageland,  SC). George is buried
        at Antioch Church, Pageland, SC. Mary Ellen is buried at Mt Gur Cemetery in
        Kernersville, NC.  (ancestors of Kevin Johnson)
     d-WILEY THOMAS JACKSON (b.Apr 10, 1854-d.Apr 22, 1926  Peachland,
        Anson Co) m. on Nov 6, 1873 in Lanesboro,  Anson Co (by J.A. Barber,
        Baptist Minister) to MARTALA  C. PHIFER (b.Dec 14, 1849-d.Oct 9, 1915
        Lanesboro,  Anson Co, d/o Jesse W. Phifer and Abigail Caudle). She was
        buried at "home", he was buried at "Jackson Cemetery" (locations of
        both unknown).
     e-REBECCA A. JACKSON (b.1854)
     f-TURNER BROWN JACKSON (b.c.1856-d.after 1894 White Store  twp.)
        m. on Dec 4, 1875 Anson Co to DORAH MARTIN  (b.1855 d/o William
        and Mary).
     g-SARAH C. "Sallie" JACKSON (b.May 1853/59-d. after 1900). Single.
     h-LEONIDAS JACKSON (b.Nov 1863-d.after 1901) 1st m. on  Dec 11, 1889,
        Lanesboro, Anson Co (at residence of Mary  Jackson), to LAURA JANE
(see below) (b.Mar 1860/62- d.c.1901/02, d/o Andrew and Mary
        Jackson). 2nd m.  on Jan 30, 1902 Union Co to LOLA BLANCH CAUDLE
        (b.1887  d/o George T. and Margaret).
     i-JAMES R. "Jim" JACKSON (b.Jul 23, 1866-d.Feb 2, 1918) m. on Dec 12,
        1894 Lanesboro, Anson Co to MARY C. DAVIS  (b.Mar 6, 1876-d.Nov 4,
        1928 Lanesboro, Anson Co, NC d/o  C.C. Davis and Malissa Carpenter).
        Buried at Deep Springs Baptist.

2-RICHMOND H. JACKSON (born 1829 in NC-died after 1870 Henderson County,
Tennessee) married before 1860 to ROSANNAH CARAWAY (born c. 1833).
Moved to Henderson County, TN before 1860 with Carraway family.
     a-ANDREW J. JACKSON (b.1857 TN)
     b-TEXANAH JACKSON (b.1860 TN)
     c-LEONIDAS JACKSON (b.1862 TN)
     d-MILES JACKSON (b.1864 TN)
     e-MARY JACKSON (b.1866 TN)
     f-RACHEL E.J. JACKSON (b.1867 TN)
     g-JUDIO F. JACKSON (b.1869 TN)

3-ANDREW JACKSON (born 1830 in NC-died Dec 20, 1864 at Cold Harbor,
VA during the Civil War) married after 1850 to MARY MOORE (born Jan
1836-died Feb 2, 1918 in Lanesboro, Anson Co., NC). He was in Company B,
15th Regt NC Troops during the Civil War. Mary is buried at Deep Springs
Baptist Church Cemetery, Anson Co., NC.
     a-LAURA JANE JACKSON (b.c.Mar 1860-d. after 1900 Marshville, Union
        County, NC) m. on Dec 11, 1889, Lanesboro, Anson Co (at residence of
        Mary Jackson) to LEONIDAS JACKSON (b.Nov 1863-d.after 1901, s/o
        Gaston and Charlotte Jackson - see above).
     b-LOUISA "Lou" M. JACKSON (b.c.Jan 1861-d.1946), m. on Dec 24, 1896
        Anson to JOSEPH O. MANESS (b.May 1853-d.1934, from Union Co, s/o
        Milton and Nancy E.). Buried at Deep Springs Baptist Church Cemetery,
        Anson Co, NC.

4-IREDELL W./M. JACKSON (born 1830 in NC-died after 1870, Carter Co, TN)
married on Feb 5, 1860 Union Co. to SARAH M. BAKER (born 1840 NC). His name
appears on receipt roll for clothing Apr 4, 1864, as a conscript during the Civil War. 
Listed on 1870 Census in Carter Co, TN.  No further record.
     a-MILAS D. JACKSON (b.1853 NC-d.aft 1870 TN)
     b-JAMES W. JACKSON (b.1854 NC-d.aft 1870 TN)
     c-MARY E. JACKSON (b.1859-d.aft 1870 TN)
     d-JOSEPH S. JACKSON (b.1856 NC-d.after 1870 TN) (Not on 1860 NC Census with parents)
     e-MARTHA E. JACKSON (b.1862 NC-d.aft 1870 TN)
     f-WILLIAM C. JACKSON (b.1864 NC-d.aft 1870 TN)
     g-REBECCA A. JACKSON (b.1866 NC-d.aft 1870 TN)
     h-A. R. S. JACKSON (female) (b.1869 TN-d.aft 1870 TN)

5-LUCY JACKSON (born 1831 in NC) married before 1860 to
(?WESLEY) WATKINS (born circa 1845). No further record.

6-SUSAN A. JACKSON (born 1832 in NC). Single.
     a-JOHN A. JACKSON (b.1854)

7-ALFRED JACKSON (born 1836 in NC-died before Oct. 1857) married after 1850 to MARY DAVIS (b.Jan 17, 1834-d.Nov 11, 1911, d/o James and Elitha).  She moved to Chester Co, TN after 1880 with her grandchildren. She is buried in Chester Co, TN at
Sweet Lips Cemetery.
     a-JANE ELLEN JACKSON  (b.1858-d.1881 Anson Co) m. Oct 13, 1872 to PATRICK CALVIN
(b.c.1837-d.Aug 20, 1882 Anson Co, NC).

First recorded deed found for Wiley Jackson in Union Co., NC was in 1846: Deed from Wiley Jackson to James A. Horne, 3 acres (deed book 5, page 535).

Jan 5, 1850 Union Co., NC Deed from Jefferson Caudle (of Anson) to Wiley Jackson, 188 acres in Union Co. for $376 (deed book 2, page 315), land adjoining William Horn, Hosea Little, and Thomas Maness. Witnessed by James A. Horne and Richmond Jackson.

Jan 6, 1850 Union Co., NC Deed from Jefferson Caudle (of Anson Co.) to Wiley Jackson, 124 acres in Union Co. for $150 (deed book 2, page 316), adjoining Susan Little's, land granted to Isaac Little, Sr., P. M. Little's. Witnessed by James A. Horne and Richmond Jackson.

Union Co., NC Estate Records, April 1862:
Estate of Wiley Jackson, a report of property sold by executor, J.A. Horne, on Nov 1, 1861 and credit of 6 months. Purchasers at sale:
Mary Jackson, widow, William T. Hubbard, Berry Traywick, Patrick Horne, Thos. Lawthorp, Andrew Jackson, I.L. James, A.W. Manes, John M. Davis, G.W. Little, H. Mullis, Alex Phifer, W.W. Duncan, I.M. Jackson, Gaston Jackson, D.L. Hornback, _.M. Little, J.W. Phifer, _.C. Horne (52 acres), P.M. Little (122 acres), Henry Traywick, D.S. Hornback, Isham Carpenter.

Union Co., NC Court Minutes, April Term, 1862, James A. Horne qualified as administrator of the estate of Mary Jackson.

Union Co., NC Estate Records, Jan 1863, Estate of Mary Jackson, a report of property sold May 1, 1862.
Purchasers at sale: Susan Jackson, I.H. Little, __schurn Carpenter. Sales totaled $198.29.

Union Co., NC Estate Records, Jan 1863, Estate of Wiley Jackson, a report of property sold May 1, 1862.
Purchasers at sale: Susan Jackson, W.B. Treadaway, G.W. Little, W.R. Hasty, S.K. Little, W.T. Hubbard, Henry Traywick.
Sales totaled $162.53.



I, Wiley Jackson, being of sound mind and memory, do make and declare this my last will and testament.

1st I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Polley, One Hundred acres of land including, the houses,
one horse and cow and calf, Bed and furniture during her natural life.

2nd I give unto my son Richmond one Hundred Dollars.

3rd I give unto my daughter Susa (sic) Ann One Hundred Dollars a cow and calf a bed and furniture
and Fifty acres of her mothers land at her death.

4th I direct for my sons Gaston, Iredell and Andrew to receive an equal share of all the balance and
also for my son Alfred’s daughter to have an equal share.

5th I give my daughter Lucy Watkins Five Dollars.

Lastly, I want all the property not here named to be sold and all my debts paid and then an equal
Division made with all my children but Lucy Watkins.

I hereby appoint James A. Horne and Andrew Jackson my lawful Executors to execute this my last
will and testament.

                                                         This Feby the 2nd 1860
                                                         Signed sealed and witnessed
                                                         in his presents (sic) of     
                                                         Wiley (X) Jackson 
                                                         Churchwell Lothorp
                                                          D. L. Hornback

State of North Carolina  Court of pleas and quarters sessions  
           Union County  January Term 1862
Thus the last will and testament of Wiley Jackson was exhibited in open court and proven in due form
of Law by Churchwell Lothorp and D.L. Hornback and ordered to be recorded. And James A. Hornback
was duly sworn to execute said will.
J.E. Irby   Clk


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