Norfolk, Va.,

Thursday Afternoon, February 14, 1878

Vol. IV.—No. 10

Price One Cent



Anniversary- Ninety years ago today occurred the battle of Cherokee Ford in North Carolina, in which a force of royalists was defeated by a small band of patriots under Cols. Dooley and Pickens.



List of Letters  Remaining Uncalled For in the Post Office at Norfolk, Norfolk County, Va., Feb 14, 1878:

A-- Miss Lelie Allatt

B-- David Ballard, Jos., M.P. Baker, Sterell Barber, Emeline Bell, Anthony L. Bonds, Joseph Borum.

C-- David Coastood, Miles Creacy.

D-- Daniel Desmond, Theodore Doughty.

F-- Daniel Fentress, Jeremiah Floyd.

G-- Mrs. Wm. G. Gourley, J.A. Gregory, Wm. J. Green, Miss Susan Gordon, Capt. B. Guye.

H-- Miss Louisa Harress, Fred Hauser, J.A. Hart, John Henry, Mrs. Sallie Hill.

J-- John J. Jauson, Willis Johnson, Mrs. Sallie Jones, Mrs. Wm. A. Jones, Mrs. Ester Jones (colored).

M-- R. Malry, E.L. Mayer, Wm. H. Marden, Miss Mary McIntire, McGill & Watson, F.F. McKinney, E.T. Martin, Norman Mitchell, Chas. Montague (colored), Miss Delia A. Moore, Clayton Moore, Miss Maria Mallett, Mrs. Sophronia Mills.

O-- Miss Jennie Oliver.

P-- Capt. Edward Pierce, John Powell, Miss Kate Powers.

R-- Miss Effie Randolph, Miss Belle Raymond, Chas. Reynolds, Miss Nannie Reid, Mrs. Rodgers, Miss Lizzie Rooney, Mrs. Harriet V. Rogers.

S-- Sam S. Sands, H.A. Saunders, R.T. Shea, Miss Clara Shepperd, Trien Skinner.

T-- N.C. Tatem, Capt. Edward Terry, Miss Anna Thompson.

W-- James Watts, J. Wilkinson, Miss Fannie Wood, Miss Sarah Williams, Charlie Williams.



C.F. Bailey, schooner C. & C. Brooks

E.V. Strong, schooner Emma

C.R. Crooker, schooner Laura Burlingame (2).

J.J. Moule, schooner F.E. Hallock.

A. Anderson, schooner J.W. Ruight.

Benj. Haskell, schooner J.J. Spencer.

                        H.B. Nichols, P.M.



MAYOR’S COURT - Justice James E. Stokes Presiding.

The following business was transacted to-day:

-Abraham Green, white tramp, applied for lodgings, and was ordered to leave the city in twenty-four hours.

-Louisa E. Scott, white, whose term of imprisonment in the city jail has expired, was given forty-eight hours in which to leave the city.



MAYOR’S COURT - Justice John D. Cooper, Presiding.

The following business was transacted in this court this morning:

-Dinkey Butt, a colored boy, was ordered to receive three stripes and be confined in jail three days for stealing.

-Thomas Shafer, colored, drunk; discharged.

-Amelia Copeland, colored, fighting; discharged.

-Albert Smith, colored, for fighting, was sent to jail for one day.

-Ida Clark, white, for being drunk, was fined by Justice Rosson and discharged.

-Wm. Smith, colored, breach of the peace; discharged.

-Elenora Smith, colored, disturbing the peace; fined $1.50.

-Samuel Freeman, colored, was fined $2.50 for assault and battery.

-John Nottingham, colored, for stealing, was sentenced to receive fifteen stripes and be confined ninety days in the chain gang.




-Commander John C. Watson is ordered to the command of the Wyoming, at Washington; Lieutenant William Greenleaf to the Wyoming, and Ensign George F. Emmons to the Plymouth.

-Commander Alfred Hopkins is detached from the Wyoming and placed on waiting orders.

-Surgeon A.O. Rhoades is ordered to duty at the Naval Hospital at Yokohama, Japan.

-Passed Assistant Surgeon J.R. Waggener is ordered to the receiving ship Colorado.

-Surgeon J.W. Coles is detached from the Naval Hospital at Yokohama, Japan, on the report of his relief, and ordered to return home and report his arrival.



DIED: GALE – At his residence on Brewer street at 3 o’clock this morning, ENOCH R. GALE, Esq, aged 66 years and 3 months. The time and place of holding the funeral services will be announced in to-morrow morning’s paper. (see below)



Death of an Estimable Citizen – The numerous friends of Mr. E. R. GALE, in our city and elsewhere, will regret to hear the announcement of his death, which sad event occurred at his residence on Brewer street at 3 o’clock this morning, after a short illness of typhoid pneumonia. The deceased was in the 67th year of his age, and for many years had conducted the shoe business in our city. He was a consistent Christian, and was a member of the Granby Street Methodist Church. He leaves a wife and a large family to mourn their irreparable loss.



Ordered to Leave Town: Peter Mallory, colored vagrant, was this morning ordered by Justice Couper to leave this city in twenty-four hours.



The Baltimore Gazette states that Charles Harris, Esq., a wealthy citizen of Norfolk, Va., and a writer of considerable ability, has been recently cured of blindness by Dr. George Reuling, of the Maryland eye infirmary, who removed the cataract from his eye. Mr. Harris has not been able to see for two years, but was enabled to read ordinary newspaper print within two weeks after the operation.



Hustings Court – Judge C.W. Hill, Presiding: Robert Craft, indicted for burglary, was being tried in this court to-day. The case had not been given to the jury when our report closed.



Fortunate Escape – A lad named Walter Pendleton fell through the hatchway of the ferry-boat Elizabeth yesterday afternoon, but fortunately, received only a few slight bruises.



Hon. Charles M. Conrad, who died in New Orleans on Monday, was a native of Winchester, Va., but while yet an infant was taken by his father to Mississippi, and then to Louisiana, where he has since resided. In 1828 he was admitted to the bar in New Orleans, and for a number of years served in the State Legislature. In 1842 and 1843 he filled a vacancy in the United States Senate as a Whig. He was a member of the Louisiana constitutional convention in 1844, and was elected in 1848 to the Thirty-first Congress, and served until August, 1850, when he became Secretary of War under President Fillmore. During the war he was a member of the Confederate Congress and a brigadier general in the army. When the British treaty for the settlement of the boundary line between the United States and British North America, the suppression of the slave trade, &c., was before the Senate in August, 1842, Mr. Conrad spoke against it. During the first session of the Thirty-first Congress (in July, 1850) he offered the resolution passed upon the death of President Tyler. During the next month he entered President Fillmore’s Cabinet as Secretary of War. Mr. Conrad was one of the first to serve the Confederacy. In December 1860, he made a speech at a mass meeting in New Orleans, advocating immediate secession. – At that meeting the Southren Marsellaise was sung as the banner of the Southern Confederacy was raised, amid prolonged cheers for South Carolina and Louisiana. He was a member of the Provisional Congress, which met at Montgomery, Ala., and Richmond during the year following, February 18, 1861. He was also a member of the first and second regular Congresses from February, 1862, to February 18, 1865. During March, 1863, Mr. Conrad offered resolutions in the Confederate Congress in favor of measures “tending to a speedy restoration of peace with all or with any of the States of the Federal Union.” Mr. Conrad was the father of Mr. L. L. Conrad, a member of the Baltimore bar.



Lieutenant S.W. Quackenbush, U.S. Marine Corps, arrived home this morning and reported for duty at the Navyyard.



Burned to Death – From the Lynchburg News, 13th:

Parmelia Johnson, a colored cook employed at the residence of Captain John H. Bailey and Dr. Frank Spencer, who occupy the same tenement on Lynch street, failing to put in appearance at the usual hour yesterday morning, her room, in the basement of the building, was visited and found to be locked, with the key inside.  The previous night she had made preparations for an early breakfast, and retired at the usual hour.  The door was forced open when a horrible sight met the view of the anxious searches for the missing woman.  Burned almost to a crisp, and with not a particle of clothing on, the unfortunate woman was found at the door, cold in death.  It is supposed that she kindled a fire in the grate and fell asleep while sitting before it, that her clothes took fire, and that in her confusion and terror she was unable to open the door.  Captain Bailey’s wife remembers to have heard a noise, which she thought was the rattling of the window blinds.  It was doubtless the death struggle of the poor woman, vainly attempting to open the door.  The body was burned beyond possibility of recognition, and a pool of blood marked the spot where she died. The deceased, who has long been a faithful and trusted servant, was a native of Appomattox county, and was about fifty years of age. She leaves several children in the city.



Pennsylvania - Death of a Stage Manager: Philadelphia, February 14:

W.D. Frederick, for many years a stage manager of the Walnut and Arch street Theatres, was stricken with paralysis and died this morning, aged 80 years.





Virginia, Princess Anne County, to wit: At rules bring held in the Clerk’s office of the Circuit Court for the said county, on Monday, the 4th day of February, 1878 –

Severn F. Kellam, Plaintiff against L.M. Blakeley, Defendant

In a sumpsit and detachment. The object of this suit is to recover against the defendant the sum of thirty-eight 25-100 dollars ($38 35), with interest thereon from the first day of July, 1877, till paid. Affidavit having been made that defendant, L.M. Blakeley is not a resident of the state of Virginia, he is hereby required to appear at the said Clerk’s office within one month after due publication hereof, and do what may be necessary to protect his interest.

Teste: J.E. Stawhand, C.C.

By Wm. J. Whitehurst, D.C.

Wm. W. Coke, p.q.


Virginia, County of Norfolk, to wit: In the Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court for said county, on Wednesday, the 30th day of January, A.D. 1878 – P.C. Asserson, Plaintiff, against Wm. M. Whipple and F.W. Pickering, Defendants. Debt.

The object of this suit is to recover against the defendant the sum of $300, with interest on $100 from November 18th, 1877 and on $100 from November 18th, 1876. Affidavit having been made that Wm. M. Whipple, one of the defendants, is not a resident of the state of Virginia, he is hereby required to appear at the said Clerk’s office within one month after due publication hereof, and do what may be necessary to protect his interest.

Teste: Wm. N. Portlock, C.C.

R.C. Marshall, p.q.


Virginia, City of Norfolk, to wit: At Rules held in the Clerk’s Office of the Corporate Circuit Court for the said city, on Monday, the 7th day of January, A.D., 1878 –

Mary L. Wilkinson, Plaintiff, against Alexander Redd and Mary E. his wife, William Fink and Ruth B. his wife, Jefferson L. Wilkinson, Edward J. Wilkinson, Isaac F. Wilkinson (the last named three of whom are infants under 21 years of age), and W.B. Martin. In Chancery. The object of this suit is the settlement of the estate of S.D. Wilkinson, deceased, and for the assignment of widow’s dower.  Affidavit having been made that the defendant William Fink is not a resident of the State of Virginia, he is hereby required to appear in the said Clerk’s office, within one month after due publication hereof, and do what may be necessary to protect his interest.

Teste: W.H. Hunter, C.C.

By Westwood A. Todd, D.C.

Starke, p.q.




Bee Hive Cigar Store

White & Williams Pile Driving and Wharf Building

Waller & Co. Wholesale Tobacconists

United Ocean Club

Wilson K. Lamb & Co. Ship Chandlery Store

John C. Haynes & Co. Groceries

Walke & Williams Dealers in Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Paints and Oils

Underhill & Co.

S.A. Stevens & Co. Parlor Organs

L.C. Salusbury, Undertaker and Embalmer

D. Humphreys, Agent, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Com.

W. D. Aydlott Provision Dealer

The Cuba Dining Saloon

Nott’s House Furnishing Store

Ladies Bazaar





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