Austin Family Cemetery

Not sure if this is Marshville Township or New Salem Township. North of Wingate.

North on Olive Branch Road, take left on Lawyers Road

Turn on Brooks Mill Lane. Cemetery is on the right.

Listed by Charles F. Bivens and Col Hicks in 1973

Additional info provided by Julie Ganis.

From the cemetery files of Ann Medlin Price

Two photos by Elmo Bass in 2012 who said the cemetery is in fair shape.

Austin, Bascum

Mar 17, 1895-Jan 31, 1896

†† s/o B.D. Austin Jr and Colon Williams

Austin, B.D. (Bryant Deberry Austin, Sr.)

Feb 10, 1811-July 5, 1885

(s/o Jonathan Austin & Eunice Permelia Williams)

Austin, Elizabeth (Hamilton)

Mar 11, 1816-Feb 1, 1883

†† w/o B.D. Austin

Austin, Infant

Died Aug 22, 1911

d/o J.D. & M.H. Austin

Austin, J.L. (Jonathan L.)

Apr 25, 1835-Jan 13, 1886

(s/o Bryant Deberry Austin, Sr.)

Austin, M.D. (Marcus D.B. per death certificate)

May 10, 1873-Mar 16, 1915

Austin, Penelope [1]

Oct 18, 1842-Feb 14, 1910

w/o J.L. Austin

(d/o T.Jefferson Caudle and Margaret Wilkins)

Austin, T.J. (Thomas Justice)

Sept 7, 1890-Aug 30, 1920

(s/o Bryant Deberry Austin, Jr., h/o Pearl Heifner)

Austin, William H.

May 22, 1837-Feb 2, 1897

(s/o Bryant Deberry Austin, Sr.)

Baucom, George Wilson

No Dates

s/o W.R. & Serena Baucom

Baucom, Serena

May 27, 1830-May 1893

w/o W.R. Baucom (Wm. Ransom)

(d/o George Singleton Little & Nancy Peed)

Curlee, C. (Cullen)

Died June 13, 1865 Aged 53 years

(s/o Obediah Curlee and Frances Griffin)

Curlee, Martha

Died July 21, 1865-Aged 43 years

w/o C. Curlee

(d/o George Singleton Little & Sarah Hinson)

Little, Farrington

Jan 13, 1816-June 23, 1871

(s/o George Singleton Little & Sarah Hinson)

(Confederate Veteran: Company I, 4th NC Senior Reserves)

Little, Infant of A.P. Little

Apr 9, 1902-Apr 9, 1902

Little, Mary W.

Jan 6, 1821-Dec 6, 1870

w/o Farrington Little

(controversy over whether she was a Polk or Mullis)

Little, William A.

Dec 20, 1845-Apr 27, 1887

(s/o James Little and Sophia Klutz)

Little, W.H. (Wade Hampton)

Dec 13, 1857-Mar 5, 1893

(s/o Farrington and Mary Little)

(h/o Ann Eliza Duncan)

Mullis, Homer McDowd

Died May 12, 1914-Aged 5 mos.

†† s/o G.R. and Ida Belle Austin Mullis

Parker, Sallie Emma

Sept 24, 1888-June 5, 1913

w/o F.S. Parker (Married Dec 18, 1912)

d/o Bryant Deberry Jr and Colon Williams Austin

Simpson, B.E.

Oct 2, 1894-Oct 18, 1894

†† s/o DavidAtlas and Florina T. Brooks Simpson

Thorp, Margaret

Jan 1818-1867





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[1] - Feb 15, 1910, MONROE JOURNAL (Union County, N.C.)

-Mrs. Penelope AUSTIN, widow of Mr. John AUSTIN, died at her home in Goose Creek township late yesterday afternoon from pneumonia, following measles. Mrs. Austinís maiden name was CAUDLE, and she was seventy years old. Her husband died twenty years ago and she reared her children alone and made useful men and women of them. She was a good woman and a faithful member of Meadow Branch church. Her daughters are: Mrs. John A. AUSTIN of Goose Creek and Mrs. G.R. MULLIS. The sons are Messrs. John AUSTIN of Monroe, and Palmer and Jeff AUSTIN, who lived with their mother. [transcriberís note: Penelope Caudle Austin was born Oct 18, 1842 and died Feb 14, 1910. She was the daughter of T.Jefferson CAUDLE and wife Margaret "Aga" WILKINS. Her husband was Jonathan L. AUSTIN born Apr 25, 1835 and died Jun 13, 1886.]