Austin-Little Cemetery (aka Serena Little Cemetery)

Goose Creek Township, Union County, North Carolina

On Sikes Mill Road on the left just before Rocky River

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Published in Union County Family Cemetery Book 2000

Updated by Ann Price & Louise Shirley Mar 13, 2006

From the cemetery files of Ann Medlin Price

Austin, James E.

1840-Mar 25, 1865

 S/o J.E. & Lavinia Austin

 (Died in Civil War)

Austin, John E. (Edmund)

Apr 19, 1816-Nov 30, 1900

Austin, Lavinia (Hamilton) [1]

May 4, 1817-Aug 25, 1864

 W/o John E. Austin

 D/o William Hamilton

 (Murdered on her plantation by a slave )


Austin, Myrtle

May 23, 1900-June 7, 1900

 d/o James C. & Sarah E. Davis Austin

Austin, Rosanna P. (Penelope) [2]

Apr 6, 1840-May 5, 1905

 D/o Aaron & Mary Polk Little

 W/o William A. Austin

 Married June 30, 1859 Union County

Austin, Thaddeus C.

Dec 1, 1866-Oct 1, 1875

Austin, W.A. (William Alexander)

Oct 11, 1838-Oct 21, 1916

 S/o John E. & Lavinia Austin



Austin, William T.

Oct 6, 1862-June 15, 1863



Little, A. (Aaron)

(Feb 1, 1800)-Apr 23 1870

 S/o James & Rosanna Tucker Little




Little, George F.

July 12, 1879-Aug 20, 1881

 S/o James Labon and


       Elizabeth M. Green Little




Little, Infant

Died Feb 7, 1860-Age 1 mo

 of J.L. & M.E. Little




Little, James H. (Henry)  (another view of tombstone)

Oct 5, 1840-Dec 23, 1880

 S/o James & Sophia Kluttz Little




Little, James H.

June 18, 1881-June 22, 1902

 S/o J.H. & S.M. Little




Little, James L.

Died Aug 20, 1894-Age 4 mo

 S/o T. (Thomas) A. & N. (Nancy) E. Little




Little, Mary (Emeline) (Polk)

(June 9, 1810) - Aug 9, 1862

 D/o Col Thomas & Mary Shelby Polk


 W/o Aaron L. Little


 Married May 26, 1825




Little, Nancy E.

Died Apr 1, 1894-Age 19 yrs

 W/o Thomas A. Little




Little, Rosannah E.

Died Apr 18, 1859-Age 5 mo

 D/o Thomas Bunyan and


       Nancy Adeline Tolson Little




Little, Samuel L.

Aug 8, 1874-Mar 17, 1893

 S/o J.H. & S.M. Little




Little, Serena M. (Minerva) (another view of tombstone)

Apr 6, 1841-Aug 6, 1912

 D/o Aaron & Mary Polk Little


 W/o James H. Little


 Married May 31, 1870 Union County










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[1] -Thursday, September 1 (or August 25 – pages are mixed up), 1864 N. C. ARGUS (Wadesboro’, Anson County, NC)

-Horrible Murder – We learn that Mrs. AUSTIN, wife of J. E. AUSTIN, living near Grassy Creek neighborhood, Union county, was murdered on Thursday last by one of Mr. AUSTIN’S negro men during his absence.  It appears that the negro had been stealing, and Mrs. AUSTIN had threatened to tell his master.  The next day she went to the field where the negro was at work, when he caught her and choked her to death.  The negro confessed the crime as soon as he was arrested.  Mrs. AUSTIN was between 40 and 50 years old.  Democrat, Aug. 30th.


-Thursday, November 10, 1864 N. C. ARGUS (Wadesboro’, Anson County, NC)

-In Union county last week, the negro man and woman who murdered Mrs. John E. AUSTIN last summer, were tried, found guilty and sentenced to be hanged on the 25th of November. 


[2] - Tuesday, March 7, 1905, THE MONROE JOURNAL (Union County, N.C.)

-Mrs. W. A. AUSTIN died at her home, “Gibralter,” in New Salem township… Sunday evening of pneumonia… would have been 65 years old in April… leaves a husband and ten children… buried at the LITTLE graveyard yesterday… was a sister of Esq. J. Labe LITTLE.  Children are: Messrs. Henry, John, James and Tillman AUSTIN, and Mesdames DAVIS, GRIFFIN, HELMS, KING, Thos. GRIFFIN and STEWART