Bennett-Bivens Cemetery

Marshville Township, Union County, North Carolina

Located behind home at 1609 Faulks Church Road

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Updated by Ann M. Price from marriage, census, death certificates,

and Civil War records.

From the cemetery files of Ann Medlin Price

Bennett, Bettie  (Long)

May 17, 1858-Aug 28, 1896

  D/o Jacob & Elizabeth Long

  2nd w/o Rev J.(Joseph) L. Bennett

  (S/o John & Jemima Bennett)

  Married Nov 25, 1884 Union County

  (J.L Bennett married 3rd Fannie E.

  Morgan, d/o W.D. & Emeline Morgan

  July 19, 1899 Union County)


Bennett, Henrietta (Gaddy)

Died Jan 5, 1883

  1st w/o Rev J.L. Bivens

  Married Oct 26, 1865 Union County

Bennett, Henrietta

Mar 22, 1876-Sept 6, 1897

  D/o Rev J.L. & Henrietta Bennett

Bennett, Jemima (Ross) [1]

Died Dec 8, 1859-Age 36 yrs

  W/o John Bennett

  (First Burial In This Cemetery)

Bennett, John

Died June 14, 1860-Age 40 yrs

Bennett, John B.

Died Sept 20, 1866-Age 18 yrs

  S/o John & Jemima Bennett

Bennett, Keller A.

Oct 7, 1871-June 25, 1895

  S/o Joseph L. & Henrietta Bennett


Bivens, Flora E. (Helms)

(Dec 26) 1870-(Dec 2) 1945

  D/o S.J. & Catherine Gaddy Helms

  W/o James Robert Bivens

  Married Oct 6, 1887 Union County

Bivens, J.S.

Aug 28, 1862-June 27, 1885

Bivens, James Robert

(May 5) 1865-(Dec 19) 1918

  S/o Joseph W. & Martha Bivens

Bivens, Joseph White

Sept 21, 1838-Feb 28, 1886


  (S/o James & Jane Bivens per 1850 census)

Bivens, Martha (Bennett) [2]

Feb 8, 1843-Feb 3, 1904

  D/o John & Jemima Bennett

  W/o Joseph White Bivens

  Married Feb 21, 1860 Union County

Bivens, Paul E.

Mar 14, 1870-Oct 31, 1902

Bivens, T.E. (Thomas E.) [3]

Jan 10, 1872-Aug 21, 1903

  (Drowned at Wrightsville Beach)

Bivens, Thomas J.

Apr 1, 1840-Sept 16, 1864


  Enlisted Mar 20, 1862. Died of wounds

  Sept 16, 1864 at or near Winchester VA

Bivens, William

Nov 6, 1823-Jan 5, 1908


  Enlisted Mar 20, 1862, probably

  discharged May 1862 by reason

  of being over age

Collins, J.R.

July 1, 1889-Mar 2, 1890

  S/o J.H. & M.E. Bivens

Gaddy, Susan (Jemima Bennett)

Feb 19, 1848-June 4, 1883

  D/o John & Jemima Bennett

  W/o R.A. Gaddy

  Married Oct 7, 1865 Union County

Nash, J.(John) Ellis

June 19, 1889-Jan 24, 1928

  (He married Ruth Bivens, d/o James
  Robert & Flora Helms Bivens. Ruth
  married 2nd Horace Blair Pressley
  June 18, 1932 Union County)

Tice, Infant

Dec 21, 1883-Dec 21, 1883

  S/o J.K. & L.A. Tice

Tice, John Kendall  (see photo of him)

Nov 23, 1852-June 18, 1940

  S/o William & Mary Tice

Tice, Lydia Adeline (Bennett)

Dec 2, 1856-Aug 28, 1925

  D/o John & Jemima Bennett

  W/o John Kendal Tice

  Married Jan 8, 1877 Union County





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[1] -January 7, 1860, THE TIMES, (Greensboro, Guilford County, NC)  

-Died in Union county, on the 8th December, Mrs. Burnett, wife of John Burnett. [Note: Believe this to be Jemima ROSS BENNETT, wife of John BENNETT.]


[2] - Tuesday, February 9, 1904, THE MONROE JOURNAL (Union County, N.C.)

-Mrs. Martha BIVENS, widow of the late Joseph BIVENS, died at her home in Marshville township on February the 3rd.  She was sixty-one years of age, and leaves four sons and three daughters.  The sons are Messrs. J. R., Culpepper, Emmerson and Joseph BIVENS; the daughters are Mrs. J. H. COLLINS, Mrs. E. C. GRIFFIN and Miss Lou BIVENS.  Mrs. BIVENS was a member of the Baptist church and a most pious lady.  She was a sister of Rev. J. L. BENNETT of Marshville and of Dr. Marshall BENNETT and Mr. Ellis BENNETT of Texas, and of Mrs. John TICE of Marshville township.  Rev. J. L. BENNETT, who returned from Wake Forest on account of her death, will not return, as there are but a few days of the course that he was taking left.


[3] - Tuesday, August 25, 1903, THE MONROE JOURNAL (Union County, N.C.)

-Mr. Thomas E. BIVENS, a young man of Marshville, who went down on the excursion party last Friday, was drowned in the surf [at Wrightsville Beach] that afternoon and his body has never been found… Messrs. James LOWERY and Sam BIVENS, two other young men from the county, were with him… The lost young man was 31 years of age, the son of a widowed mother, Mrs. Martha BIVENS, and a good young man.  All who knew him give him a good name.  It is the third grown son that Mrs. BIVENS has lost… [lengthy article]