(aka: Union County Poor House)


Monroe, Union County, North Carolina


This Union County Home, was a place for the aged and infirm, and was

located on Lancaster Ave.  This building became Walter Bickett School in 1914,
(nicknamed the "poor house school") when a new county home
was constructed on New Town Road, West of Monroe.



The Union County Home was in various locations throughout the years. 


The one shown above had a cemetery located around the corner from the building that now has houses built on it.


The County Home that was on what is now Marion Lee Road off 601 South met the same fate.


The one on New Town Road is where Elizabethan Gardens Rest Home now stands but the cemetery never had any markers. There were some field stones laid down on the grave as it was put there but with no names or dates.


Per Charles Bivens, he says the cemetery for the County Home is located between New Town Road and Weddington Road. Go east Deer Track Road. Turn left on Overlook Drive. Go about 50 yards. Cemetery is about 50 yards to the right in the woods. There are 21 graves with field stones that have no identification and two that have inscriptions. They are Sallie E. Griffin May 6, 1856-Dec 16, 1928 and Margaret Davis May 6, 1851-Apr 14, 1923.   Per Ann Medlin Price:  “We went there and drove up and down those roads and could find nothing. There has been a lot of development in that area over the last few years.”



This is an ongoing list and names will be added as found.


Per Ann Medlin Price:

The burials listed here are confirmed from death certificates.

The four cemeteries for the indigent residents of Union County

Homes have long since been destroyed. Only two grave stones had

inscriptions at the time of Charles Bivens survey in 1992. They were

those of Sallie Griffin and Margaret Davis. Death certificate information

compliments of Julie Ganis and Margaret B. Price.

Alexander, Frank

Jan 18, 1925-Age 65

 S/o George Alexander

Allen, Rose

Sept 24, 1927-Age 40

Anderson, Melinda (Lindy)

Nov 29, 1923-Age 95

Anderson, Sam

Mar 11, 1924-Age Unknown

Barr, Mary

Feb 7, 1851-June 10, 1933

  D/o Robert Barr & Mary Reams

Barrett, Hannah

Died Aug 17, 1910-Age unknown

Barrett, Voil

June 13, 1923 at age 19

  S/o Watt Barrett & Marthey Redfern

Barrett, Walter

1884-June 2, 1934

Baskins, Carrie

Aug 15, 1870-Nov 10, 1937

Benton, George

Jan 22, 1929-Age 74

Bivens, Ben

June 1, 1933-Abt 80

 S/o Ben Bivens & Lena McBride

Blackmon, Alec

Nov 12, 1918-Age 65

Blackman, James

Oct 15, 1925-Age 75

Blackburn, Teresia

July 12, 1922-Age 65

Blount, Richard

Nov 9, 1927-Age 67

Brewer, Jackson

1850-Feb 14, 1920

Broom, Mary

May 28, 1916-Age 65

 D/o Joe Broome & Elizabeth Griffin

Burns, Lee

June 13, 1917-Age 30

Carver, Bella

Jan 7, 1931-Age 24

 W/o Plato Carver

 D/o Pete Baron

Carver, Infant (Stillborn)

July 7, 1931-July 7, 1931

 D/o Plato Carver and Bella Baron

Cauthren, Tilda

Aug 15, 1925-Age 38

Collins, Ellie

Apr 9, 1926-Age 50

Courtney, Emeline

May 10, 1859-July 16, 1934

 D/o Robert Brigman & Lizzie Lee

Courtney, Oliver

Oct 21, 1910 -Age 70

Cox, Otis

Feb 27, 1929-Age 49

Creach, Preacher (Homocide)

Sept 3, 1924-Age 30

Crook, Tom

Aug 29, 1928-Age 60

 S/o Rachel Crook

Crowder, Jona (Male)

Mar 25, 1939-Age 40

Crump, Levenia

Apr 27, 1929-Age 72

Cunningham, Shedrick (Female)

Jan 12, 1943-Age 40

Cunningham, Shelby

Jan 2, 1927-Age 10 days

Cuthbertson, Jim

Sept 27, 1927-Age 53

Cuthbertson, Orange

Mar 9, 1915-Age 92

Davis, Columbus

Mar 28, 1916-Age 64

  S/o James Davis & Jane Crowell

Davis, Margaret  [1]

May 6, 1851-Apr 14, 1923

 D/o Robert Brigman & Betsy Lee

Deese, Marion (Female)

May 25, 1920-Age 30

Edwards, John

Oct 31, 1925-Age 56

Ezelle, Richard

Sept 22, 1921-Age 64

Faulk, George

Dec 4, 1910-Age 60

Faulk, Harriett

Mar 20, 1917-Age 72

 D/o Abner Faulk & Mary Mills

Firms, Tom

Sept 9, 1937-Age 24

 S/o Dock Firms & Mary Huntley

Ford, Nettie

Oct 14, 1925-Age 53

 W/o Sam Ford

 D/o Lavisa Medlin

Ford, Robert

Mar 8, 1854-June 7, 1933

S/o Samuel Ford & Mattie Scott

Ford, Samuel

Oct 16, 1939-Age 69

Ford, Susan

Jan 24, 1929-Age 86

 D/o Bill Honeycutt & Farly Love

Forest, Sarah

Nov 26, 1921-Age 45

Fortner, John

Dec 14, 1849-May 25, 1933

 S/o Hugh Fortner & Sarah Mullis

Foster, Eliza

Oct 7, 1926-Age 70

 S/o Joe & Sallie Foster

 (Died from extreme obesity 360#

  per death certificate)

Fowler, Jane

Apr 4, 1852-Nov 11, 1935

 W/o Pink Fowler

 D/o David Cuthbertson & Mary Russell

Fox, Mary

Feb 13, 1935-Age 100

 D/o Ellis Williams & Amanda Williams

Fraizer, Sarah

Feb 2, 1925-Age 89

 D/o Viola Clifton

Funderburk, Alf

1852-Mar 1, 1920

Furr, Robert

July 9, 1920-Age 60

Gladden, Mary Anna

Sept 25, 1939-Age 32

 W/o Robert Gladden

Gray, Infant

Feb 6, 1910-Feb 6, 1910

 Child of Ethel Gray

Grady, Joe

Dec 26, 1936-Age 80

Green, Brooks

Apr 15, 1927-Age 70

Greene, Infant

Mar 6, 1911-Mar 21, 1911

 D/o Dinah Greene

Griffin, Benjamin Franklin

May 6, 1856-Dec 17, 1928

Griffin, Benjamin Franklin

Nov 17, 1865-Mar 13, 1945

Griffin, Calvin

1848-Feb 9, 1916

 S/o Jefferson Griffin & Ufn Austin

Griffin, Mary E. [2]

Sept 26, 1927-Age 78

Griffin, Sallie E.

May 6, 1856-Dec 17, 1928

Gurley, Lucy

Apr 30, 1917-Age 70

Haley, Irene

Mar 20, 1936-Sept 21, 1936

 S/o Ford Haley & Ola Faulkner

Harrington, Malissa

May 3, 1934-Age 82

 W/o Marcus Harrington

 d/o George Strawn & Martha Privett

Harris, Jim

Feb 8, 1922-Age 65

Hasty, Roxie

Feb 1, 1923-Age 45

Hathaway, Harry

Oct 8, 1913-Age 35

 S/o Isaac Hathaway

Helms, Ailsey

July 14, 1849-Oct 13, 1935

 D/o John Hargett & Polly Crook

Honeycutt, Neta

Apr 26, 1925-Age 74

 (Could be same as Nettie Brasilla)

Honeycutt, Nettie Brasilla "Sis"

Abt 1851-Apr 25, 1925

 D/o George Honeycutt

Honeycutt, William

Nov 13, 1924-Age Unknown

Horne, Louisa

Jan 29, 1927-Age 36

Horn, Mary

Apr 1, 1912-Age 75

Howard, Virgie (White)

Oct 8, 1925-Age 90

Houson, Texie

Apr 24, 1915-Age 40

Hudson, Sonnie

1858-Apr 3, 1918

Huntley, Will

Jan 3, 1918-Age Unknown

Huss, Lonnie

June 28, 1927-Age 36

Irby, Margaret

Apr 20, 1930-Age 79

 S/o Stokes Irby

 D/o Nathan Hargett & Elizabeth Griffin

Ivey, Emeline

Nov 18, 1918-Age 85/90

Johnson, Virgie Howard (Colored)

Oct 18, 1925-Age 90

Jones, Martha

July 22, 1921-Age 50

Jordan, Melinda

Dec 10, 1933-Age 77

 D/o Andrew Myers & Nancy Billingsley

Kiker, Thomas

1878-Nov 14, 1918

Kitchen, Johnie  (Hard to read)

Dec 1, 1920 or 1922-Age 90

Kitchen, Mary Ann

Apr 8, 1915-Age 67

 D/o Jesse Williams

Laney, Andrew

Sept 23, 1928-Age 73

 S/o Isaac Laney & Rachel Frank

Lathan, B.

Jan 13, 1922-Age 26

Leonard, Frances

Dec 12, 1926-Age 78

Liles, William

Dec 5, 1859-Sept 7, 1943

 S/o Ben C. Liles & Mary Smith

Lindsey, Jeff

Dec 25, 1913-Age 57

Lowery, Idell

July 20, 1943-Age 80

Lucas, Henrietta

Nov 28, 1925-Age 60

Mabry, Fannie Frances

Mar 17, 1876-Aug 21, 1926

 D/o William Linker & Ethel Rivers

Massey, Hugh

Dec 6, 1936-Age 82

 S/o Alvin Massey & Polly Funderburk

McCorkle, Hartwell M.

June 16, 1927-Age Unknown

 S/o Ned McCorkle & Mary Courtney

McManus, Jane

Jan 28, 1922-Age 63

 D/o Pleas Deese & Miss Hamilton

McMillan, Robert

Feb 5, 1915-Age 68

 S/o Ike McMillen

McNair, George (Accidental Death)

Mar 20, 1917-Age 25

Meadows, Infant  (Stillborn)

Mar 13, 1910-Mar 13, 1910

 S/o Eugenia Meadows

Medlin, Daniel

Apr 29, 1919-Age 70

 S/o William Medlin & Phoebe Medlin

 H/o Jemima Mullis Medlin

Medlin, Jemima Mullis

July 3, 1926-Age 80

 W/o Daniel Medlin

Medley, Mariah

July 15, 1910-Age 82

Miller, Davis [3] (Could be Dan)

Jan 13, 1923-Age 70

Miller, Emeline

Aug 9, 1924-Age 90

Morgan, Euroch

Oct 29, 1927-Age 76

Nance, Angeline

Apr 13, 1929-Age 50

Neal, Ellis

July 14, 1929-Age 77

 S/o A.A. Neal & Betty Fowler

Parker, Mariah

Feb 5, 1915-Age 90

Parmenter, Ed

Dec 1886-June 24, 1941

 H/o Ida Alexander

 S/o James Parmenter & Emeline Adcock

Permenter, Franklin

Jan 31, 1928-Age 70

 s/o Henry Permenter & Lucy Caudle

Permenter, Ida

Feb 14, 1872-Oct 20, 1933

 W/o Ed Permenter

Phillips, Sanford

Nov 24, 1920-Age Unknown

Pope, Maggie

Mar 14, 1885-Oct 7, 1948

 D/o John Saunders

Porter, Lethia

Mar 29, 1914-Age 30

Porter, Rufe

Nov 25, 1925-Age 63

Powell, Lige

1898-Aug 10, 1930

Pressley, Copias (Hard to read)

Sept 24, 1925-Age 45

Pressley, Russell Lee

May 7, 1924-Age 62

 S/o Eli Pressley & Mary Brewer

Raley, Robert

Dec 8, 1926-Age 70

Ramsey, Tom

Nov 2, 1963-Age 63

Ramsey, William "Bill"

Apr 12, 1866-Sept 21, 1944

Ray, Emily

Apr 12, 1928-Age 85

 Mother Betty Coffee

Reed, Watt

1907-Feb 12, 1920

Richardson, Joe

Aug 25, 1932-Age 40

Richardson, Margaret

According to her death certificate, her maiden name was Nesbit, she died at the Union Co. Home and was buried at the Union Co. Home 2/9/1928. But there is a marker for her at Bethany Presbyterian Church. Either the death certificate informant was in error or her family had a marker placed for her at Bethany later.

Feb 8, 1928-Age 75

Rogers, Leslie

Aug 14, 1856-Oct 6, 1936

 D/o Asa Rogers & Betsy Broom

Rorie, James

Nov 6, 1936-Age 85 (?)

Rushing, Saney

Oct 20, 1936-Age 55

Sadler, Frank

May 27, 1917-Age 30

 (Died from pistol fired by Charley Caldwell)

Sasser, Dennis

  S/o Elisha Sasser and Esther Smith

Mar 17, 1917-Age 73

Saunders, Sarah

Mar 7, 1921-Age 65

 W/o Jeff Saunders

 D/o Robert Griffin & Julia Williams

Sikes, Thomas

1878-Nov 14, 1918

Smith, Ernest

July 20, 1862-July 19, 1944

 H/o Hattie Smith

Smith, Roy

Dec 24, 1846-Aug 12, 1923

 S/o Philemon Smith & Beedie Collins

Smith, Susan

Oct 1, 1842-Aug 4, 1910

Smith, Toby

Feb 8, 1922-Age 80

Snyder, Lester

Feb 6, 1918-Age 38

 S/o George Snyder & M.J. Nisbet

Stacks, George

Feb 26, 1924-Age 75

Stacks, Lizzie

July 20, 1845-Oct 20, 1920

 W/o George Stacks

 D/o Barbara Secrest

Staten, Joe

Nov 9, 1923-Age 50

Stewart, Tom

Aug 29, 1925-Age 80

Stitt, Jim

Jan 4, 1918-Age 40

 S/o Jack Stitt

Tarlton, Dock

Oct 12, 1910-Age 75

 S/o Peter Tarlton

Thomas, Lewis

July 12, 1924-Age 79

Thomas, Liza

Jan 24, 1936-Age 65

Timmons, Mary

May 2, 1938-Age 55

Truesdale, James

July 7, 1923-Age 55

Vaughn, Milton

Dec 27, 1936-Age 55

 S/o Soloman Vaughn & Rachel Bowling

Vickery, William

June 27, 1930-Age 61

 S/o Samuel Vickery & Martha Vickery

Walden, John

Sept 19, 1924-Age 73

Weaver, William

Feb 14, 1910-Age 33

 S/o Jane Chatman & Unknown Father

Williams, Emeline

Aug 9, 1924-Age 90

 (Probably same as Emeline Miller)

Williams, Jackson "Jack"

Feb 7, 1865-Apr 3, 1933

Williams, John E.  (Stillborn)

Dec 1, 1920-Dec 1, 1920

 S/o John Williams & Lizzie Jane Trull

Williams, Mary

Jan 2, 1929-Age 65

 D/o Bryant Williams

Williams, Oliver

Dec 28, 1933-Age 35

Wilson, John

Mar 4, 1857-Sept 30, 1932

 S/o John Wilson & Lizzie Collins

Winchester, Cravan

Sept 7, 1923-Age 70

Youngblood, Peter (Born in Germany)

Dec 2, 1918-Age 50

Yow, Shuford

Oct 16, 1929-Age 15

 S/o William Shuford




Some of the following information from Willis Liles and Charles Bivens, but it is an ongoing list and additional information will be added as found.


*Angeline Simpson---Feb 1, 1865-Mar 10, 1940, d/o Emberson Helms and Dorothy Jordon, burial: Simpson Cemetery. (per d.c.)

*Lou Bivens---Aug, 17, 1936 aged abt 53, d/o Joseph Bivens & Martha Bennett, burial: Marshville.

-Sarah Brantley---Jun 24, 1835-Jan 9, 1923 w/o John Brantley, d/o William and Sarah Ross Holly, buried at Holly Cemetery (per obit. And d.c.)

-Oliver Courtney---Abt. May 1843-Oct 21, 1910, burial: County Home (per d.c.).

*Lizzie Craig---Feb 14, 1942 (no further information found)

*George Minor Craig---July 31, 1943 at abt 68, s/o John Craig and Lizzie Miller. Burial: Salem Baptist Church.

-Jefferson E. Crook---May 13, 1865-May 18, 1949, s/o Martha Crook, buried at Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery.

-Henry Crump---Jul 10, 1916 at age 70, buried at Antioch Camp Ground, s/o Jackson Crump & Sarah Gibson (per d.c.)

-Margaret Davis---April 14, 1923 at age 64 years, d/o Robert Brigman and Betsy Lee, burial: County Home (per d.c.)

*Jane Fowler---Apr 4, 1852-Nov 11, 1935, d/o David Cuthbertson & Mary Russell, w/o Pink Fowler, burial: County Home (per d.c.).

*J.F. Green---May 4, 1941 (no further information found)

*Benjamin Franklin Griffin---Nov 17, 1865-Mar 13, 1945, burial: County Home (per d.c.)

-Mary E. Griffin [4]---b.c.1849-Sept. 26, 1927, burial: Union County Home (per d.c.)

-Sallie E. Griffin--- May 6, 1856-Dec 16, 1928 (per d.c.-died Dec. 17, 1928, burial: County Home)

*Frances M. Hancock---Feb 14, 1880-Mar 31, 1941 at Ellen Fitzgerald Hospital, d/o Jack Hancock and Hallie McAteer, Burial: Round Top Baptist (per d.c.).

*Ella Helms---Oct 13, 1941 (no further information found)

*Bettie Helms---Aug 3, 1935 (no further information found)

-Mary Magdaline Griffin Helms---Sep 14, 1873-May 17, 1956, d/o Jackson Griffin & Elizabeth Miller, md John M Helms., Burial: Oak Grove Baptist (per d.c.).

-Nettie Brasilla "Sis" Honeycutt---b.abt 1851-d.Apr 25, 1925, burial: County Home (per d.c.), d/o George Honeycutt.

*John Hunter---Apr 16, 1898-Mar 4, 1944, burial: Grace Chapel (per d.c.)

*William Liles---Dec 5, 1859-Sept 7, 1943, s/o Ben C. Liles and Mary Smith, burial: County Home (per d.c.)

*Aunt Long---Aug 6, 1935 (no further information found. Possibly the same person as Agusta Long below)

-Agusta Long---Jun 7, 1855-Aug 3, 1936, w/o John M. Long, d/o Alfred Moore, Burial: Clear Creek (per d.c.).

*Brown Israel Long---Oct 28, 1871-Oct 6, 1944, s/o William B. Long and Malissa Simpson, burial: Zion Methodist (per d.c.)

-Jane McManus ---Jan. 28 1922 at age 63, d/o Pleas Deese and Miss Hamilton, burial: County Home (per d.c.).

*Carrie Medlin---1877-July 10, 1941, d/o Jake Medlin and Easter Stegall, burial: Mill Creek Baptist Church (per d.c.)

-Daniel Medlin---Apr 29, 1919 at age 70, burial: County Home (per d.c.)

-Jemima Mullis Medlin---July 3, 1926 at age 80, burial: County Home (per d.c.), 4th wife of Daniel Medlin.

-Dan Miller---died before January 9, 1923 (about 75 years old) when his death was reported in the Monroe Journal.

-Davis Miller---Jan 13, 1923 at age 70, burial: County Home (per d.c.) [possibly the same person shown above as Dan Miller].

*Stuart Monroe Mullis---July 20, 1862-July 19, 1944, burial: Union Grove Cemetery (per d.c.).

*Ed Parmenter---Dec 1886-June 24, 1941 at Ellen Fitzgerald Hospital, h/o Ida Alexander, s/o James Parmenter and Emaline Adcock, burial: County Home (per d.c.).

*William Thomas “Bill” Phillips---Feb 2, 1860-Dec 26, 1941, s/o John Phillips and Frances Goodwin, burial: Mt. Zion Cemetery (per d.c.).

*William “Bill” Ramsey---Apr 12, 1866-Sept 21, 1944, burial: County Home (per d.c.).

-Loranza Rushing [5] --- Feb 5, 1887-Mar 23, 1910, burial: Monroe City Cemetery (per d.c.).

*William L. “Bill” Simpson---Mar 20, 1854-Feb 19, 1939, h/o Angeline Simpson, s/o Even Simpson, burial: Simpson Cemetery (per d.c.).

*Andrew F. “Andy” Starnes---c.1861-Oct 20, 1944, burial: Indian Trail Cemetery (per d.c.).

*Charlie Staton---1892-Feb 14, 1941, s/o Jesse F. Staton and Matilda Little, burial: Cross Roads Church (per d.c.).

-Dock Tarlton---Oct. 12, 1910 at age 75, s/o Peter Tarlton, burial: County Home (per d.c.).

*Florence Ann Williams---1861-Dec 19, 1936, d/o Josiah Williams and Mary Sinclair, burial: Fairfield Church (per d.c.).

-Jackson “Jack” Williams---Feb 7, 1865- Apr 3, 1933, s/o Uriah Griffin and Margaret Williams, burial: County Home (per d.c.)



*Name from list of Willis Liles and Charles Bivens, some additional information from death certificates and other sources.


Died At County Home-Buried Elsewhere



Compiled from death certificates by Ann Medlin Price July 2009




Allsbrooks, Annie Mae

June 10, 1941-Age 40


 D/o  Fi McCain

Buried Bethel Cemetery



Belk, Sanford W.S.

June 18, 1937-Age 84


 S/o J.L. Belk & Agnes Richardson

Buried Bethlehem UMC



Bivens, Judge Romey

Jan 24, 1866-Sept 6, 1952


Buried Colored Methodist Cemetery



Burch, Zilphia

Sept 3, 1939-Age 82


Buried Pageland SC



Craig, Mahalie

Jan 28, 1931-Age 74


 W/o George Minor Craig

Buried Oak Grove Baptist Church



Fincher, George Washington

Apr 22, 1882-Jan 22, 1960


 S/o Acie Fincher & Harriett Knight

Buried Black Creek Baptist Pageland SC



Godfrey, Mary Rowell

Mar 9, 1874-Feb 2, 1959


 W/o William Tom Godfrey

Buried Round Top (Waxhaw Baptist)


 D/o Ervin Rowell



Griffin, John Bunyan

Jan 20, Dec 29, 1960


 S/o Robert Griffin & Wilma Starnes

Removal to NC Anatomy Lab Chapel Hill NC



Helms, Betsie (Betsy)  Parmenter

June 14, 1846-Aug 6, 1934


 W/o Wriston Brady Helms

Buried Pleasant Grove Primitive Baptist


 D/o Henry Parmenter & Lucy Caudle



Helms, James Henry Marshall

Nov 1, 1896-Aug 3, 1961


 S/o Henry Helms & Rose Helms

Buried at Grace UMC Cemetery


 H/o Sis Montgomery



Horne, Marshall

Feb 14, 1949-Age Unknown


Buried Red Springs Church Cemetery



Jones, Joseph

June 10, 1911-Age 65


Removal to NC Medical College Charlotte NC


Lathan, Thomas Alexander

Oct 25, 1913-Age 78


 S/o Samuel Lathan & Miss Richarson

Buried Prospect UMC Cemetery



McNeely, C. Vann

Oct 20, 1879-Sept 28, 1958


 S/o W.R. McNeely & Henrietta Belk

Buried Waxhaw City Cemetery



Medlin, Allison

Feb 7, 1871-Nov 2, 1948


 S/o Myers Medlin & Henrietta Carelock

Buried Medlin Cemetery-Bivens Road



Miller, Ned

Mar 26, 1942-Age 75


 (Admitted to the county home

Buried China Grove Cemetery


  Mar 24, 1942-drowned in a nearby


  creek Mar 26)



Miller, Roosevelt

July 29, 1942-Age 35


Buried Watts Grove Cemetery



Minter, Addie Shearel

1870-Jan 21, 1960


Buried Cherryville NC



Morgan, Nora Baker

Nov 10, 1872-Sept 23 1948


 D/o James C. Baker and

Buried Mt Olive Church Cemetery-Anson Co.


       Temperance Watson



Morrow, Sam

Mar 30, 1870-June 18, 1934


Burial Unknown



Ramsey, Lina

Jan 22, 1871-Aug 5, 1957


 D/o Jack Ramsey & Caroline Mullis

Buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery



Reape, Lizzie

Aug 30, 1936-Age 80


 D/o Jowell Lowery & Harriett Lowery

Buried Wadesboro NC



Reeder, Thomas F.

July 8, 1862-Aug 20, 1936


 S/o Benjamin Reeder & Rosa Reeder

Buried Yandle Cemetery


(Stephenson Presbyterian Church)



Richardson, Carris (Male)

Jan 7, 1902-Feb 22, 1962


Buried Silver Run Cemetery



Rogers, Daniel

July 6, 1911-Age 84


Buried Laney Cemetery



Sossoman, Lizzie

June 14, 1924-Age 68


 D/o James Sossoman

Buried Zion Cemetery



Tadlock, Gray

June 22, 1911-Apr 14, 1961


 S/o Matt Harvey Tadlock and

Buried Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery


       Flora Moore



Tice, Harrison

1854 (1858 on marker)-Dec 23, 1936


 S/o Thomas Tice

Buried High Ridge Primitive Baptist Church



Thompson, John M.

Sept 30, 1884-June 26, 1935


 S/o Walter Thompson & Rellos Shaw

Buried Antioch Cemetery



Thompson, John R.

Jan 18, 1877-Apr 10, 1951


 S/o Jimmy Thompson and

Buried Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery


       Emeline Simpson



Tomberlin, Eli

Sept 23, 1888-May 27, 1951



Buried Morgan Presbyterian Stanly Co.



Whitesides, Thomas

Dec 25, 1897-Oct 6, 1957


Buried Steel Hill Methodist Church


(Lancaster County SC)



Wright, James Allison

June 6, 1857-Feb 17, 1955


Buried Deep Springs Church Anson Co.



Wright, James J.

May 16, 1889-Apr 18, 1956


Buried Salem Baptist Church Cemetery













This page created Sept. 24, 2008 by Julie Hampton Ganis – Updated April 16, 2011

Many thanks to Ann Medlin Price for her help with this project.










[1] -Monroe Journal, Friday, April 20, 1923: Mrs. Margaret DAVIS (nee BRIGMAN) died at the county home Saturday of pneumonia.  She is survived by several brothers and sisters and one daughter, Mrs. Lottie WILLIAMS.


[2] -Mary E. Griffin. per Billie Ranson: I can't prove this but I think she was the wife of Benjamin Jackson Griffin who married Mary Elizabeth Miller 1 Dec 1865. She was the daughter of Andrew John (Jack) Miller and Mahala. Mahala, 75, was alive in 1900 living with Jackson B. Griffin, 65, and Mary E. Griffin, 50. If so she was the mother of the Benjamin Franklin Griffin who is also on this list.


[3] -Monroe Journal January 9, 1923:

The death of Dan MILLER, an aged inmate of the county home, is reported. He is said to have been seventy-five years old. He had been an inmate at the home for several years. Interment was in the county home cemetery.


[4] -Mary E. Griffin. per Billie Ranson: I can't prove this but I think she was the wife of Benjamin Jackson Griffin who married Mary Elizabeth Miller 1 Dec 1865. She was the daughter of Andrew John (Jack) Miller and Mahala. Mahala, 75, was alive in 1900 living with Jackson B. Griffin, 65, and Mary E. Griffin, 50. If so she was the mother of the Benjamin Franklin Griffin who is also on this list.


[5] -Loranza Rushing. Per Ann Medlin Price: This man died from tuberculosis at Union County Home. His parents both died from same when he was a boy. His back and chest were deformed from birth. He was the son of Caswell and Cinda Rushing per death certificate.