1896 Map of Union Co, NC Post Offices
Union County, NC Post Offices in 1896


Union Co, NC Information Found in 

Branson’s North Carolina Business Directory,

1896 - Vol. VIII 

Edited by Levi Branson, A.M.;

Raleigh, N.C.: Levi Branson, Office Publisher, 1896





POPULATION, 21,259; White 15,712, Colored 5,547


Union County was formed in 1842, from Anson and Mecklenburg counties.

Monroe, the county seat, is 152 miles southwest from Raleigh, and was named

in honor of James Monroe, the fifth President of the United States. Population 3,500.

Surface – Uneven, and in places mountainous; water power plenty, scenery fine, lands good.

Staples – Wheat, corn, cotton, rye, oats, fruits and live-stock.

Fruits – Apples, peaches, grapes, pears, melons and berries.

Timbers – Pine, oak, hickory, ash and poplar.

Minerals – gold.




(with population)



Albans                -

Altan                   -

Ames                  40

Baucom’s           -

Brief                   -

Brown Creek      40

Cleone                25

Coburn’s Store   45

Euto                    20

Faulk                  -

Gibralter             50

Heath                  -

Honey                 -

Hope                  25

Indian Trail          100

Judith                  -

Lane’s Creek      65

Long’s Store       50

Love’s Level       25

McCain’s            -

Monroe (c.h.)     3,500

Marshville           525

Morgan’s Mills    50

Negrohead          25

Oak Grove         40

Olive Branch       200

Poortith               40

Potter                 25

Price’s Mill         40

Raywood            45

Reuben               -


     Creek            65

Rock Rest           50

Rushing               50

Sincerity              -

Stevens               52

Unionville            250

Vann                   -

Walkerville          65

Walkup               500

Wardlaw             -

Waterloo            -

Waxhaw             -

Winchester          20

Wolfsville            70

Zoar                   40





Clerk Superior Court  - F. H. Wolfe

Deputy Clerk – S. S. Wolfe

Commissioners – R. B. Redwine, chm’n; A. W. Heath, W. L. Howie

Coroner – H. C. Moore

Register of Deeds – J. W. Bivens

Sheriff – J. P. Horn

Solicitor 11th District – J. L. Webb

Standard Keeper – S. S. S. McCauley

Surveyor – M. D. L. Biggers

Treasurer – James McNeely

County Examiner – J. H. Boyte

County Physician – Dr. J. E. Ashcraft





            Fifth Monday before the first Monday in March; second Monday before the first Monday in September.





MONROE – Mayor, Dr. J.W. Stephenson; Commissioners, H.A. Shute, J.M. Blair, B.A. Morrow, S.W. Parham; Clerk, J.M. Stewart; Treasurer, J.M. Stewart; Marshall, N.S. Ogburn.


WAXHAW – Mayor, --- Hines; Clerk and Treasurerr, J.M. Morrow.





Buford – J.G. Doster, S.A. Latham, D.A. Outen (Monroe), Jerre C. Laney (Altan), Geo.

M. Laney (Hope), P.P.W. Plyler, H.L. Yarbrough (Mt Prospect).


Goose Creek – I.A. Clontz, C.J. Braswell (Sincerity), E.J. Griffin, W.G. Long (Unionville), A.W. McManus (Clear Creek), F.F. Duncan, H.L. Crowell (Coburn Store), J.C. Benton (Monroe).


Jackson – J.W. Price, Henry McWhorter, S.J. Richardson, H.M. Williams (Waxhaw), R.T. Sisstare (Walkup), Wm. McWhorter (Wilson’s Store).


Lane’s Creek – J.G. Trull (Beaver Dam), J.T. Lee, J.S. Little, H.M. Sherrin (Monroe), B.F. Parker (Lane’s Cr’k), F.P. Huntley (Rushing), J.J. Cox (Brown’s Creek).


Marshville – H.F. Davis, J.C. Morgan, A.R. Edwards (Marshville), A.J. Brooks (Richardson’s Creek), J.H. Collins, A.W. Bass (Marshville).


Monroe – M.B. Simpson (Richardson’s Creek), H.C. Moore, S.S.S. McCauley, C.N. Simpson, W.G. McBride (Ames), A.M. Crowell, J.D.A. Secrest, R.L. Helms, M.L. Floyd (Monroe).


New Salem – W.H. Austin, J.S. Smith, T.C. Braswell (Euto), H.M. Baucom, J.F. Bunn (Olive Branch), W.A. Austin (Gibralter), P.J.C. Efrid [note: probably should be Efird] (Morgan’s Mill).


Sandy Ridge – H.L. Price, J.H. Winchester, W.W. Reid, J.N. Price (Price’s Mill), Jno. L. Porter (Waxhaw), G.W. Sutton, W.M. Parks, C.C. McIlwaine (Poortith).


Vance – J.E. Broom, W.L. Cuthbertson, F.M. Yandle, J.M. Harkey, J.W. Conder, P.C. Stinson (Indian Trail), R.L. Stewart (Unionville).





Names, Post Offices, Pastors and Denom.




Bethel – Stout

Bethlehem – Mt. Prospect

Centre – Monroe

Church – Monroe

Church – Waxhaw

Gilboa – Marshville

Mill Grove – Coburn’s Store

Oak Grove – Monroe

Pleasant Grove – Winchester

Prospect – Mt Prospect

Rehobeth – Cureton’s Store (South Carolina)

Sandy Ridge – Matthews (Mecklenburg Co.)

Shiloh – Monroe

Smyrna – Wolf Pond

Trinity – Hope

Union – Wolfsville

Wesley Chapel – Price’s Mill

Zion – Love’s Level




Antioch – Matthews

Ebenezer – Raywood

Tabernacle – Raywood




Bethel – Marshville, J.A. Bivens

Church – Monroe, H.C. Moore

Church – Waxhaw, A.B. Caudle

Church (col) – Monroe, T.A. Lomax

Church – Marshville, J.L. Bennett

Meadow Branch – Monroe, J.B. Richardson

Olive Branch – D.A. Snider

Shiloh – Monroe, R.H. Jones




Bethlehem – Oak Grove, H.M. Dixon

Church – Waxhaw, W.K. Boggs

Church – Monroe, H.M. Dixon




St Paul’s – Monroe, F.H. Hilliard




Emanuel – Oak Grove, S.S. Rahn




Church – Coburn’s Store, J.A. Barber

Church – Waxhaw, C.W. Simmons

Mt Calvary – Monroe, W.J. Sides

Union Springs – Monroe, C.M. Mason





Names, Post Offices, Pastors and Denominations




Ware, W.R., Monroe

West, --- Monroe




Bennett, J.L., Beaver Dam

Bivens, J.A., Beaver Dam

Davis, A.C., Love’s Level

Latta, A.T., Monroe

Moore, H.C., Monroe

Snyder, D.A., Beaver Dam




Dixon, H.M., Monroe

Hampton, S.W., Monroe




Rahn, S.S., Monroe




Hilliard, F.W., Monroe




Mason, C.M., Monroe

Sides, W.J., Monroe

Simmons, C.W. (col), Waxhaw





Names, Post Offices and Proprietors


Boarding, Monroe, F. PRICE

Boarding, Monroe, H. SHUTE

Boarding, Monroe, Mrs. LINGLE

Boarding, Monroe, N. S. OGBURN

Boarding, Monroe, H. HOWIE

Boarding, Monroe, Mrs. D. J. HARKEY

Boarding, Monroe, JAS. CALDWELL

Hotel, Waxhaw, Mrs. NEVENS

Ogburn House, Monroe, W. C. OGBURN

Railroad Hotel, Monroe, GRESHAM &  JAMISON

Stewart House, Monroe, J. C. FLETCHER






Names and Post Offices


Adams (H.B.), Covington (D.A.) & Redwine (R.B.), Monroe

Armfield, Frank, Monroe

Hilliard, Iredell, Monroe

Jerome & Williams, Monroe

Whitaker, F.H., Jr., Monroe





Kinds, Proprietors and Post Offices


Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Stout, J.T. Haywood

Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Raywood, A. Griffin

Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Monroe, E.M. Griffin

Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Olive Branch, W.A. Gaddy

Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Olive Branch, C.M. Reed

Blacksmithing and wheelwrighting, Price’s Mill, J.D. Davis

Boots and shoes, Brown Creek,  J.S. Little

            Boots and shoes, Brown Creek, J.E. Hinson

            Boots, shoes and harness, Monroe, Jas. R. Simpson

            Brick, Monroe, J. Shute & Son

            Building and contracting, Stout, B.F. Fincher

            Canning, Monroe, J.H. Benton

            Canning, Love’s Level, L.L. Love & Son

            Carriages, Monroe, E.M. Griffin

            Cotton-ginning (steam), Marshville, Marsh & Bailey

            Cotton-ginning (steam), Wolf Pond, Waters & Harris

            Cotton-ginning (steam), Morgan’s Mill, D.R. Pusser

            Cotton-ginning (steam), Gibralter, Brook & Baucom

            Cotton-ginning (steam), Coburn’s Store, R.J. Howie

            Cotton-ginning (steam), Cureton’s Store (S.C.), J. Carroll

            Cotton-ginning (steam), Brown Creek, Gulledge Bros.

            Cotton-ginning (steam), Monroe, B.F. Richardson

            Cotton-ginning (steam), Long’s Store, W.G. Long

            Cotton-ginning (steam), Monroe, G.W. Flow

            Cotton-ginning, Ames, Perry & Stewart

            Cotton-ginning, Monroe, Lee & Williams

            Cotton-ginning, Monroe, T.N. Lee & Son

            Cotton-ginning (steam), Walkerville, J.C. Steele

            Cotton-ginning (steam), Olive Branch, A. Fowler

            Cotton-ginning (steam), Monroe, J. Shute & Son

            Gunsmithing, Monroe, Brooks Myers

            Harness and shoes, Monroe, L.F. Price

            Monroe Iron Works, Monroe, J.R. English, pres.; W.C. Heath,

vice-Pres.; W.F. Morgan, sec.-tres.

Tannery, Richard’s Creek, J.R. Griffin

            Tannery, Stout, J.F. Haywood

            Tannery, Lane’s Creek, J.S. Little

            The Monroe Cotton  Mills, Monroe, O.P. Heath, pres.; W.C.

Heath, sec. and treas.; T.A. Davis, supt; capital

$125,000; spindles, 8,500; 3,000 twist spindles – total

11,500; hands 280.

            Wagons, etc., Monroe, J.A. Shepherd

            Wool-carding, Morgan’s Mills, Mrs. L. Morgan

            Wool-carding, Monroe, J. Shute & Sons

            Wool-carding, Adam’s Mills, Joseph Adams & Son





Names and Post Offices



Stewart, Austin & Co.              GS [general store]



Mangum, B.F.                          GS [general store]



Ashcraft, C.J. & T.L.                GS [general store]



McManus, W.E.                       GS [general store]



Howie, Robinson & Co.           GS [general store]

Long, W.S.                              GS [general store]

Roberson & Stuart                   GS [general store]



Braswell, T.C.                          GS [general store]



Pusser, M.D.                            GS [general store]

Williams & Tarlton                    Millers



            Hemby & Leonard                   GS [general store]

            Williams, A.J.                           GS [general store]



            Belk, S.E.                                 GS [general store]

            Moore, J.E. & Co.                   GS [general store]



            Austin, Alford J. & Son            GS [general store]

            Long & Little                            GS [general store]



            Helms, J.T. & Co.                    GS [general store]



            Bailey, J.E.                               GS [general store]

            Collins, W.E.                            GS [general store]

            Ashcraft, T.J. & Son                 GS [general store]

            Lee, M.K. & Co.                     GS [general store]

            Little, L.M. & Co.                    GS [general store]

            Marsh, J.W.                             GS [general store]



            Armfield, E.A.                          Stock Dealer

            Belk, W.H. & Bro.                   GS [general store]

            Bishop, J.S.                              Tel. Operator for


            Broom, H.M.                           GS [general store]

            Browning, H.D.                        Southern Exp. Agt.

            Bruner, C.W.                           Gro. [grocery]

            Bivens, H.F., Mgr Rodman, Heath & Bivens  

                                                            Stock Dealers

            Bundy, S.B.                              Guano, Sew,

                                                                        Machines, etc.

            Crow Bros.                              GS [general store]

            Crowell, J.A.                            GS [general store]

            English Drug Co.                      ---

            English, J.R. & Co.                   GS [general store]

            Fairley, J.M.                             Cotton

            Fletcher, J.C.                            Hotel

            Flow, M.L. & Co.                    Gro. and Confec.                     

                                                            [grocery and


            Griffin, C.W.                            Livery

            Griffin, E.M.                             Livery

            Harkey, Mrs. D.J.                    Hotel

            Hart, S.B.                                 Gro. [grocery]

            Heflin, J.D.                               Postmaster

            Hasty, J.S.                                Butcher

            Heath Hardware Co.                Hardw. [hardware]

            Heath, Morrow & Co.              GS [general store]

            Helms, L.R. & Co.                   GS [general store]

            Houston, W.B.                         Dentist

            Johnson, A.C.                          GS [general store]

            Krauss, S.                                Jeweler

            Latta, A.T.                               Book Store

            Lee, J.H. & Co.                       Drugs

            Lee, W.S.                                Gro. and Hardw.

                                                            [grocery and


            Lee & Lee                                GS [general store]

            Levy, Mrs. M.A.                      Millinery

            Lichtenstein & Levy                  DG [dry goods]

            Liles, H.                                   Photographer

            Long & Little                            GS [general store]

            Marsh, G.A.                             Stock Dealer

            McKenzie & Dillon                   Furn. [furniture]

            McRae & Collins                      GS [general store]

            Myers, Brooks                         Gunsmith

            Norwood, Walton                    Jeweler

            Ogburn, W.C.                          Hotel

            Parker, J.D.                              Mdse. Broker

            Parham, S.W.                           Depot Agt. S.A.L.

                                                            [Agent Seaboard Air

                                                            Line Railway]

            Phifer & Whorley                     GS [general store]

            Price, L.F.                                GS [general store]

            Rochelle, C.W.                         Art Gallery

            Rudge, J.W.                             Tin and Stoves

            Shannon & Co.                        GS [general store]

            Shute, John & Sons                  GS [general store]

            Simpson, J.R. & Co.                Gro. [grocery]

            Starnes & Bigger                      GS [general store]

            Stevenson, J.W.                       Dentist

            Stewart, Jas.                             Gro. [grocery]

            Thomas, N.G.                          GS [general store]

            Waller, Moses                          GS [general store]

            Welsh, S.J.                               Drugs

            Whitfield Bros.                         GS [general store]



            Goodman, M.A.                       Tanner



            Plyler, W.P.                              GS [general store]



            Polk, J.A. & Son                      GS [general store]

            Reid, C.M.                               Blacksmith

            Russell, J.B.                              GS [general store]



            Bost, J.L.                                 D.G. and Gro. [dry

                                                            goods and grocery]



            Culledge, J.A. & Co. GS [general store] [note: this was John Albert Gulledge]



            Gurley, M.C.                            GS [general store]



            Long, M.C.                              GS [general store]



            Bivens, H.F. & Co.                  Drugs

            Brown, C. & Son                     GS [general store]

            Hudson, T.J.                             GS [general store]

            McCain Bros.                           GS [general store]

            McDonald, D.C.                      GS [general store]

            McPherson, M.E.                     Millinery

            Massey, C.S. & Bro.                GS [general store]

            Morrow, Heath & Co.              GS [general store] and

                                                                        Cotton Buyers

            Porter, W.H. & Bro.                GS [general store]

            Rodman & Heath                     GS [general store] and

                                                                        Cotton Buyers






Kinds, Post Offices and Proprietors


Austin and Dismuke, gold, Monroe, Austin & Co.

Black, gold, Indian Trail, Thing & Co.

Brown Hill, gold, Indian Trail, Eli Henby [Hemby?]

Crump, gold, Stout, J.C. Bates, New York City

Davis, gold, Price’s Mill, A.J. Price & Bro.

Hotchkiss, gold, Monroe, W.H. Hotchkiss

Henry Phifer, gold, Indian Trail, W.H. Phifer & Co.

Howie, gold, Monroe, J.C. Bates & Co.

Lewis, gold, Price’s Mill; Mr. --- Liles, New York City

Moore, gold, Coburn’s Store; C.W. Shurburne, Boston, Mass.

Nesbit, gold, Walkersville; Wadsworth & Rollins, Charlotte, N.C.

Phifer, gold, Price’s Mill, A.J. Price & Company

Pyron, gold, Hope, A.A. Laney

Pyron, gold, Hope, Mrs. S.A. Covington

Shannon, gold, Monroe, G.C. McLarty & Co.

Smart, gold, Indian Trail; J.C. Bates, New York City

Slate quarry, Monroe, Mrs. M. Medlin

Stewart, gold, Coburn’s Store, C.W. Alexander

Truelight, Coburn’s Store; owned by a Baltimore company

Washington, gold, Winchester, J.C. Bates





Kinds, Post Offices and Proprietors


Corn, flour and saw, Ames, Perry & Stewart

Corn and flour, Gibralter, R.P. Tarlton

Corn and flour, Marshville, W.R. Hasty

Corn and flour, Morgan’s Mills, Mrs. L. Morgan

Corn and flour, Long’s Store, J.C. Sikes & Sons

Corn and flour, Coburn’s Store, Stewart & Austin

Corn and flour, Olive Branch, Parker & Brooks

Corn and flour, Olive Branch, J.P. Horn

Corn, flour and saw, Olive Branch, A.H. Nance & Co.

Corn, flour and saw, Olive Branch, Nance, Liles & Co.

Corn and saw, Oak Grove, Jas. Clontz

Corn and flour, Monroe, Shute & Sons

Corn, Monroe, Jas. K. Simpson

Corn and flour, Monroe, T.N. Lee & Sons

Corn, flour and saw, Monroe, J. Shute & Sons

Corn and flour, Walkersville, W.W. Norwood & McMurray

Corn and flour, Adams’ Mills, R.G. Blythe

Corn, flour and saw, Marshville, C.A. Ashcraft & Co.

Corn, flour and saw, Marshville, J.A. Marsh

Corn, flour and saw, Lane’s Creek, S.E. Belk

Corn, flour and saw, Raywood, J.C. Helms

Corn, flour and saw, Wolfsville, E.J. Heath

Corn, flour and saw, Unionville, W.A. Love

Corn, flour and saw, Walkersville, J.W. McCain

Saw, Adams’ Mills, Joseph Adams

Saw, Marshville, Marsh & Morgan

Saw, Ames, Bennett & Nash

Saw, Monroe, Jesse Griffin

Saw, Monroe, J.H. Rogers

Saw, Hope, Waters & Arant





Names and Post Offices


Armfield, R., Marshville

Ashcroft, J.E., Monroe

Ashcroft, J.B., Monroe (Veterinary surgeon)

Austin, Jas. A., Coburn’s Store

Blair, Matt, Olive Branch

Blair, Jno. M., Monroe

Bost, J.L., Olive Branch

Brooks, H.M., Olive Branch

Dees, A., Marshville

Eubanks, J.B., Lane’s Creek

Fitzgerald, J.Y., Monroe

Green, J.E., Marshville

Gribble, W.H., Hope

Houston, W.B. (dentist), Monroe

Massey, J.S. (col.), Monroe [colored]

McAlister, ----, Waxhaw

Nance, J., Union

Nisbet, ----, Waxhaw

Pemberton, W.D., Monroe

Price, J.H., Monroe

Price, W.H., Stout

Redwine, T.W., Wolfsville

Sapp, ----, Wildcat

Stephenson, J.W. (dentist), Monroe

Welsh, S.J., Monroe





Names, Post Offices and Principals


Altan High School, Altan, Mrs. Eva Belk

Art School, Monroe, Miss Rochelle

Academy, Marshville, Prof. Plummer Stewart

Colored Parochial School, Monroe, Rev. R.A. Cottingham

Cotton Mill Chapel, Monroe, Miss Carrie Stilt

Colored school, Monroe, Prof. S.W. Hampton

High school, Monroe, Prof. E.E. Britton

Primary, Monroe, Miss Mamie Walsh

Primary and Intermediate, Monroe, Miss Anna Blair

Rock Rest High School, Monroe, Prof. H.E. Copple

Union Institute, Unionville, Prof. O.C. Hamilton

Weddington Academy, Wardlaw, Prof. Clegg

Wingate Academy, Ames, Prof. M.B. Dry

Public schools – white, 76; colored, 29.





Names, Post Offices and Proprietors


Baucom, J.E., Long’s Store

Belk, Julia, Alton

Blair, Mrs. M.P., Olive Branch

Boyte, J.H., Monroe

Davis, M.L., Waxhaw

Fowler, R.B., Reuben

Funderburk, D.H., Monroe

Hagler, Ida, Love’s Level

Hasty, W.D., Faulk

Hunter, Minnie, Davenport

James, G.W., Faulk

Little, J.C., Marshville

Long, W. Reese, Unionville

Long, Thomas W., Unionville

Love, Rena, Unionville

McCay, Julia, Zoar

McCain, E.J., Walkup

Meggs, H.P., Olive Branch

Nesbit, R.N., Jacksonham (S.C.)

Plyler, H.W., Tradesville

Pistole, Lillie, Unionville

Presson, Florence, Unionville

Presson, W.H., Unionville

Price, F.L., Love’s Level

Richardson, L.E., Waxhaw

Rochelle, Miss (Art School), Monroe

Scoggin, Miss Mollie (Music), Monroe

Stewart, Plummer, Marshville

Stewart, S.A., Stevens

Stewart, Sidney, Stevens

Stewart, Annie, Stevens

Sturdivant, Maggie, Monroe

Thompson, F.R., New Cut (S.C.)

Tucker, M.M., Long’s Store

Winchester, Benj., Potter’s

Wolfe, Fleet, Vann

Wolfe, Ed, Vann





Advance Council, No. 589, Royal Arcanum, meets second and fourth Monday nights.


Beaver Dam Lodge, No. 276, A.F. and A.M., Beaver Dam.  Time of meeting, Saturday on or before full moon; June 24th and December 27th.


Graham Council No. --, American Legion of Honor.


I.O.H., Monroe R.F. Beasley, Archon; F.W. Hilliard, sec.; J.W. Bivens, treas.


Monroe Lodge, No. 2,095, Knights of Honor; meets first and third Monday nights.


Monroe Lodge, No. 244, A.F. and A.M., Monroe, Time of meeting, first and third Friday evenings; June 24th and December 27th. Rev. F.W. Hilliard, W.M.


People’s Bank of Monroe; capital stock paid in, $45,300; H.M. Houston, pres.; W.C. Wolfe, cashier.





Marshville News, E.D. Flake (col.), ed. [colored]

Monroe Enquirer, Monroe (Dem. Weekly); Ashcraft Bros. editors and props.

Monroe Journal, (Dem. weekly), Beasley Bros., eds.

Our Home (Pop. weekly), Marshville; Green & Flake, eds. And props.





Names and Post Offices


Ames – Henry Bivens, J.A. Burnett, E.W. Griffin, Mac Helms, E.L. May, W.G. McBride, W.M. Perry, T.J. Perry, J.M. Perry, J.N. Perry.


Coburn’s Store – W.W. Duncan, T.T. Duncan, I.R. Duncan, C.T. Helms, J.T. Helms, Russell Helms, W.H. Helms, W.R. Helms, R.J. Howie, William L. Howie, Jr.


Gibralter – William A. Austin, M.C. Austin, J.M. Austin, Josiah Austin, W.H. Austin, J.C. Baucom, J.C. Griffin, W.D. Liles, David Pusser, L.D.H. Simpson, Allen Simpson, Richard Simpson, J.E. Simpson, G.M. Simpson, J.R. Stewart, L.D.H. Williams.


Hope – P.R. Belk, H.W. Belk, A.H.A. Belk, T.C. Eubanks, jr., W.A. Eubanks, J.C. Eubanks, T.C. Eubanks, sr., Thos. Gay, W.H. Gribble, J.P. Laney, J.C. Laney, G.M. Laney, Louis Laney, J.D. Plyler, H.W. Pusser, J.P. Rogers, M.A. Walters.


Indian Trail – J.E. Broom, Eli Condor, J.R. Cuthbertson, W.L. Cuthbertson, S.W. Honeycutt, H.B. King, E.J. Krimminger, Garrison Medlin, J.I. Orr, W.F. Rea, D.S. Robinson, B.I. Simpson, J.P. Simpson, James Smith, D.D. Stinson, J.T. Starnes.


Long’s Store – A.J. Austin, W.T. Baucom, Garrison Biggers, Henry Dry, J.L. Little, Mrs. Serena Little, John I. Long, Adam Long, J.C. Sikes, M.L. Tucker.


Love’s Level – John A. Clontz, J.T. Cuthbertson, J.L. Griffin, G.A. Long, W.B. Long, T.L. Love, A.W.H. Price.


Marshville – C.A. Ashcraft, T.J. Ashcraft, G.W. Bailey, D.B. Barrino, A.S. Gaddy, J.E. Green, W.S. Hamilton, Jno. C. Hamilton, W.R. Hasty, K.M. Hasty, J.C. Hasty, B.F. Hasty, T.C. Hasty, L.M. Little, J.A. Marsh, W.B. Marsh, J.D. Marsh, A. Marsh, J.W. Marsh, S.D. Moore, M.A. Moore, R.W. Stegall.


Monroe – E.A. Armfield, R.T. Barrett, Wm. Bivens, E.J. Bivens, J.T. Bivens, N.W. Bivens, J.W. Bivens, T.B. Blakely, J.W. Chaney, J.E. Chaney, E.M. Griffin, J.H. Griffin, Jno. Griffith, H.C. Griffin, C.L. Helms, S.J. Helms, L.A. Helms, J.J. Hill, Jerry Hinson, B.F. Houston, R.V. Houston, A.A. Laney, T.N. Lee, G.C. McLarty, J.A. McCallum, Jas. McLarty, Ervin Medlin, J.D. Medlin, S.R. Moore,

H.C. Moore, W.H. Phifer, S.S. Richardson, C. Stewart, G.M. Stewart, J.D.A. Secrest, L.S. Secrest, C.N. Simpson, Jas. Small, G.M. Stewart, F.M. Sutton, W.E. Williams, H.F. Williams, S.A. Williams, Thos. E. Williams, Jno. C. Williams, E.H. Williams, T.J. Williams, D.J. Williams.


Mt. Prospect – L.R. Belk, W.L. Belk, A. Cook, S.A. Fincher, W.G. Griffin, J.C. Harris, J.R. Lathan, S.A. Lathan, P.P.W. Plyler, B.F. Richardson, H.S. Starnes.


Oak Grove – Jas. Clontz, W. Clontz, W.R. Helms, James T. Helms, J.C. Long, J.H. Long, A.W. McManus, N.J. McManus, John E. Morgan, J.A. Polk, Reddick Pope, A.J. Pigg.


Olive Branch – M.C. Austin, J.W. Austin, H.T. Baucom, H.M. Baucom, J.L. Bost, Thomas Brewer, S.R. Brewer, G.W. Brewer, Jackson L. Brewer, C. Brooks, D. Broom, G.W. Broom, T.S. Braswell, J.C. Carraway, Rev. A.C. Davis, Henry Edwards, Wm. Edwards, Thomas A. Fowler, E.G. Gaddy, James W. Godwin, Wm. Godwin, J.R. Griffin, W.L. Griffin, Jacob Gurley, Archy Helms, Benjamin Liles, H.P. Meggs, Kenry(?) Nance, Silas Nance, W.L. Parker, E.C. Phillips, H.R. Pritchard, C.A. Pritchard, J.I. Ross, G.B. Rushing, W.B. Smith, John W. Smith, G.W. Simpson, John Simpson, J.O. Sinclair, Luke Sinclair, Jacob Thomas, Jos. Thomas, J.W. Thomas, J.J. Thomas, M.C. Traywick.


Poortith – F.S. Crane, S.P. Durant, T.J. Ezzell, S.M. Ezzell, G.W. Howey, C.C. McIlwain, Jeff McIlwain, William M. Parks, Will Parks, D.C Ross, W.J. Stephenson, G.W. Sutton.


Unionville – T.H. Benton, G.D. Benton, E.J. Griffin, W.T. Hamilton, Jas. T. Helms, T.D. Helms, S.A. Helms, W.G. Long, M.C. Long, W.A. Love, J.H. McCallum, E.E. Presson, D. Mac Price, T.J. Price, M.D. Pusser, L.A. Scott, G.W. Scott, W.C. Simpson.


Price’s Mill – J.A. Biggers, W.A. Biggers, J.D. Davis, J.A. Deal, Robt. Fowler, J.I. Harkey, J.D. Hemby, S.G. Howie, W.T. Kessiah, S.W. Matthews, T.B. Moore, Mrs. R.S. Moore, A.J. Price, J. Mac Price, H.L. Price, D.W. Reid, B.F. Sutton, I.H. Winchester.


Raywood – E.W. Belk, M.H. Benton, E.L. Benton, B.F. Benton, Wm. Benton, E. Benton, J.M. Benton, John Dixon, A.J. Furr, J.H. Griffin, J.J. Hasty, J.Q. Helms, E.J. Helms, J.D. Helms, C.C. Lemmond, J.E. Rowell, S.J. Rowell, L. Scott, C. C. Simpson, W.H. Taylor, J.H. Trull.


Richardson’s Creek – A. Austin, H.J. Bivens, A.J. Brooks, J.Q. Griffin, M.W. Griffin, M.A. Griffin, W.P. Griffin, J.R Helms, M.B. Simpson, T.C. Stewart, W.J. Stewart.


Stevens – J.L. Hooks, S.D. Stevens, R.L. Stewart, Harry Stewart.


Stout – B.H. Benton, J.W. Benton, J.S. Funderburk, Wm. Griffin, M.D. Gurley, D.M. Gordon, C.W. Harkey, John F. Haywood, J.W. Haywood, T.A. Honeycutt, A.P. House, Jas. M. Houston, W.C. Ritch, T.C. Ritch, G.W. Sherrin, P.C. Stinson, Wm. Yandle, M.M. Yandle, C.T. Yandle, F.M. Yandle.


Walkerville – R.A. Davis, S.H. Huey, R.T. McCain, J.J. McCain, J.W. McCain, W.R. McNeely, H. McWilliams, H.A. Norwood, W.W. Norwood, Mrs. Isabella Robinson, O.M. Sanders, E. Simpson, W.H. Sims, W.D. Starnes, J.J.C Steele, I.P. Walkup, S.H. Walkup, J.L. Walkup, W.P. Neely.


Winchester – T.J. Gordon, W.H. Howie, J.H. Rogers, J.A. Secrest, M. Starnes, G.R. Winchester.


Wolfsville – A.J. Clark, R.B. Cuthbertson, G.N. Gordon, R.F. Howard, G.W. Honeycutt, J.C. Honeycutt, R.A. Hudson, Wm. Jones, T.W. Redwine, W.P. Redwine.


Rock Rest – T.C. Bailey, M.W. Bivens, H.E. Copple, J.H. Griffin, H.C. Griffin, T.B. Liles, H.C. Moore, J.H. Williams, T.E. Williams, E.H. Williams.


Wardlaw – C.O. Howard, R.A. Hudson, Thos. Hudson, R.F. Howard, N.M.S. Matthews, H.J. McManus, R.L. Stevens, E.W. Thomas,


Waxhaw – Jos. Adams, J.D. Adams, M.N. Austin, R.J. Belk, R.G. Blythe, Calvin Broom, H.F. Bivens, Wash Givens, J.W. Godfrey, D.C. Godfrey, A.W. Heath, Jas. Houston, J.W. Price, J.L. Rodman, E.G. Yarbro [Yarborough?]








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