To my knowledge, there are few records of local militias during the Civil War. Below are a few sources I have found for Union Co. and Anson Co., NC. If you know of others, please let me know.






Nov. 7, 1862, SEMI-WEEKLY STANDARD (Raleigh, NC)


I WILL GIVE $30 REWARD FOR THE APPREHENSION and delivery in Camp of each of the following deserters assigned to the 89th N.C. Regiment, who deserted from Camp Lee near Richmond between the 5th and 20th October, 1862 or $15 for each if lodged in jail and due notice given me of that fact:

Peter SIMPSON          119th N.C.M., aged 31,    Union County

Allen SIMPSON                              “ 25?               

Andrew SIMPSON                          “ 24                 

Ellison SIMPSON                            “ 19                 

John MEDLEY           82d                 “ 29?               

Hampton BAKER       119th           age not known     

Aaron HINSON                            age 20                

Jeremiah HINSON                          “ 22                 

Wilbern HASTEY                          “ 21                 

John H. BROWN       121st              “ 25      Forsyth Co.

Calvin FULK                                   “ 25                

Jacob FULK                                   “ 29?               

J. T. JOB                   48th                 “ 37       Alamance

J. T. BUTLER           26th                 “ 2?       Duplin Co.

   By order of Col. J. C. SHIELDS, Commanding:

                                      J. W. RANDLE

                       Lt. Com’g. Conscripts for 26th N.C. Regt.

                       Camp Lee, near Richmond, Va.

Nov. 4, 1862


Note: N.C.M. = North Carolina Militia. 

The image of the above newspaper was blurry so some of the numbers were hard to read, especially in the age column.




NC Confederate Militia and Home Guard Records – Vol. 1 Militia Letter Book.

#493 AG to Col. W. M. McCain, 82nd Regt. NCM [North Carolina Militia], Walkerville, NC. 13 Oct. 62. Arrest & bring to camp the following deserters of Co. D 37th Regt. NCT: Jason Stegall, R. S. Gardner & Thos. Carlock [Carelock]; “these men are from your County and are supposed to be at their homes, You will show this to the Col. 119th Reg NCM.”


NC Confederate Militia and Home Guard Records – Vol. 1 Militia Letter Book.

#667 – AG to Col. J. C. Mullis, 119th Reg. NCM [North Carolina Militia], Jenkins Store, NC.  4 Dec. 1862. Arrest & send to Camp Holmes the following men from your county; should they have left the county, “ascertain where they have gone”: John Medlin about 6’, 175 or 180 lbs, about age 24, fair skin, light hair; Eben A. Helms, about 5’ 8”, fair skin, light hair, 3 fingers off left hand, age 22, about 160 lbs; Calvin Williams 5’10”, “boy faced, rather down look,” round shoulders, swarthy complexion, dark hair, 150 lbs; Hilburn Hasley, about 5’6” to 10”, freckled face, light hair, round shoulders, 150 lbs, age 22. “These men are deserters and have used force against those attempting to arrest them. You will use every effort to arrest them.” [Margin: Copy sent to Col. W. J. McCain, 82nd NCM, Walkersville.]


December 31, 1862, Weekly Standard (Raleigh, Wake Co, NC)

$100 REWARD!

-The above reward is offered for the apprehension and delivery at the Camp of Institution, near the city of Raleigh, of John MEDLIN, Jr., a conscript, who deserted about two months ago from Camp LEE, near Richmond.  The said MEDLIN is from Union Co., N. C., and is charged with the murder of Lt. Hosea LITTLE, of the 82nd Regiment, N.C. Militia, while endeavoring to apprehend him.  John MEDLIN, Jr., is about 6 feet high and weighs 175 or 180 pounds; has fair reddish complexion, light brown or sandy hair, (inclined to red) and grayish brown eyes.  On the night of Monday, the 22nd inst, while in charge of the officers who had arrested him, said MEDLIN jumped away from the train at the Company’s Shops, on the N. C. Railroad, and made his escape.  At the time, he had on brown clothes much worn and a hat that was once white.  He was also tightly hand-cuffed and his wrists are probably marked, if the cuffs have been removed. – By order of Governor VANCE. John C. WINDER, A. A. G.


Feb. 17, 1864, Confederate Weekly (Raleigh, NC)

-SHOT BY DESERTERS – We learn by a communication from “M. L. SIMPSON, Adjutant in charge at Fowler’s Gap, Union Co., N.C.” that on the night of the 9th inst., Capt. L. M. SECREST, of Co. F, 82d Regt. N. C. Militia, who had been with his company for sometime hunting deserters, was attacked at his home, to which he had just returned, by three deserters, who fired five rounds at him, the last of which penetrated the back of his head, and he fell mortally wounded.  Our correspondent gives no further particulars. – Char. Bulletin. 


Thursday, March 2, 1865  N.C. ARGUS (Wadesborough, Anson County, NC)

-In pursuance of General Orders No. 2 Adjutant General’s Office, Raleigh, the Home Guard of this county [Anson Co?] reorganized on Thursday night last by electing the following officers: First Class – W. L. WHITE, Captain; A. NIVEN, First Lieutenant. Second Class – George A. SMITH, Captain; W. H. MILLS, First Lieutenant; J. C. HARRELL, second Lieutenant; J. C. YATES, Third Lieutenant.






(Broadfoot Publishing Co., 1992).


            The militia in N.C. has been around since the beginning of the state. It was begun to protect the homeland in case of invasion. In September, 1861, the  N.C. Legislature passed a new “Militia Bill”. This act divided the state into 28 brigades and 116 regiments. The brigades were clustered by counties and the regiments were, for the most part by areas within individual counties. Each  militia district within a county had a militia captain. Union County was designated as part of the 20th Brigade, and supplied 2 regiments, the 82nd and 119th. The 20th Brigade, 81st Regiment was originally designated to be comprised of Union Co. men, but was actually men from Anson Co.





Field and Staff


name                           rank                date of            town                                                                                                               


McCain, William J.     Col.                 8/Mar/62          Walkersville

Crowell, Abram H.     Lt. Col.            8/Mar/62          Monroe

McMurray, Joseph W. Major               20/Mar/62        Monroe

the next five names erased:

...?                               Major               8/Mar/62          ...ville

McSwain, Alexander (?)                     Major               8/Mar/62          Walkersville

Plyler, ...?                    Major               8/Mar/62         

Secrest, M.                  Major               8/Mar/62          Oakville

...?                               Major               8/Mar/62          Monroe





name                           date of                                    company


Brown, Hiram             16/Dec/62       

Eubanks, Thos. C.       4/Sep/61                                  Company No. 4; Vol.

Long, John A.             4/Sep/61                                  Company No. 6

Brown, Linsey            4/Sep/61                                  Company No. 2

McIlwain, Alexander  4/Sep/61                                  Company No. 1

Secrest, Leander         4/Sep 61                                  Company No. 3

Austin, Robert G.S.    17/May/62

Turner, Leslie A.W.    4/Sep/62                                  Company No. 5; in army



1st Lieutenants


name                           date of                                    company


Plyler, Peter W.           4/Sep/62                                  Company No. 4; Vol.

Roberson, Daniel B.C. 4/Sep/62                                 Company No. 3; Vol.

Shoot, John                 17/May/62      

McMurray, Joseph W.  4/Sep/62                                 Company No. 5; in army

Boyte, Albet H.          4/Sep/62                                  Company No. 6; Vol.

McCorkle, Robert H.  4/Sep/62                                  Company No. 2; in the army

Neely, John N.            17/May/62      

Richardson, Brinkley F. 4/Sep/62                               Company No. 1; in the army

Jones, William             20/Jan/62                                 Company No. 2

Smith, William W.      23/Apr/62                                Company No. 4

Stephens, Amos F.      23/Apr/62                                Company No. 6

Houston, Benj. F.        8/Mar/62                                  Company No. 3



2nd Lieutenants


name                           date of                                                company


Walker, James M.        4/Sep/61                                  Company No. 1

Holms, Joseph C.        4/Sep/61                                  Company No. 5

Milton, Jessee B.         4/Sep/61                                  Company No. 4; Vol.

Plyler, Phillip               4/Sep/61                                  Company No. 4; Vol.

Belk, John W.             17/May/62                               Company No. 1

Austin, Stanley           5/Sep/61                                  Company No. 5

Parks, Hugh M.           6/Sep/62

Williamson, John M.   4/Sep/61                                  Company No. 3; Vol.

Ogburn, William C.     4/Sep/61                                  Company No. 3

Crowell, Abram M.     4/Sep/61                                  Company No. 6; Vol.

Rope [Rape?], Washington C.  4/Sep/61                    Company No. 2

Price, James W.           17/May/62

Innis, Charles B.M.     4/Sep/61                                  Company No. 2; in Army

McCain, Robert T.      4/Jan/62                                   Company No. 1

Bennett, Newton D.   23/Apr/62                                Company No. 4

Parker, Lee A.             23/Apr/62                                Company No. 4

Simpson, William L.   23/Apr/62                                Company No. 6

Flow, George W.        23/Apr/62                                Company No. 6

Little, Hosea               17/May/62                               Company No. 5






Field and Staff


name                           rank                date of                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            commission    

Mullis, Jacob C.          [Col]                18/Sep/62

Lee, Joshua                 Col.                 8/Mar/62          Volunteered

Griffin, Thomas W.     [Lt. Col.]         18/Sep/62

Mullis, Jacob C.          Lt. Col.            8/Mar/62          Promoted to Col.

Hasty, John Jackson    Major               8/Mar/62

Lockhart, Thomas J.    QM                  30/Apr/62

Hamilton, James W.    Adjt.                15/Sep/62

Blair, James S.             Surgeon           17/Mar/62

Huntley, Ellison          Ast. Surgeon   28/Mar/63





name                           date of            district


Lee, Harrison              19/Feb/62        Rogers Dist.                Monroe

Bass, John C.              19/Feb/62        Biven’s Dist.               Richardson’s Creek

Griffin, James H.        5/Nov/62

Hasty, John Jackson    19/Feb/62        Hamilton’s Dist.          Negrohead Depot

                                                                                                Promoted to Major

Smith, Voluntine         19/Feb/62        Grassy Creek Dist.      Monroe

Little, Jacob S.            19/Feb/62        Baucum’s Dist.           Olive Branch

Ashcraft, Calvin A.     30/Apr/62

Ashcraft, Thomas C.   19/Feb/62        Ashcraft’s Dist.           Lanes Creek-Volunteered



1st Lieutenants


name                           date of            district


Roger, Jason                15/Sep/62        Rogers Dist.

Horn, James P.            30/Apr/62        Rogers Dist.                Vol

Lockhart, Thomas J.    19/Feb/62        Rogers Dist.

Williams, James           15/Sep/62

Williams, John C.        19/Feb/62        Biven’s Dist.               Vol.

Hasty, Jesse C.            5/Nov/62

Griffin, James H.        19/Feb/62        Hamilton’s  Dist.         Promoted to Capt.

Morgan, Henry            19/Feb/62        Grassy Creek Dist.      Vol.

Godwin, Mathew        19/Feb/62        Baucum’s Dist.

Moore, Jesse J.            30/Apr/62        Ashcraft’s Dist.           Vol.



2nd Lieutenants


name                           date of                                    district


Grant, John                 15/Sep/62        Rogers Dist.

Huntly, John W.          19/Feb/62        Rogers Dist.                Vol.

Marsh, Albert T.          19/Feb/62        Biven’s Dist.

Griffin, John G.          30/Apr/62

McCullum, Daniel Jr.  19/Feb/62        Biven’s Dist.               Vol.

Williams, Stephen A.  19/Feb/62        Biven’s Dist.

Redfearn, Robert H.   30/Apr/62

Griffin, Thomas W.     19/Feb/62        Hamilton’s Dist.          Promoted to Lt. Col.

Hasty, Jesse C.            19/Feb/62        Hamilton’s Dist.          Promoted to 1 Lt.

Hinson, William B.     30/Apr/62

Williams, John D.        19/Feb/62        Grassy Creek Dist.      Vol.

Helms, Russel             19/Feb/62        Grassy Creek Dist.

Baucum, Calvin L.      19/Feb/62        Baucum’s Dist.

Baucom, John             19/Feb/62        Baucum’s Dist.

Green, James               19/Feb/62        Ashcraft’s Dist.           Vol.

Morre (sic: Moore), Richmond 19/Feb/62                  Ashcraft’s Dist.



 Note: If you’re looking specifically for Civil War information from this area,

be sure to check out the newspapers on this website. Keep in mind that many

Civil War stories were later published as the veterans were aging, attending

reunions, passing away, etc. 



More Union County, NC and Anson County, NC History!


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