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January 13, 1859, NC ARGUS (Wadesborough, Anson County, NC)

-Died in Union Co., on the morning of 22d December, Miss Sarah Louisa CURETON, in the 23rd year of her age. (photocopy)

-Married near Union church, on the 23rd December, by N.M. HUBBARD, Esq., Jackson HUBBARD, to Miss Sarah Jane, youngest daughter of Robert GADDY, Esq., all of Anson. [note: Jackson HUBBARD was born May 5, 1836 and died Sep 30, 1906. He was the son of James HUBBARD and Kiziah MEADORS]  (photocopy)


February 5, 1859, THE TIMES, (Greensboro, Guilford County, NC)

-Died Mrs. Mary Smith, relict of James Smith, Died in Anson county, North Carolina, January 17th, 1859, aged 71 years one month and eleven days.


March 4, 1859, DUE WEST TELESCOPE (Due West, S.C.)

-Died at Walkersville, Union Co., N. C. on the 27th ult., after a protracted illness of 4 months, Mrs. M. Adaline, consort of Hugh WILSON, Esq.... Her maiden name was NISBET.


March 9, 1859, Raleigh Register and NC State Gazette (Wake Co, NC)

-Married: Elizabeth S. BROWN of Raleigh to Ebenezer B. BURNS of Cabarrus county, March 3, Raleigh.  


March 17, 1859, NC ARGUS (Wadesborough, Anson County, NC) 

-Died in Walkersville, Union county, on the 27th ult., Mrs. M. Adaline, consort of Hugh WILSON, Esq.


March 23, 1859, Raleigh Register and NC State Gazette (Wake Co, NC)

-Died: Mrs. Hugh WILSON, Feb. 27, Union county.

-Died: Mrs. L. C. LAUDY, March 5, Wadesboro.

-Died: L.C. CARTER, February 22, Stanly county.


March 31, 1859, NC ARGUS (Wadesborough, Anson County, NC) 

-Married in Union county, on the 17th instant, by Rev. Mr. CONLEY, Mr. Charley TRULL to Miss Rody HELMS.

-Married in Union county, on 10th inst., by A. HARKEY, Esq., Mr. John SECREST to Miss Jane HANEGAN.

-Married in the same county [UNION], on the 10th inst., Mr. G.C. DAVIS to Miss Abigail MOORE.

April 6, 1859, Raleigh Register and NC State Gazette (Wake Co, NC)

-Died: Anna Elizabeth SMITH, March 17, Anson county.


April 14, 1859, NC ARGUS (Wadesborough, Anson County, NC) 

-A very sad occurrence took place, on Saturday last, at the mill-dam of Col. John E. AUSTIN, of this county, on Rocky River.  The river was quite high, and a party, consisting of two brothers and two sisters, children of Mrs. Jacob LITTLE, of Cabarrus or Stanly county, who had been to Charlotte with a wagon, and were returning home, undertook to cross the river above the mill dam, in  flat, at a private ferry belonging to Col. AUSTIN, where another wagon had crossed in the flat but a short time before, and were carried by the force of the current towards the dam. One of the poles used to guide the flat slipped out of the hands of one of the parties, and the flat became unmanageable. Mr. Wm. AUSTIN and one of the LITTLES, perceiving that the flat would inevitably go over the dam, jumped out and swam ashore. The other Mr. LITTLE and his two sisters were carried over with the wagon, four horses and the flat. The wagon ran forward and off the flat, excepting two wheels, which caused the flat to keel up at one end and throw the young ladies out into the river. The young man, their brother, recovered them and replaced them in the flat, and finding that he could do nothing with the flat himself, after floating down the river some distance, told his sisters to hold on to the flat while he would swim ashore and seek help and return to their rescue. He did swim ashore, and ran to Mr. GREEN’S, about a half or perhaps a mile, and returned and found the flat floating down the river, the wagon loose and his sisters gone. One of the bodies of the young ladies was afterwards found lodged against a raft. The body of the other had not been found at last accounts. They were both undoubtedly drowned. It is thought they and the wagon were thrown out at a rapid and rough shoaly place in the river, or that they had attempted to grasp hold of a small tree which bent over the stream and near to the water, and were dragged in that way and drowned. It was a deplorable fate for the poor, helpless young women, and is a heart-rendering accident to their widowed mother, as well as their brothers, and everybody. It is wonderful that they were not all lost; and it is probable that if they had all remained in the flat, and kept their presence of mind, they might all have been saved. One of the horses broke loose and swam out but the other three drowned. [note: The girls that drowned were Nancy E. LITTLE (b.1834) and Delphia L. LITTLE (b.Apr 14, 1836), both daughters of Jacob. W. “Jack” LITTLE and Margaret “Peggy” LOVE] (photocopy) 


April 14, 1859, NC ARGUS (Wadesborough, Anson County, NC) 

-Another sad incident occurred near Monroe, on the 21st of March. Mr. James DOSTER and his son, John DOSTER, had started to Lancasterville, S.C. in a buggy. Mr. John DOSTER was driving and the horse, becoming frightened at something, ran off, and, throwing down his head, jerked the lines from the hands of young Mr. DOSTER, who, after the horse had ran about fifty yards, jumped out. The horse went dashing on, and after running about sixty or seventy yards more the old gentleman, who was about fifty-six years old and weighed about one hundred and eighty pounds, jumped out also, and in jumping his feet struck a tree and threw him across the road, so  that the wheels of the buggy ran over his head and neck - stunning him so severely that he became insensible and lingered until the next Monday, the 28th of March, when he died from the shock and concussion of the brain. Mr. James DOSTER was one of our most respectable citizens, and the sympathies of the community are greatly enlisted in behalf of him and his afflicted family and relations in consequence of this sudden and unfortunate casualty. Mr. John DOSTER was hurt some, but not very seriously. (photocopy)

-Married near Poplar Hill, on the 31st March, by N.M. HUBBARD, Esq., Armsted D. GREEN, to Miss Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr. James HUBBARD, all of Anson. [note: Elizabeth HUBBARD GREEN was born 1843 and died 1919. Buried at Hubbard Cemetery, Anson County.] (photocopy)

-Married in this county, 7th inst., by H.M. INGRAM, Esq., J.B. CAPEE [?], of Richmond, to Mrs. Charlotte R. WATKINS, of Anson.


April 21, 1859, NC ARGUS (Wadesborough, Anson County, NC) 

-Died in Union county, on the 10th inst., Mr. Elijah PARKER, aged about 75 years, a native of Halifax county, N.C. ... member of the Baptist Church.


May 18, 1859, Raleigh Register and NC State Gazette (Wake Co, NC)

-Died: Walter R. LEAK of Wadesboro, May [no date] on Steam-boat on Arkansas River. [Note: Also see June 1, 1859 issue of The Weekly Standard]


May 25, 1859, Raleigh Register and NC State Gazette (Wake Co, NC)

-Died: Nelson R. LILES, May 7, Lilesville.

-Married: Dr. Benj. CHEARS to Sarah GRADY, May 3, Chesterfield county, S.C.


June 1, 1859, WEEKLY STANDARD (Raleigh, N.C.)

-Walter R. LEAK, Esqr., President of the Bank of Wadesboro’, N.C., died at the residence of his brother, at Terry’s Landing, Ark., on Thursday, the 5th instant. [Note: Also see May 18, 1859 issue of Raleigh Register]


June 9, 1859, NC ARGUS (Wadesborough, Anson County, NC) 

-Died of measles, at White's Store, Anson county, N.C., on the 21st day of May, at half past two p.m., Mrs. Nancy Jane REDFEARN, wife of David REDFEARN, and daughter of D.A. and S.A. COVINGTON, aged 17 years 11 months and 20 days... united with Mount Olive Baptist church in August 1856. Her remains were conveyed to Monroe.


June 16, 1859, NC ARGUS (Wadesborough, Anson County, NC) 

-Died in Monroe, Union county, on the 28th of May 1859, Susan Amelia, daughter of Thomas D. and Elizabeth J. WINCHESTER, aged 8 years 3 months and 22 days.


July 27 1859, Raleigh Register and NC State Gazette (Wake Co, NC)

-Married: Mollie G. COTTRELL to W. J. MONTGOMERY of Albemarle, July 19, in Fall Branch, Tennessee.


August 4, 1859, NC ARGUS (Wadesborough, Anson County, NC) 

-Married in Dallas Co., Arkansas, on the 3d July, by A.F. KENDALL, Esq., Henry PARKER, formerly of Stanly, N.C. to Miss Mary SIMPSON, formerly of Union, N.C.

-DIED At White's Store, July 25th, 1859, Mrs. Frances McLAUGHLIN, daughter of the late Stephen HASTY, Esq., grand-daughter of James GORDON, Esq., and first child of Sarah A. GORDON. She was born in the Anson part of Union County September 18, 1829, married July 30, 1845, joined the Methodist Episcopal Church South in 1852, under the ministry of Rev. Levin SCARBOROUGH. (eulogy)


August 15, 1859, WEEKLY STANDARD (Raleigh, N.C.)

-Also, one [post office] called Flag Branch has been established in Union county, Wilson P. GADDY appointed P.M. [Postmaster].


October 5, 1859, Raleigh Register and NC State Gazette (Wake Co, NC)

-Died: Mrs. Joseph McLAUGHLIN, July 25, Anson county.


October 27, 1859, NC ARGUS (Wadesborough, Anson County, NC)

-Died at Monroe, Union county, on the 13th inst., in the 32d year of his age, Mr. William RINGSTAFF, formerly of Hillsboro.


October 29, 1859, THE TIMES, (Greensboro, Guilford County, NC)

-Married-Mr. James P. Parker and Miss Ann Bird, of Anson county, 18th October

-Married-Mr. J. J. Heath, of Union county, N. C., and Miss Hester C. Patterson, late of Spartanburg, S. C., in Cleveland county, N. C., 11th October.

-Died in Monroe, on the 13th instant, in the 32nd year of his age, Mr. William Ringstaff, formerly of Hillsboro. 


November 3, 1859, NC ARGUS (Wadesborough, Anson County, NC) 

-Died in Union county, on the 21st ult., Miss Eliza CHEARS, daughter of Vachel CHEARS...member of the Baptist Church.


November 10, 1859, NC ARGUS (Wadesborough, Anson County, NC) 

-Married in Union county, on the 27th October, by Elder BRAZENTON, Mr. Marmaduke MYERS, of Chesterfield Dist., S.C., to Miss Elizabeth TIMMONS, third daughter of Col. King C. SIMMONS [TIMMONS].

-Died in Union county, on November 1st, James MORGAN, aged about 50 years.


November 17, 1859, NC ARGUS (Wadesborough, Anson County, NC) 

-Married in Union county on the 8th inst., D. MASS [MASKE] to Miss Margaret ROWLAND, daughter of Sheriff ROWLAND. [note: William Dossie MASKE, b.Oct 10, 1841, married Margaret J. ROWLAND]

-In Union county, about the 10th of October, Mr. Frederick STATON, aged 88 to Mrs. Rhoda SHARON, aged 60.

[Note: Union Co, NC Marriages 1843-1899, by Small, lists this marriage as Frederick STATON to Rhoda SHEARIN “or SHANNON,” October 8, 1859]


November 26, 1859, THE TIMES, (Greensboro, Guilford County, NC)  )  

-Married-Mr. Frederick Staton, aged 88 years, to Mrs. Rhoda Sharon, aged 60, of Union county, October, 10th.

[Note: Union Co, NC Marriages 1843-1899, by Small, lists this marriage as Frederick STATON to Rhoda SHEARIN “or SHANNON,” October 8, 1859]

-Died in Anson county, on the 7th instant, of consumption, John W. Diggs, aged 25 years. [note: he was the son of Garland C. and Jane DIGGS]


November 26, 1859, THE TIMES, (Greensboro, Guilford County, NC)

-Died in Union county, on the 14th inst., Mr. Edmond Ritch, in his 84th year


December 8, 1859, NC ARGUS (Wadesborough, Anson County, NC) 

-In Union county, on the 22d ult., Mr. Abel BELK of Lancaster District to Miss Sally WALKUP, daughter of Robt. WALKUP, dec'd.

-In Union county, on the 24th ult., Col. W. McCAIN of Lancaster, to Miss WALKER, daughter of John WALKER, dec'd, of Union.


December 15, 1859, NC ARGUS (Wadesborough, Anson County, NC) 

-Married: In Union county, on the 22d November, by G.W. MAY, Esq., Stephen A. WILLIAMS, to Miss Elizabeth E. GRIFFIN, daughter of Jesse C. GRIFFIN, Esq.


December 15, 1859, ASHEVILLE NEWS (Asheville, Buncombe Co., N.C.)

-Died: Rev. John W. COOK, of Lancaster District, S.C., formerly a lawyer in Winnsboro, S.C., November 27, 1859, in Greenville, S.C.




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