Woolley and Head Family Bible

Families lived in Madison County, New York and Sussex County, New Jersey before moving to Clyde, Whiteside Co., IL; Marshall Co., Iowa; Omaha, Nebraska and elsewhere.


Title page: “The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, translated out of the Original Tongues and with the Former Translations, diligently compared and revised, New York: American Bible Society, Instituted in the year 1816.”  Printed 1845.


Page 1 of Family Record:



William Woolley was married Dec 25, 1833 to Catherine Cortright

Arminda Woolley & H. W. W. Head was married March 6th 1856

Miles T. Woolley was married Nov. 22nd 1866 to Nellie Stone

Mary Amelia Woolley was married March 21st 1871 to James B. Mason

Pardon Head was married Feb. 23rd 1881 to Harriet Russell

William F. Head was married Dec 5th 1884 to May Henderson

Birney C. Woolley was married October 18th 1893 to Minnie Lower

Cora Amelia Head was married Nov 22nd 1893 to Joseph Albert Jones


Page 2 of Family Record:



William Woolley was born March 16, 1808

Catherine Cortright was born January 7, 1815

Arminda Woolley was born July 12, 1837

Myles Woolley was born January 10, 1840

Mary Amelia Woolley was born Oct. 29, 1841

Cora Amelia Head was married Nov 22nd 1893 to Joseph Albert Jones



Pardon Head was born Apr 17th 1858

William F. Head was born November 12th 1860

Henry Ward Head was born Jan 12th 1863

Birney C. Woolley was born Sept 6, 1867

Cora Head was born Nov 11, 1868

Ossian Bradford Woolley was born Jan 16th 1872

Herbert S. Woolley was born Dec 20 1873

Mabel C. Mason was born Feb 15th 1874


Page 3 of Family Record:



Harriet Ellen Woolley was born Mar 29th 1877

Claude W. Mason was born Nov 11th 1879

Laura M. Woolley was born Apr 12th 1880

Phebe Arminda Head was born Dec 2nd 1881

Alice S. Woolley was born Sept 12th 1882



Great Grandchildren

Herbert R. Head was born Aug 18th 1883

George Leroy Head was born Sept 27th 1885

David Mason Head was born March 17th 1886

James A. Mason was born Mar 20, 1907 Chiengmai Siam

Claude T. Mason was born Apr 25th 1908 Chiengmai Siam


Page 4 of Family Record:



Wm. B. Woolley Died May 12th 1889

Miles T. Woolley Died Aug 11th 1892

Catharine Woolley Died Jany 6th 1909




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