Walpole HS Has First Reunion



Walpole HS Has First Reunion After 50 Yrs.

(Times Leader Oct 27, 1977 - submitted by Silvetta Parsons)

The 50th reunion for the Walpole High School, co-incidently the first reuinon ever held by the students who attended the three year high school, was held on Sunday, Sept. 25 at the home of John E. and Ruth Stinson of near Eldorado.

With two teachers, Lewis J. Massey and Miss Linna Hamilton, the high school conducted classes and produced winning basketball teams for ten years before termination. It opened its doors to 50 students in 1927.

During the first year of classes at the three year high school, the basketball team travelled to Harrisburg to place first in the local tournament. Among those tournament winning players for Walpole High were Clarence Barker, Joyce Johnson, Dwight Cotter, Stanley Rhoads, Clarence Randolph and now deceased Arthur Lampkins and Frank Cantrell.

After the first year of school, Walpole expanded the building and staff. That expansion included a coach, Arthur Coffey who now lives in Evansville, Ind. and a gymnasium that still stands.

During those basketball days one of the biggest rivals of Walpole was the Broughton High School. One student recalled times when the roofs of the gyms would tremble with the screams of rival fans.

For students who intended to go on to school after graduating from Walpole, they went to McLeansboro or Eldorado High School for the senior year. Students attended Walpole from a seven mile radius including Galatia, Broughton and of course, the village then of 100 residents, Walpole.

Those attending this first Walpole picnic reunion at the Stinsons expressed their appreciation to the host and hostess, John and Ruth, for taking the first step toward an annual affair for class members.

As a result of this golden reunion, a committee was appointed to coordinate plans for the next year's reunion. Members of the planning committee are Dowe Jones, Imogene Harbison, Byron Lasswell, Charlie McGill, Rugh Stinson and Wilma Barker.

Class members attending the September picnic were Mr. and Mrs. R.V. (Ruby Adkisson) Vinyard of Fairview Heights; Mr. and Mrs. Frank (Kathleen Douglass) Lewis of McLeansboro; Mr. and Mrs. Carroll (Imogene Gholson) Harbison of Eldorado; Mr. and Mrs. B.R. (Mable Hargrave) Gholson of Galatia; Mr. and Mrs. C.H. (Ruth Lewis) McGill of Broughton; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smith of McLeansboro; Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Lourene Miracle) Rhoads of Alton; Mr. and Mrs Stanley (Maud Bridwell) Rhoads of Vandalia; Mr. and Mrs Joyce C. Johnson of McLeansboro; Mr. and Mrs. James L. (Katherine Williams) Mezo of Olney, Mr. and Mrs.Byron E. (Venita Lewis) Lasswell of McLeansboro; Mr. and Mrs. John (Ruth Williams) Deen of McLeansboro; Mr. and Mrs Frank Jones of West Frankfort; Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lewis (Inez Ellis) of Broughton; Mr. and Mrs. Carl (Helen Douglass) Launius of Broughton; Mr. and Mrs. Dowe Jones of Galatia; Mr. and Mrs. Dan G. Jones of Metropolis; Mr. and Mrs. Denver Braden of Virden; Olen Russell of McLeansboro; Clarence Barker and sister Frona of Broughton; Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Tucker of Broughton; Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Mings of Galatia; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jones and daughter Sue of Galatia; Mr. and Mrs. Percy (Alice Phine) Bryans of Palestine; Mr. and Mrs. Harold (Joan Rhine) Moore of Mt. Vernon; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd (Mary Mings) Oglesby of Galatia; Mr. and Mrs. James Burnett of Robinson; and Mr. and Mrs. John Ed (Ruth Curtis) Stinson host for the day.

Mesdames Mary Alice (Hargrave) Bundy of Blue Island; Hallie (Nelson) Wheeler of Dale; Mary (Williams) Cotter of Eldorado; Helen (Rhine) of McLeansboro; Genevia (Lasswell) Gwaltney of McLeansboro; Ruth (Grisham) Herbert of Galatia; Carrie (Cluck) Ogden of Zeigler; Eliza (Irvin) Bruce of Eldorado; Wilma (Jones) Barker of Eldorado; Ms. Mildred L. Pulliam of West Frankfort; Mrs. Homer (Jane) Jones, special guest of Harrisburg.