This report is a grouping of interesting stories brought to my attention by former Walpole resident Joel Kevin Lasswell, the son of Palmer Lasswell.


Henry and Sarah Elizabeth Lasswell, ancestors of Joel, settled in the area in 1838. Henry's brother Issac came a bit before him. Issac Lasswell was an early Sheriff of Hamilton County, and was involved in the building of one of our courthouses at an amazing fee of $ 4,500.00! Where have those days gone?


Henry Lasswell's son, Andrew Jackson Lasswell carried mail by foot and by mule to Shawneetown once a week, and when he wasn't a mailman, he was town surveyor for Hoodville. Andrew led an interesting life, he was a blacksmith and a what was known then as a Minister of the Gospel.


        A Correction to Walpole Part One


     My sources were backwards. Frank Lewis was not the blacksmith, he was the barber. The Lewis family took care of your entire family's hair needs, as wife Kathleen was the beautician.


     The blacksmith was Lawrence Hughes. He lived at Broughton but traveled every day to Walpole. And the Lodge building had its share of stories over the years as well. It served as Walpole High School after the school building burned, and it was used as a funeral home by Edwin Jones and Omer Wooldridge, they were assisted by Joel's father Palmer too.


Fascinating story


     Andrew Jackson Lasswell son Charles Smith Lasswell married Leannah Russell and their son Alva Bryan Lasswell joined the United States Marine Corps during the 1930's. Alva Lasswell was sent to Japan to learn the Japanese language in the 1930's also, and his training served him well. He was a code breaker during World War II. Alva was also at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked that fateful day of December 7,1941. Alva broke the code of the attack on Midway Island and also the code that led to the death of Admiral Yamoto (mastermind of the deadly attack of Pearl Harbor.)


         Another fascinating story for you genealogists and country music fans


      Henry and Sarah Lasswell are related to country entertainer Barbara Mandrell. True! For you youngsters who do not know Barbara Mandrell, I am truly sorry, she is still a terrific entertainer.


More tidbits


 The Coffee family of Walpole has a very interesting distinction. Mr. Lasswell brought it up and I had read it too. The infamous Coffeyville, Kansas, known for the daring bank robbery by the Dalton Gang was started by and named for the Coffee family who had migrated from Walpole.


Just like Bozeman, Montana is named for the Bozeman family from Hamilton and White Counties. True story. From a small town to greatness, well, maybe.


Special thanks to Joel K. Lasswell. More of Joel's stories will appear here in the future. 

Thanks Joel...Mickey


The above story was submitted by Joel Kevin Lasswell in Nov. 2005 to Mickey Lambert of Dahlgren.  Mickey is a cousin to James & John Gholson and a talented writer for the Dahlgren Library News.  This story was printed in the spring of 2006 by the McLeansboro Times Leader.  Posted by permission.