Walpole Residents in 1940

Walpole Residents in 1940

Here from my memory are the names of residents of Walpole about 1940 on, and those that lived within 2 miles of Walpole.


Palmer Lasswell, Vacle McGill Lasswell, George Logan Lasswell, Grace Elizabeth Lasswell, Norma Dee Lasswell, Joel Kevin Lasswell, Palmer Johnson Lasswell Jr., James Cody Lasswell, John Can Lasswell, Byron Ellsworth Lasswell, Venita Mae Lewis Lasswell, Richard Ellsworth Lasswell, Conrad Elmer Russell, Leda Ileen Lasswell, Omer Wooldridge, Winnie Elizabeth METHENY Wooldridge, Frank Wooldridge, Hazel BURNETT Wooldridge, John Franklin Wooldridge, Omer Eugene Wooldridge, Samuel Erastus Wooldridge, Flora HUFFSTUTLER Wooldridge, Leland Ritchey, Vida KENT Ritchey, Betty Jean Ritchey, Alphonzo Burr Ritchey, Roberta Ritchey, Charles Franklin Ritchey, Howard Leland Ritchey, Jr., Michael Ritchey, Ida Kent, Clifford Kent, Ollie Ellis, Anna Pemberton, William Arthur Taylor, Rella Jane Ingram Taylor, William I. Talor, Hettie Lucille Taylor, Homer Franklin Jones, Jane Frances WILLIAMS Jones, Helen MURRY Jones, Marilyn Jones, Daniel Gray Jones Jr., William Frank Jones, Mary ULICINI Jones, Charles Robert Jones, Lavern DILLARD Jones, Joseph H. Jones, Bonnie (Maiden name unknown) Jones, Shannon O'Neal Gray, Julia Ann DAVIS Gray, Goldie Fern Gray, Lois Elizabeth Gray, Robert Davis Gray, Ralph O'Neal Gray, William Henry Gray, Melinda Francis Davis, Commodore Russell, Ivy Jane CRABTREE Russell, Johnnie Hines, Benjamin Crabtree, Sarah MUNDINGER Crabtree, Nellie Frances REEVES Crabtree, Oscar Bridwell, Amy BURNETT Bridwell, Claudia Bridwell, Melvin Green Lewis, Lany Mabel BURNETT Lewis, Thomas Franklin Lewis, Kathleen DOUGLASS Lewis, Mabel Carolyn Lewis, Charlie "Botch" Henson, Savannah "Vanner" McRoy Henson, Waldo G. "Red" Davis, Mary Ruth Miller, Patricia Davis, Johnnie Davis, Emery Brant Milligan, Elsie Jane DEEN, Milligan, Kenneth Milligan, Thurman Maury Gray, Sarah "Sally" GRISWOLD Gray, Monetta Gray, Clydus Earl Gray, Jacob Arthur Deen, Irene Matilda INYART Deen, William Inyart Deen, Gilbert Griswold Jr., Mary Etta BURNETT Griswold, James Francis Gwaltney, Jennie Geneiva LASSWELL Gwaltney, James Jackson Gwaltney, Rose Mary Gwaltney, John Ellis Gwaltney.

Two Mile Circumference of Walpole

This will not be complete. Here are the ones I can recall. Hope this list might be of some assistance to someone. Starting...

NW OF WALPOLE - Traveling clockwise.

William Eli Lasswell, Eliza Melvina CULPEPPER Lasswell, John Logan Lasswell, Minnie Rose JOHNSON Lasswell, Rosetta Florence Johnson, James Franklin Lasswell, Sherman Hicks, Vachel F. RUSSELL Hicks, Ramona Jean Hicks, William Sherman Hicks, Lloyd Wesley Johnson, Verba McGill Johnson, Lois Imogene Johnson, William Andrew Johnson, Laura Mae REED Johnson, Newton Johnson, Otis Halbert McGill, Christina Armentia RUSSELL McGill, William Alton Russell, Bessie LANE Russell, Roy B. Russell, Inman B. Russell, Edith Marie Russell, William Lane Russell, Marshall R. Parker, Bessie LANE Parker, Thomas Frank Russell, Mattie TATE Russell, John Ward Russell, Mary Sue Russell, Marshall Francis Russell, Frank Miller, Sarah Jane RUSSELL Miller, Lawrence Arley Russell, Minnie Elizabeth McGill Russell, James Absalom Russell, Arminti J/S HEFNER Russell, Marion Russell, Sarah Caroline HICKS Russell, Lawrence Arley Russell, Minnie Elizabeth McGILL Russell, Olen Leroy Russell, Onetia Ann Russell, Robert Louis McGill, Ita Leon IRBY McGill, Lowell Leslie McGill, Mamie ELLIS McGill, Lowell Dwain McGill, Phylis Arlene McGill, Irby Idmon McGill, Mildred Ruth IRVIN Mcgill, Charlotte Louise McGill, Delbert Leon McGill, Robert Harold Dean McGill, Ruth Esther JOHNSON McGill, Richard Lee McGill, Gary Gene McGill, Stephen Ray McGill, Michael Dean McGill, John Newton Ellis, Linnie Leota PRIBBLE Ellis, John Wilburn Ellis, Celestial P. CORN Ellis, Philip E. Ellis Mark Ellis, Robert Neal Ellis, Gerald F. Ellis, William L. "Jake" Mezo, Earl Edwin Russell, Edna Mae PITTMAN Russell, Robert Russell, Edwin Eugene Russell, John Charles Russell, Barbara Allene Russell, Wanda Irene Russell, Norma Lee Russell, Roberta Russell, Gordon E. Russell, Clayton B. Russell, Charles Frank Russell, Marietta Russell, Charles Deen Russell, Emma Georgia HICKS Russell.


Erastus "Rassie" Russell, Gracie Armentia BARLOW Russell, Ica Ellen Russell, Albert Davis, Daisy Elizabeth O'Bryan Davis, Francis O'Bryan Davis, Freda Davis, Albert Wilburn Davis, Janet Sue Davis, Anna Lucille Davis, William Henry Davis, John Herman Davis, Chester L. Kittinger, Nora E. SOUTHARD Kittinger, Harold E. Kittinger, Minnie Kittinger, Thomas T. Johnson, Stella RUSSELL Johnson, Amelia Madeline JONES Dugger, Josh Orlin Organ, Beatrice PORTER Organ, Josh Orlin Porter Jr., John Porter Organ, Barbara Ann Organ, Cloyd Rhine, Maude DONELSON Rhine.


George Washington Randolph, Daisy Laura BLACKLIDGE Randolph, Clarence Lalus Randolph, Adele BARKER Randolph, Charlie H. "Chick" McGill, Ruth Helen LEWIS McGill, Margaret McGill, Carolyn Kay McGill, Helen Sue McGill, Augustus F. "Gus" Herpel, Prudence "Prue" Ella STEPHENS Herpel, Noah Woods, Hugh Randolph, Grace Anna LASSWELL Randolph, Donna Kay Randolph, Donald Eugene Randolph, Ewell Minor, Jewell (unknown) Minor, Clyde Ellis Minor, Norma Jean Minor, George Minor, Herman Gaines, Amanda S. ORGAN Gaines, Mollie Gaines, Bryce H. Barker, Sylvia (Unknown) Barker, Jo Ann Barker, Carol Barker, Delmar Barker, Annie McGill, John Emmett Barker, Laura GRISWOLD Barker, Clydus Rhine, Mamie Jane COOK Rhine, Roy Franklin Rhine, Ray Emerson Rhine, Dale Smith Rhine.


Darrell Smith, Beatrice GRISWOLD Smith, Maggie Jane Smith, Clara Etta Smith, Georgeanna Smith, Edwin Douglass Sr., Ella Mae WILLIAMS Douglass, Edwin "Doc" Douglass Jr., Bertha Florence HALE Douglass, Frank Douglass, Harold Douglass, Carl E. Launius, Helen G. DOUGLASS Launius, Jerry Launius, Larry Launius.


Flora DAVIS Taylor, Darrell Lindsey Taylor, F. Emojean PATTERSON Taylor, Eugene Lewis, Inez ELLIS Lewis, Neal Lewis, Mary Ruth Lewis, Alex M. Towle Sr., Gertie Mae DEAN Towle, Alex Towle Jr., Marshall Towle, George Farris, June Farris, Loren Tucker, Lucille B. (unknown) Tucker, Dallas G. Tucker, Lucille BARE Tucker, Walter Lasswell, Ethel M. COTTER Lasswell.


Robert Leonard Graham, Martha W. ELLIS Graham, Mary Fain Graham, Frank Oliver Graham, Patricia Ann Graham, Martha Ann Lewis, Earl C. Morris.


B.R. Gholson, Mabel Evelyn HARGRAVES Gholson, Franklin Gholson, James Richard Gholson, George Logan Sr., Norma Jean REYNOLDS Logan, George Logan Jr., Lois Logan, Darrel Logan, John Quincy Lewis, Roxie PULLIAM, Dalton Williams, Grace HARGRAVES Williams, Margaret Louise Williams, Ruth Grace Williams Lewis, Benjamin R. Hammock, Nora F. Pulliam, William Oscar Burnett, Georgia E. WILLIAMS Burnett, James H. Burnett, Francis HAMILTON Burnett, Mell Irvin, Ethel Clarinda McGILL Irvin, Tilden Irvin, Mary Irvin, Martha Irvin, Riley Irvin, Arthur R. Coffey, Ruth JONES Coffey, Stanley Smith, Alice DAVIS Smith, Virgil Lee Douglass, Rhea GARNER Douglass, Paul Eugene (Red) Douglass, Frances (Unknown) Douglass, Donald Lee Douglass, Bobby Douglass, Wade Wilburn Ellis, Anna Lucille GRAY Ellis, Dale Gray Ellis, Harold Ray Ellis, John George Ogden, Blanche PULLIAM Ogden, Susie E. DOUGLASS Matheny, Mabel MATHENY Douglass, Ellis Harley Gwaltney, Mary Susan RUSSELL Gwaltney, Lula Marie Gwaltney, Claudis Lorene Gwaltney, Ruby Jane Gwaltney, William Jennings Deen, Alma MAUK Deen, Loomis Franklin Douglass, Dean WILLIAMS Douglass, George W. (Jack) Douglass, Dora Elizabeth JONES Douglass, Gary Wayne Douglass, Amelia Douglass, Sylvia Douglass, John E. Hopper, Ellen E. ELLIS Hopper, John Ellis Hopper, George W. Burnett, Laura Emit DEEN Burnett, Helen R. Burnett, Walter "Buck" Burnett, John Kent Deen, Ruth Grace WILLIAMS Deen, Frank Deen, Donald Ray Deen, Mary Evelyn Deen, Beverly Louise Deen, James Howard Deen, Thomas Howard Hawkins, Edith Marie HALL Hawkins, Wanda Laverne Hawkins, Menard Hall Hawkins, Sylvia ADKISSON Hawkins, Larry Hawkins, Garry Hawkins, Sandra Hawkins, Leonard Albert Watt, Lucille BRUCE Watt, Leonard A. Watt Jr.


Cloyd Robert Burnett, Jewell Cleoria LEE Burnett, Gene Burnett, Carlos Ellis, Mary Ethel BURNETT Ellis, Leda Fay Ellis, Julia Lavada Ellis.

End - By Joel Kevin Lasswell 05 Nov 2005. Our neighbors..Sarah F. Taylor, Kate W. RIDDLE Flannigan.


Correction on Alice Davis (Hugh Deen, Alice Elizabeth DAVIS Deen, Roger Lynn Deen, Lisa Ann Deen, Ronald Albert Deen), Oman Davis, Clara McCHASNEY Davis, Joseph L. Davis, (Correction) Earl Stanley Smith, Elizabeth Jane MEZO Smith, Barbara Jane Smith, Billy Joe Smith, Carl Cremeens, Katherine ABBOTT Cremeens, (Daughter Cremeens) Carl Eugene Cremeens, Nellie Mae Cremeens, Stella Kay Cremeens, Charles Abbott Cremeens, Joseph Neal Irvin, Vera Rose OPERCHUCK Irvin, Jeff Ragan, Olive BARKER Ragan, Billy Ragan, Orvil Irvin Ragan, Donna Sue Ragan, Hood B. Cantrell, Nora Vianna COTTER Cantrell, Theresa Elizabeth Cantrell, Mildred Ila Cantrell, Morris Hood Cantrell, Kenneth Deon Cantrell, Ronald Wayne Cantrell, Lafayette "Fate" Cantrell, Jannie PITTMAN Cantrell.


I think I have covered most of the residents living there at that time. I hope you print these out and save them some place. I did notice a few typo errors on a few of the names and a letter missed here and there. Anyway, this has given me something to do. I might also add, I was the last person in 1949 to graduate from the 8th grade at the Walpole Dist 56 one room school located about 1/2 mile south of Walpole.

Submitted by Joel Kevin Lasswell 06 Nov. 2005

Transcribed by James Edward Gholson