Began and held at the East Fork of Muddy River chruch, Franklin county, Illinois. Saturday before the third Lord's Day in September, 1822 and days following.

Agreeable to appointment, Elder Stilley delivered the introductory sermon, from Rev. the 15th chapter, 3rd verse, "Great and marvelous are thy ways, Lord God Almighty, & ;.

The association then convened and being opened with prayer by Elder Henderson, proceeded to business.

1st. Chose Elder Chester Carpenter, Moderator and Elder John Wren, Clerk.

2nd. Letters from the following Churches were read, and their messengers enrolled.

3rd. A Letter of Correspondence from Little River Association was thankfully received, and their messengers, Elder Fielding Wolf, took his seat with us.

4th. A Letter of Correspondence from Illinois Association was thankfully received, and their messengers, Elders Wm. Jones, and Thomas Ray, took their seats with us.

5th. Brother Lazarus Webb requested to write a Letter of Correspondence with Little River Association.

6th. On motion, Brethren wren, Cantril, Rea, Herring, & Carpenter be a committee of arrangement to report on Monday morning.

7th. Requested, Brethren Rondeau, Wolf, and Wilson to occupy the stand tomorrow, and that meeting begin at 10 o'clock A.M. After prayer by the Moderator, adjourned until Monday, 9 o'clock. Sunday worship was opened by Brother Wilson from Romans 6th chapter, verse 23, "For the wages of Sin is death, &". Brother Rondeau, from St. John, ch. 3, verse 3, "Except a man be born again, &" . Brother Wolf from 1st Epistle of John, chapter 44, verse 19, "We love Him because he first loved us, &; . The word preached to an attentive congregation we hope will be attended with a Divine Blessing.

Monday met according to adjourment, and, after prayer by the Moderator, proceeded to business.

8th. Called for the committee's arrangement, which was read, received, and the Committee dismissed.

9th. Called for the corresponding letter to Little River Association, which was received, and Lemuel M. Wilson, Wilson Henderson and Stephen Stilley appointed corresponding messengers to bear the same. Likewise, Isaac Herring, Chester Carpenter, and Charles Lee, our corresponding messengers to Illinois Association, and that they prepare the corresponding letter.

10th. The circular letter called for, and received, and ordered to be annexed to these minutes.

11th. Brother Oliver Morris appointed Secretary to this Association, and that he keep a copy of the minutes of each Association until a Book be provided.

12th. Brethren Hix and Bethel appointed a committee of Finance,

Who report that they have received from the Churches this year, as their contributions.... $22.00
Remaining in the Treasury.....................................................................................................25


13th. Requested Brother W. M. His to prepare a circular letter for next Association.

14th. Our next Association to be holden at Ten Mile Creek Church, Hamilton County, to commence Saturday preceding third Lord's Day in September, 1823, and that Wren, Herring, Henderson, Carpenter, Watkins, and Lee be appointed to attend the same.

16th. Brother Wren requested to prepare these minutes for the Press, and that Lemuel M. Wilson superintend the printing of the same, have 200 copies struck and distribute 20 copies for the use of next Association and that he call on Treasurer for money to pay for the Printing.

17th. After prayer by the Moderator, adjourned to the time and place appointed.

Chester Carpenter, Moderator

(Attest) John Wren, Clerk

Price $8 State Paper for 200 copies


Dear Brethren,

Through the smiles of an intelligent Parent, we have another pleasing interview. The Letters from some of the Churches give a pleasing account of the work of the Lord among them, and considerable additions to their numbers, while the Churches are living in peace.

Our last Letter was on faithfulness -- we have now thought proper to give you a short address on the important duty of Christian watchfulness. The Church of Christ in her militant State, is said to be coming up out of the wilderness, or place where travelers are exposed to many dangers; the world, the flesh and the Devil are three potent enemies, against which, we should always be on our guard; For the world's allurements, its profits and pleasures are presented on every side, and Satan who is said to be transformed into an angel of light, is artfully smiting his temptations to our fleshy appetites. So that we seldom see the snare, before we feel the smart." This makes it our duty to be always on the watch towers. Again, it is our duty to watch against error; for as in former days, false prophets were in the world, so in present many false teachers are amongst us in sheeps clothing. One or two remarks on them may suffice for this letter. The eternal existance of Jesus Christ, or his being very God, Creator of all things, as well as being very mass mediator, is denied by some, a stroke to sap the very foundation of the Christian religion. Others make face to change His Ordinances and substitute their own instead, and thus teach &. We warn our Churches to watch against every departure from the Gospel Rule. hence it becomes the duty of every true minister of Jesus Christ to take heed to themselves, and to the doctrine they advance, and study to shew themselves approved to God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth. They should watch over the flock of Christ, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made them overseers. Guarding them against error in principles and practice, and constantly feed them on the sincere milk of the word. It is also the duty of Churches to watch their preachers in love and tenderness for many errors start from the pulpit. We should also guard our own hearts that nothing be done through strife or vain glory. We should watch our conversation in the world as well as in the House of God, for the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity, that no man can tame. We should guard against all pride, lightmindedness, vain jesting and every worldly employment that might hinder us from filling our seats at every conference meeting and attending on the preached word of God, giving no occasion to the Adversary to approach our Holy religion, but lest we swell this letter too large, we beseech you in a special manner, to be sober and watchful unto prayer, walk as children of the Light, live in Love & Grace, and the God of Love shall be with you and help you, and finally give you a place among all the sanctified through our True Jesus Christ. Amen.


Note: Ordained ministers names are distinguished with O, and Licensed with L.




Big Creek Stephen Stilley O, Tho. Waller, Reece Shelbey 1   4 1 1 38 $2.00 .
E. F. M. River Isaac Herring O, Richard Cantril, Wilson Rea 1   3   1 28 1.50
Bangtons Fork Wilson Henderson O, Daniel Powel 2 3 3     30 2.50
M. F. M. River John Wren O, Laza. Webb, John Lee, Senr. 21 6       37 2.50
Bethels Creek Joab Moore, Chester Bethel   1       15 1.50
Lusk's Creek No Messenger              
Ten Mile Creek C. Carpenter, O 22 9 21 Restored 1   34 2.50
Mt. Tabor Jos. Jordan, Wm. Hix, Oliver Morris 11 4       31 2.00
Hopewell Jas. Bird, Ste. Coonrad, William Watkins, L 10 8 3 2 2 36 3.00
Lick Creek Charles Lee, L 1   2 2 1 23


Island Ripple

L. M. Wilson, L, Tho. Barlow





Elk Prairie

John Taylor, Edward Flat           23


  Total           334


This last Church was received this Association.