Of the Nineteenth Meeting

Of the


Begun and held with the Church at

Bethel's Creek, Gallatin Cty., Illinois

Commencing the Saturday preceding the

Second Lord's day in September 1839

and two succeeding days

The Congregation having convened as agreeable to appointment, Elder Chas. H. Clay delivered the Introductory Sermon from 1st Cor. 14th chap., 37th verse, "If any man think himself to be a prophet, &".

The Association then convened and being opened with praise and prayer, by Elder C. H. Clay, proceded to business by appointing Charles H. Clay, Moderator Pro Tem.

1. Letters from the following Churches were read, received and their messengers names enrolled.

2. Chose Elder C. H. Clay Moderator and Brother John Lockhart, Clerk and Brother Johnathan Floyd Assistant Clerk.

3. Received a Letter of correspondence from the Original Little River Association, by the hands of their messengers, Elder Stallard Scott, Foster and Mason, who were invited to seats with us. Bro. Joseph Tucker requested to prepare an answer to said letter.

4. Received a Letter of correspondence from the Bethel association by the hand of their messenger Elder Moses Neal, who was invited to a seat with us. Requested Bro. Wm. Allen to prepare an answer to said Letter.

5. Received a Letter of correspondence from Little wabash Association by the hand of their messenger, Brother Adam Hunsinger who was invited to a seat with us, requested Elder J.T.F. Lewis to prepare an answer to said Letter.

6. This Association agrees to drop the correspondence with the Saline Association, Ind. in consequence of that Association dropping her correspondence with us without giving her reasons for so doing.

7. Our next Association to be held with the Church at Lick Creek, White Co., Ill., commencing the Saturday preceding the 2nd Lord's Day in Sept. 1840. Elder John Morse to preach the Introductory Sermon and in case of failure, Elder J.T.F. Lewis. Worship to commence at 10 o'clock A.M.

8. Appointed Bros. Moses Pearce, Allen and Durham with the Moderator and Clerks, a committee of arrangement to report on Monday Morning.

9. Requested Elders Scott, Mason and Andrews to occupy the stand tomorrow and Elder John Morse close the exercises of the Day. Worship to commence at 10 o'clock A.M.

10. After Praise and Prayer, adjourned until Monday Morning 10 o'clock.


Ordained = O, Licensed preacher = L

CHURCHES MESSENGERS NAMES Baptized Rec. by Letter Dis. by Letter Ex- cluded Re- stored Dead Total Con- tribu- tions Time of meeting Saturday before the....
Bethel's Creek Gallatin Co. A. Coffee+, Wm. Thomas Wm. Burnet








$2.00 3rd Sab.
Island Ripple Gallatin Co. Bazel Barnett            



1st Sab.
North Fork Hamilton Co. Wm. Allen, J.T.F. Lewis, J.Gipson+  






1st Sab.
Rector's Fork Hamilton Co. John Lockhart     1 2     10


2nd Sab.
Middle Fork Saline Gallatin Co. Asabel Durham, James McFarland    






$1.00 4th Sab.
Grandpier Pope Co. C. H. Clay+, John Morse+, John Floyd      





$2.10 2nd Sab.
Little Spring Hamilton Co. J. Johnson, A.Denton, J.Braden








4th Sab.
Wolf Creek Gallatin Co. Joseph Tucker+,

Peter Gates,

R. Church



$1.50 2nd Sab.
Lick Creek White Co. M. Pearce+,

J. Pearce Colman________








$2.00 4th Sab.
Lick Boundary Gallatin Co. Wm. Harget, Joseph Easly Wm. Fowler      




$1.25 3rd Sab.











11. Sunday worship was opened by Elder F. Mason from the 12th chap. of Daniel, part of the 10th verse, "But the wicked shall do wickedly and none of the wicked shall understand." In consequence of a shower of rain, the subject was dropped, having spoken but a short time. The congregation having returned to the Meeting House, the exercises were continued by Elder Scott from 3nd Timothy, 4th chap., 2nd verse, "Preach the word, &". Elder Anderson followed from Zachariah, 9th chap., 11th verse, "As for these also, &". Elder Morse closed the exercises by a short admonition.

12. Monday met according to appointment, and after Praise and Prayer by Elder Wm. Gholson, proceeded to business.

13. Called for the Comittee's arrangement which was read and received and they discharged.

14. Requested Elders Mason and Morse, Scott and M. Pearce to occupy the stand today.

15. Called for the Letters to corresponding Associations, which were read, presented by those appointed to write them, which were read and received. Appointed Elders A. Coffey, C. H. Clay and J. Morse to bear the Letter to the Original Little River Association, Ky. Elders John Pearce, Joseph Tucker, J.T.F. Lewis and Wm. Gholson to the Little Wabash, and Elders Chas. H. Clay, A. Coffey, M. Pearce, Thos. Coffey, J. Morse, J. Gibson and Bro. J. Floyd to Bethel Association.

16. Agreed to have out last year's minutes, which were not printed, with the Circular embodied and presented with these, this year's minutes. Also as agreed heretofore, to attach the Constitution of this Association to the present Mnutes.

17. In answer to the request of the Church at Grand Pier, this Association is of the opinion that where a church is legally dissolved and the documents are lodged with a Sister Church, that she is the proper tribunal to reinstate members that may have been excluded from said dissolved Church.

18. In accordance with an act of the Association, we insert the name of John Braden, a licensed Preacher in Rector's Fork Church, who has been excluded from our Union, which should have been noticed in our last year's minutes, but was neglected.

19. Appointed Brethren Floyd, Burnett and Allen, a committee of finance, who report that they have received from the Churches $14.72, and from Bro. Wathen by the hand of Brother Lockhart, $13.75, making in all $28.47.

20 The Association agrees to consider on the expediency of opening a correspondence with the Hyland Association until our next association.

21. Request Brother Lockhart to prepare these minutes for the Press and that Bro. Wm. Allen superintend the printing of the same, as heretofore have 350 copies struck and that the above sum of $28.47 be left in his hands to pay for the printing of the same. Bro. Allen also to distribute the minutes.

22. After Praise and Prayer by J.T.F. Lewis, the Association adjourned to the time and place appointed.

C. H. Clay, Moderator


John Lockhart, Clerk

Jonathan Floyd, Asst. Clerk


(The Constitution was inserted here.)