Walpole Post Office, Hamilton County Illinois



Walpole Post Office, Hamilton County Illinois

(Originally established as GRISWOLD).


   Postmasters               Title         Date Appointed

Gilbert Griswold        Postmaster     04/16/1832    

Henry D. Pennngton       PM            08/09/1864    

William B Garner           PM            03/10/1868     Discontinued April 1, 1869 Re-established          July15,1869                                                       

John F Gott                     PM            07/15/1869



John F. Gott                 Postmaster       09/22/1873

Ira Smith                               PM          09/16/1874  

William R. Gallian               PM          10/18/1878

John H. Douglass                 PM          11/25/1878

Thomas B. Vaugh(a)n          PM          03/07/1882  

Euphrasia A. Montgomery   PM          03/25/1886

Nelson Hall                          PM           06/04/1886

Miriam L. Vaughan             PM           05/23/1889

William R. Jennings            PM           04/07/1890

Richard C. Flannigan           PM          07/17/1890

Adam Helm                          PM          06/06/1894

William G. Henson              PM          09/14/1894

William Roberts                   PM          05/16/1898

James L. Douglas                 PM          01/26/1905

Robert F. Flannigan             PM          04/02/1906

Nancy A. Young                  PM          07/17/1906

Sallie A. Ellis                       PM          10/26/1906

Terry Sneed       Acting        PM          07/09/1921

Marion E. Latham         A    PM          09/22/1921

Marion E. Latham                PM          11.02/1921

Troy Matheny                  Acting         03/12/1923

Troy Matheny                      PM          04/10/1923

Palmer J. Lasswell          Acting          10/01/1927

Palmer J. Lasswell               PM          02/24/1928


Palmer was the Postmaster until the office closed 30th, Nov. 1953. After that date, all mail came from Broughton, ILL., P.O. and was delivered as Rural Route #1.

Two of the Broughton carriers were, Red Bealmer, and John Metcalf during WWII, John removed the body of a Model A Ford, built a wooden frame and covered it with canvas. I remember when the carriers used to deliver baby chickens; also they would have a big load when they would deliver the Sears, Montgomery Ward, and Spiegel, catalogs.

Joel Kevin Lasswell