We discovered a new cousin and each of us had family pictures the other didn't have. We both made copies and delighted each other with new photos!

We thought it would be great to list available pictures for anyone desiring to participate. You may send information about photo, (name of person(s) approximate location, date etc. See example at bottom of page.)

If you have a scanned picture you would like to send as an attachment I will post it.

Photo only from 1860 to 1960 for now, please.

I cannot display pictures from books or copyrighted materials.

Our only purpose is to put you in contact with others. We are not responsible for transactions between individuals.


Name Middle Last Year Location Contact
Emily Caroline Viers Abt.1890 McLeansboro gholson@spiff.net
David   Viers Abt.1880 McLeansboro gholson@spiff.net
Jermiah John Viers Abt.1866 McLeansboro John Gholson
William (Bill)   Viers Abt.1880 McLeansboro  



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