Broughton Paper 1915

THURSDAY, JAN, 21, 1915

Thanks to Tom Young for the following articles which was in "The Leader" McLeansboro. The article written by C.H. Anderson Editor and Publisher. The paper was recovered from the Allen Store safe in Broughton. This article was retyped. Other articles about business are scanned as A-1 through A-13 on other pages



Broughton was surveyed, platted and put on the map in 1872 by John Judd. Mr. Edward Dawes owned the tract of land on which the original town now stands, Among the first citizens of Broughton were: Edward Dawes, Samuel B. Allen, Anderson Porter and Tomzen Gholson.

Uncle "Sam Allen" as he is familiarly called by one and all, is the only survivor of this most notable group of men. When I say "most notabable" I mean it for these men have left their stamp upon Broughton and surrounding country as few men have done.

Arthur Dawes is the son of Edward Dawes, Arthur is a fixture in Broughton and stands high in the esteem of its citizens. Arthur has one sister living there, Mrs. Lou Barker. *(Note: comments below)

Sampson Reeves has three sons, Daniel A, William and Frank Reeves living there. These men are honorable, high minded men, whose influence is always found on the side of the right.

Uncle Tomzen Gholson has left to perpetuate his name. Mrs. D. A. Reevers, Mrs. Bessie Cleveland and Mr. Ed Gholson, who are all industrious and energetic citizens of Broughton.

Anderson Porter was among the most notable men of this section of our state. Nature fully equipped Mr. Porter both physically and mentally to Battle with the world. He was a man of a few words but he was always on the firing line in every battle of life, commercially, and politically. If Mr.Porter had not met with an untimely death, he would have been one of the wealthiest men in Southern Illinois. He was a man of strong convictions and never showed a white feather in battle. His entire family, except Logan, who died within the last year, now live in Broughton: Mrs. Martha Porter his widow, Eliza Ingram, Orlena Warren, Agnea Allen, Sherman Porter, James H. Porter, Ella Osburn, Nellie Dawes and Letha Porter.

Samuel B. Allen is the only survivor of the four first settlers in Broughton. He and his good wife are honored and loved by all who know them. Mr. Allen's work is done as he retired from active business a few years ago. Samuel B. Allen has done his part in building up Broughton and the surrounding country. He has lived an honest, industrious life and has well earned a rest from his labors. When time shall call him away, a good man will have gone. Blessed is he that has lived an honorable upright life. Uncle Sam has certainly lived such a life.

Of the four early citizens of Broughton there still remain: S.B. Allen and wife, Mrs. Anderson Porter, Mrs. Tomzen Gholson and nineteen children. All are residents of Broughton and are found among the leaders. To my mind this is remarkable.

* Celeste Louisa Dawes was daughter of Dr. Edward Dawes and Delila Thrasher. She first married James Tomzen Gholson the son of the above mentioned Tomzen Gholson. After the death of her husband James, she married M.L. Clark. After his death she married Robert Barker. She was always then called Lou Barker and Grandma Barker by her grandchildren.