Broughton Photos


Broughton photo tour of north side of Dawes Street  
Market Day in Broughton in the early 1900s L & N at the Broughton Depot
Sunday School Cllass circa 1914  
Elevator in Broughton 1920 Inside Broughton Depot
flour-mill in the 1920s Broughton Depot in 1917
Brick & Tile Co 1930s Home of James Anderson Porter
Croquet in the 1930s Broughton Map
Griswold's Barn 1937 flood Phone from Allen Store
  Allen Store Ad
Barn in the flood of 37 Allen Store Advertisement
  I remember layout of ALLEN Store
1937-flood Ed Gholson's garage Allen Store wrapping paper
  Allen Store Coupons
house in the 1937 flood Ed Barker's Store Tokens
1937 Flood Broughton Illinois The Hamilton Company Merchants Stationary
Broughton IL 1937 flood. # 1 Hamilton Store Wrapping Paper
Dawes St in Broughton Allen Family and the Hamilton Store
  Broughton Baptist Church
Broughton Post Office 1903 School Souvenir
Postmaster Certificate of Fred Wilson  
Ruth McElvain Steel Bridge
Barber Shop  
Winifred Hughes Old Bridge in the 1930s
  Old North Fork Bridge
Reeder's Garage Stationary - Lincoln/Ford/Fordson Dealer Broughton 1931 Picnic
Bank Book from Bank of Broughton 1920 Allen Store Company safe
Checks that went through Broughton Bank Telephone
Bank Note Tax Receipts of C.W. Allen
Broughton Funeral Home 1895 Sullivan Repair Shop Broughton IL. 1940
Turner's Funeral Service  
Dredge machine Gunter Blacksmith Shop
Old Broughton Insurance sign Broughton Community School Bus picking up Wheeler children 1959
  Broughton School 1940's
Driving hogs in the holding pen to be shipped out of Broughton in the 1930s Ed Gholson Dairy Barn
  Yellow Restaurant 1964
Broughton or Dale Band Broughton Grade School Teachers 1957

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