Grierson's Raid from La Grange Tennessee to Baton Rouge Louisiana


Captain Edward Dawes of Co K 6th Illinois Cavalry from Rectorville took part in the raid!

K. Co. 6th Cavalry Roster

Colonel Benjamin H. Grierson from Jacksonville, ILL.

Grierson would lead the raid with three cavalry regiments. The ILL. 6th &7th and the 2nd Iowa, about 500 picked men, and equipped with five days "light rations."

They tore up railroads tracks, cut telegraph lines, captured and burned trains, destroyed bridges, which cut off the supplies for Vicksburg.

Grierson left Tenn., April 17 1863 and arrived in Baton Rouge in May 2, 1863. In 17 Days they went 800 miles, and was engaged a number of times with the enemy. At the last of the raid,and with the enemy in pursuit there was no halting for the men to rest or eat or to watering the horses which collapsed along the route with alarming frequency. Men were riding sound asleep in their saddles. The news of Grierson's arrivel spread throughout the city on May 2 and a jubilant crowd lined the streets to greet the cavalrymen. The column of dust-covered horsemen many of whom were on lame and jaded mounts.

General Sherman called his raid "the most brilliant expedition of the war"


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For More Information Read Triumph & Defeat The Vicksburg Campaign by Terrence J. Winschel

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