Descendants of Anthony Gholson, Sr

Descendants of Anthony Gholson, Sr.


Generation No. 1

1. ANTHONY1 GHOLSON, SR. was born Abt. 1680 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, and died Bef. 1764 in Orange County, Virginia. He married JANE.


Notes from "Gholson & Allied Families" by Virginia Baker Mitchell

Tracing backward any family presents many hazards. In working in certain sections of Virginia the difficulties are greatly increased by the lamentable havoc wars and time have made on recorded documents - many areas having few if any extant. This condition has presented a great challenge in the case of this Gholson and their allied lines, for the counties from which Spotsylvania sprang as well as those adjacent are especially affected. Also, the history of the later influx of colonists, circa 1725, complicates deductions, and confuses analysis of data otherwise admitted or recognized as circumstantial evidence.

Both the surname and the given name of Anthony Gholson (variously spelt, phonetically, as previously explained) are not usual names. That there was an Anthony Gunston recorded as headright of John Bayly in 1641/2 of Gloucester (Mason's Glouc, V. 1. p. 4), and a John a headright of Wm. Haward in 1668 (ibid. p. 38) makes one wonder if the handwriting or the recording were not meant for "GULS(T)ON", for such was one of the many early spellings of the name.

One John Gulston had a transaction recorded in 1688 with a Francis Stone in the Old Rappahannock records. This man could have been father of Anthony, whose earliest recorded document to date located in Spotsylvania - 1725, a deed of purchase of two hundred acres, in St. George Parish, from James Taylor, gent. of King & Queen Co. Va., which property he, with his wife Jane, sold in 1739 to Zachary Lewis.

More often than not in those early days land-transactions were between relatives or friends, and it was quite usual to have close relatives act as witnesses. This has been found to be true in so many instances that it has come to be utilized as one of the "clues" to be pursued in attempting to "place" persons in their correct settings. The alert genealogists does not overlook nor forget any linkage of names with the person(s) being traced. Therefore attention is called to allied names in following down Anthony's descendants.

King George the Second issued, under Govr Wm. Gooch, a Grant to Anthony (Sr.) Gholston, Sept. 28th 1728 for 1000 acres on Terry's Run in Spts. Co. Va. (Land Patent Book 13:441); and the same year and day another Grant of 1000 acres, also on Terry's Run, was issued to his sons, Wm. & Anthony Junr. Gohalston (500 acres to each) (Land Patent Bk 13:382).

This 1000 acres issued to Anthony Sr. was sold by him in 1734 to Wm. Ganes and James Jones, 422 1/2 acres each, the remainder, 115 acres in 1738 to Wm. Crosthwait. In this latter deed the name is spelt "Golson".

In 1740 he bought 400 acres from John Chew and wife Margaret, and sold, 1744, 120 acres of it to his son-in-law, Wm. Pollard, first husband of his daughter, Elizabeth. In 1761 the remaining 280 acres were sold to Joseph Hawkins Jr. Therefore in 1763 on July 22 - shortly before his death-his deeds of gift to his children consisted of slaves and personal property.

The early records indicate his residence in St. George Parish, Spts. Whereas the later ones state St. Thomas Parish, Orange Co. Va. Orange was formed from Spts. Co. in 1734.

The deed of gift found in Will Book 13:322, Orange Co. recorded 1763 July 23rd leaves two slaves (Tom & little Tom) with furniture etc to son William and two slaves (Bob & boy, Cupid) with furniture etc. to son Anthony Jr....while to daughters, to Elizabeth (Venus & Mary, slaves) Rice---then wife of Samuel rice; formerly wife of Wm. Pollard whose will was dated 1746 July 13 and proved July 24th, in which he bequeaths 250 acres to "friend" Joseph Hawkins (one wonders why?); and to his own eldest son, Joseph Pollard, "land purchased of Anthony Gholson", mentioning also his younger son William, his daughter, Sarah Pollard, and his unborn child (Jane, according to the bequest left her by her grandfather Anthony Sr., "one lot of land that I bought of Nathaniel Gur or Geer (there has been found no record of this purchase) and "Negroes Judy & Ben - with horses, cattle, and remainder of my estate what-so-ever".

Mrs. Jane Gholson, widow of Anthony Sr., deeded the property left her by her husband to her son John - the transaction being recorded in 1764 Dec. 3rd in Orange Co. records, probably because she was living with this son and maybe the other children objected to his having the benefits of the use of the slaves. She outlived all her children, apparently, for the record of inventory of her estate by her administrator, John Greenhorn, in Spts. Will Bk. E:639 in 1797 Feb. 28th reports cash in his hands at the time of her death, her care and board expenses as well as the wintering of her cattle 8 1/2 months, indicates her date of passing to have been during the summer of 1796. To be re-embursed he was given permission to sell the sheep, cattle, spinning wheel, flax wheel, sidesaddle, pewter, urns, chest, and other furniture belonging to her.

In estimating the probable ages of Anthony Sr and his children, it is likely the eldest child was Wm. and both he and his brother, Anthony Jr. were of age in 1728 to secure grants of land, their minimum birth-dates would range not likely later than 1705/6 & 1707/8, and estimating their birthdate would lie between 1684/87. If the later date, he would have been 77 in 1763/4. If his wife, Jane was aged 16 when married (17 when Wm. was born, 1705/6 - not improbable, but quite unusual in any era. The first documentary record we have of Jane as wife of Anthony Sr. was in 1734. There is a possibility Anthony Sr. married twice.

Source: "Gholson & Allied Families" by Virginia Baker Mitchell

Children of ANTHONY GHOLSON and JANE are:

  • 2. i. WILLIAM2 GHOLSON, SR., b. Bet. 1705 - 1706; d. Abt. 1790.

    3. ii. ANTHONY GHOLSON, JR., b. Bet. 1707 - 1708.

    4. iii. ELIZABETH GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1709.

    iv. LUCY GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1711; m. JAMES STAPP.

    Notes for JAMES STAPP:

    James, son of Joshua & wf (Hannah....?) Step or Stapp - perhaps parents of Gholson Stapp of Ky.

    v. JOHN GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1713; m. ESTHER COOK, Bef. 1741.

  • Generation No. 2

    2. WILLIAM2 GHOLSON, SR. (ANTHONY1) was born Bet. 1705 - 1706, and died Abt. 1790. He married SUSANNA COLLINS, daughter of JOSEPH COLLINS and (?.) She was born 1709 in Spotsylvania County, VA., and died 1775 in Caldwell County, KY..

    Notes for WILLIAM GHOLSON, SR.:

    William - eldest son of Anthony - appears first of record in the joint-Grant of 1000 acres in Spts. Co. Va. on Terry's Run that he held with his brother, Anthony Jr. This 500 acres - his half he sold to George Blakey in 1749, his wife Susanna signing and his distinctive mark (usually cattle identification) appears thereon.

    In the Order Book six of Orange Co. Va. between the years 1747 and 1760 his name appears frequently-usually in connection with the recording of the names and ages of his numerous slaves. It is not clear exactly where in Orange he was living in this interim - having property quite near if not on both sides of the dividing line between Spts. & Orange. On June 16, 1759 he bought a 250 acre tract, partly in Spts & partly in Orange, from John Clayton Jr. and another tract from him Nov. 3rd 1760 - some 150 acres.

    Of his holdings, he sold 300 acres to Edward Herndon on Oct 6, 1760 "lying partly in Spts & part in Orange" and 100 acres to Uriah Garton recorded Sept 25, 1760. He bought 123 acres in Spts. June 3, 1765 from his wife's father, John Collins and wife Ann.

    Oct 7, 1768, Wm. & wife Susanna sold 60 acres of their Spts. lands to John Mitchell, and 563 acres on Dec 28, 1770 to Jhn Larew.

    Robert Foster and his wife Agatha sold to Wm. 144 acres May 15, 1771 - of which he sold 64 acres May 16 to Robt. Smith, and 80 acres on Jan 4, 1775 to Jacob Cunes, but this latter was deeded back to Wm. on April 12, 1775. On this sale transfer is the last (found) record of Susanna.

    Of these varied transactions, comprising a total of some 1247 a. of land secured and 1667 acres sold, it is highly probable that he held many more tracts than seem to be able to be accounted-for in extant records. He was a very wealthy man, yet to date no will nor record of settlement of estate has been found.

    That his wife, Susanna was a daughter of Joseph Collins is clear from Joseph's will which is recorded in Spts. Nov 1 (dated August) 1757. As the last public record of Susanna was in 1775, it is apparent she died between that date and 1786 when the above referred distinctive "mark" appears together with wife Joan in the record of sale of 80 acres "whereon Thomas Perry now lives in Spts. Co. Va." This Thomas Perry doubtless was a relative of Jane ("Jeaney", so Mr. Dandridge Spotswood, a descendant, called her) Perry, wife Thomas son of John, the latter the younger brother of Wm. Thomas Perry could have been Jane ("Jeaney")'s father.

    In the tax records Wm is permitted to conduct an ordinary 1782/3 and from 1787 is listed as "exempt" (meaning his age was over 60 yrs) with Wm."Junior" recording (apparently living in the household together. 1788,1789 & 1790 the records carry the entry "Wm. exempt", but from that date there is no mention of his name, hence one is led to assume he must have died close to the turn of the century. As there is no entry at all under the name of Wm. Golson (any variant of spelling in the 1800 list, this must be the time of removal from the County.

    In Book U:343 there is found "Indenture made this day 25th of Nov. 1816 between Robert Patton, late sheriff of Spts. Co. Va. of the first part and Wm. Simpson...whereas 300 acres ret. del. (returned delinquent) sold". Whether Wm. died and Wm.Jr., removed that same year seeking his fortunes as did many another in the newly opened lands to the South and West--or if Wm. Jr. took along with him his aged father, has not been able to be positively ascertained to date.

    From known relationships (indicated in family bibles as well as by such statements as may be found printed, one example being the footnote on page 376 of "Early Settlers in Ala" (Saunders & Stubbs) the list of the children of William and his wife Susanna (nee Collins) is herewith presented for further researchers verification - these children so listed (except perhaps Lewis) who could have been the eldest child, but some descendants vehemently deny) seem definitely to belong to William and Susanna Collins...(no known issue by Joan)...

    Source: "Gholson And Allied Families" by Virginia Baker Mitchell


  • i. LEWIS3 GHOLSON, b. 1730; d. 1793; m. ELIZABETH STAHLEY.

    5. ii. ANTHONY GHOLSON, b. 1733, of Spotsylvania, Virginia; d. February 1816, Steubenville, Wayne Co. Kentucky.

    iii. FREDERICK GHOLSON, b. Bet. 1735 - 1736.

    iv. JOHN GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1740.

    Notes for JOHN GHOLSON:

    Possibly progenitor of W. Va. family. Archives at Washington D. C. & Chalkley' Old Augusta Co. Va. records V2:48 and Va. Mag. V. 1 & V. 5 indicate he was an officer in the French & Indian Wars, listed as 17th name of those under Gen'l Geo. Washington receiving lands located on Guyandotte and, a second entry, lands in Fincastle, 1772 being an officer in Co. H. at the Battle of Great Meadows, 1754. Nothing further is known of him.

    v. JAMES GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1743.

    vi. WILLIAM GHOLSON, JR., b. 1758; m. MARY JARREL.

    Notes for WILLIAM GHOLSON, JR.:

    Pension says married "Polly" (Mary) Jarrell.

  • Generation No. 3

    5. ANTHONY3 GHOLSON (WILLIAM2, ANTHONY1) was born 1733 in of Spotsylvania, Virginia, and died about 1816 in Steubenville, Wayne Co. Kentucky. He married ELIZABETH Abt. 1759 in Virginia. She was born Abt. 1743, and died Aft. 1810.

    Notes for ANTHONY GHOLSON:

    Anthony Gholson, son of William Gholson (Sr.) and wife Susanna Collins was about 80 years old in 1813, which places his year of birth about 1733. Spotsylvania Co., Va., was formed in 1720 from parts of Essex, King & Queen and King William Counties. Orange Co., was formed from Spotsylvania Co., in 1734. Anthony was raised in the vicinity of Spotsylvania and Orange Counties. Augusta Co., was formed in 1738 from Orange Co. Anthony married Elizabeth............ about 1758. Sometime prior to the Revolutionary War (1775-1783) he moved his family to Augusta Co. He served as a private under Captain James Tate in the Augusta Co., militia during the Revolutionary War.

    Children of ANTHONY GHOLSON and ELIZABETH are:

  • 7. i. FRANCIS4 GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1760, Spotsylvania County, Virginia; d. Abt. 1825, Hamilton County, IL..

    ii. WILLIAM GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1762, Virginia; d. September 19, 1843, Greenup County Ky.; m. MARY CROSS, December 09, 1784, Botetourt County, Virginia.

    iii. MARY GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1766; m. JOSEPH CHRISMAN, August 23, 1788, Botetourt County, Virginia.

    iv. SARAH GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1768, Virginia; m. ISAAC CHRISMAN, May 22, 1788, Botetourt County, Virginia.

    v. ELIZABETH GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1770; m. WILLIAM NEELY, December 01, 1789, Botetourt County, Virginia.

    vi. JOHN GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1774, Virginia; m. LUCRETIA GRIFFITH, March 10, 1794, Botetourt County, Virginia.

    vii. JAMES GHOLSON, b. September 16, 1776, Virginia; d. September 22, 1853, Madison County, Tenn.; m. MARTHA LEWIS, February 04, 1796, Lincoln County, Ky..

    viii. NANCY GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1778, Virginia.

    ix. JULIA CATHERINE GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1780, Virginia; m. BARTHOLOMEW HADEN, August 10, 1801, Botetourt County, Virginia.

    x. SAMUEL GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1780, Virginia; d. July 04, 1852, Texas; m. MARY ANN SLATON, June 24, 1801.

    xi. BENJAMIN GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1782, Virginia; m. POLLY HADEN, November 17, 1803, Wayne County, Ky..

    xii. DOROTHY GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1786, Virginia; d. June 20, 1827, Winchester, Franklin, Tenn.; m. MICAH TAUL, May 30, 1802, Wayne County, Ky..

  • Generation No. 4

    7. FRANCIS4 GHOLSON (ANTHONY3, WILLIAM2, ANTHONY1) was born Abt. 1760 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, and died Abt. 1825 in Hamilton County, IL.. He married MARY CRAIG Abt. 1782, daughter of TOLIVER CRAIG and ELIZABETH JOHNSON. She was born July 19, 1760 in Virginia, and died in Hamilton County, IL..


    Anthony Gholson, born 1733, and wife Elizabeth are the parents of Francis Gholson. William Gholson & Susanna Collins were Francis Grandparents. It appears Francis was their oldest child. This shed new light on Francis as he could not have been born until about 1760 and places his age at about the same as his wife Mary Craig.

    Anthony Gholson & wife Elizabeth sold their land in Botetourt Co., Va., to Daniel Stover on 8 Sept. 1801 for $3000.00 The land was known as his Big Spring Estate and totalled 791 acres. Anthony and his family then crossed the mountains and settled in Wayne Co, Ky. He was still living in Wayne Co., in 1813 at the age of 80 years. He died about Jan. 1817 or possibly a little earlier, and was buried at Stubenville, Ky. He died intestate.

    The following documents from the Probate Records of the estate of Anthony Gholson of Wayne Co., Ky., were found by Jan Curtis of St. George, Utah, a descendant of Samuel Gholson, son of Anthony and Elizabeth. One document is Power of Attorney which reads as follows: "Know all men by these presents that I Francis Gholson of the County of Maury & State of Tennessee have & by these presents doth appoint Benjamin Gholson of the county of Wayne & State of Kentucky my true & lawful attorney in fact for me and in my name to transact all my business Relat(i)ve to my dec'd Father's Estate in the county of Way(ne) & else where and to do and perform in my behalf all business relative to the Estate aforesaid a(s) fully & effectually as I could do were I personally present Hereby ratifying and Confirming every act and deed of my said attor(n)ey in fact in the premises aforsd as if the sa(m)e was done and transacted in my own p(r)oper name & person In testimony Whereof I hav(e) hereunto Subscribed my name & affixed my (s)eal this 24 Oct 1817

    Francis Gholson (Seal)


    Jn L. Dibrell

    (Note: above was witnessed by John Lee Dibrell a resident of Wayne Co. Ky.)

    The above Power of Attorney does not mention Anthony Gholson by name. However, another document in the estate reads as follows: "We the under signed Representatives of Anthony Gholson Deceased do hereby authorize Barthw Hadon and John Gholson administrators of said Deceasants (sic) Estate to pay Francis Gholson, Senr. an Equal proportion of what ever may be our parts as an equal Heir they may have it in their power by sales made now or hereafter and hereby bind and oblige our selves never to take advantage of said Administrators either directly or indirectly or indirectly (sic - words repeated twice) hereby relinquishing all pretension of any kind whatever only binding them to administrate to him all such part as may be Due by this Contract. Witness our hands and seals this first day of Febuary (sic) 1817 Also our part Equally in the Landed Estate of sd. Deceasant (sic) and when sd. land is sold we agree they shall Draw out of the proceeds such equal Dividend and pay it over to sd Francis Gholson senr

    Teste )

    Abel Shrewsbury ) Wm Gholson (seal) John Gholson (seal)

    Nimrod Ingram ) James Gholson (seal) Wesley Neely (seal)

    ) B. Hadon (seal) Dolly Taul (seal)

    ) Saml Gholson (seal) For M Taul (seal)

    ) B. Gholson (seal) Joseph Chrisman (seal)

    Wayne County Court Clerks Office (cpy Febuary (sic) 1st 1817

    The Within Instrument was acknowledged by the subscribers thereto and ordered of Record. John Chrisman (CWC)"

    Note: The persons who signed the above document whose names were not spelled out were Bartholomew Hadon, Samuel Gholson, Benjamin Gholson, Dolly nickname for Dorothy (Gholson) Taul who signed for her husband Micah Taul.


    Children of FRANCIS GHOLSON and MARY CRAIG are:

  • 9. i. JOHN5 GHOLSON, b. February 08, 1784, Probably, Botetourt County, Virginia; d. Bet. 1826 - 1827, Hamilton County, IL..

    ii. ELIZABETH GHOLSON, b. July 16, 1785, Botetourt County, Virginia.

    10. iii. NATHANIEL GHOLSON, b. February 25, 1787, Fayette County, Ky; d. February 12, 1851, Henry County, Iowa.

    11. iv. WILLIAM GHOLSON, b. April 20, 1789, Fayette County, Ky.; d. August 04, 1843, Hamilton Co. IL..

    v. SARAH GHOLSON, b. January 01, 1791, Woodford or Scott Co. Ky..

    More About SARAH GHOLSON:

    Fact 1: Was called "Sallie"

    12. vi. LYDIA GHOLSON, b. June 15, 1792, Woodford or Scott Co. Ky.; d. July 11, 1850, White County, IL..

    13. vii. BENJAMIN GHOLSON, b. December 17, 1793, Scott County, Ky.; d. February 19, 1856, Polk County, Oregon.

    viii. JAMES & Julia GHOLSON,(twins) b. Abt. 1795.

  • 14. x. TOLIVER CRAIG GHOLSON, b. June 11, 1797, Scott County, Ky.; d. Abt. 1835.

    15. xi. PARIS LEE GHOLSON, b. September 22, 1798, Scott County, Ky.; d. September 28, 1863, Gallatin County, IL..

    Generation No. 5

    9. JOHN5 GHOLSON (FRANCIS4, ANTHONY3, WILLIAM2, ANTHONY1) was born February 08, 1784 in Probably, Botetourt County, Virginia, and died Bet. 1826 - 1827 in Hamilton County, IL.. He married (wife UNKNOWN) in Probably, Scott Co. Ky.. She died Aft. March 1821.

    Notes for JOHN GHOLSON:

    John was married twice. The name of his first wife is as yet unknown. He probably married her in Scott Co., about 1803/1804. The Scott Co., courthouse has burned three times and may account for failure to find a record of his first marriage.

    John and family probably accompanied, or followed, his father, Francis, to Maury Co., Tenn., about 1807. He served in the Tennessee Militia. He served in the War of 1812, enlisting as a Private in Captain Benjamin Reynolds' Company of Mounted Rangers, which had been ordered out for the protection of the frontier 22 Jun. 1812, and was engaged until 20 Aug. 1812. He reenlisted as a Private in Captain Benjamin Reynolds' Company of Infantry, Benton's Second Regiment of Tennessee Volunteers, 10 Dec. 1812, for one year. Judging from records found, John apparently reenlisted a third time, 4 October 1813, before his second tour of duty was completed. He was a Private in Captain William Dooley's Company of West Tennessee Militia Infantry, in Colonel Thomas McCrory's regiment of Militia. The Company Muster Roll for 4 October 1813 to 4 January 1814, shows that John was transferred to Gordon's Spies 15 October 1813. The Muster Roll contained the following: "Note: Non-commissioned officers, musicians and privates traveled 212 miles in marching to place of muster-in, and in returning from Fort Strother to residence, Columbia, Maury County." The Company Muster Roll for Captain Gordon's Company of Mounted Spies, Tennessee Militia, for September 1813 to 10 May 1814, shows John's date of appointment or enlistment as 24 September 1813 and that he was engaged until 4 April 1814. This Muster Roll contained the following: "Note: Each non-commisssioned officer, musician and private traveled 150 miles to Fayetteville where mustered into service and returning from Fayetteville to Hickman Court House in Hickman County, after being discharged. Remarks and alterations since last muster: Discharged 4 April, 1814."

    John's Discharge Certificate reads as follows: "I hereby Certify that John Golston a private in my Company of Mounted Spies under the command of Major Genl. Andrew Jackson on an expedition Against the Creek Indians Served from the 30th of September to the first day of April 1814 both days Inclusive Which entitles him Credit for a full tour of duty and he is hereby honorably discharged

    Fort Williams By order of the

    Apl 1st 1814. Commanding general

    /s/ John Gordon

    Captn of Spies"

    A Power of Attorney among the records reads in part, "Know all men by these presents that I John Gholston of Maury County and state of Tennessee...appoint K. Green of Nashville, Davidson true and lawful Attorney for me and in my name, and for my own proper use to ask, demand, sue for , recover and receive of Joseph Coleman, Esqr., District Paymaster for the state of Tennessee all such sum or sums of money, debts and demands whatsoever, which are now due and owing unto me...from the United States for my services as a Private in Capt. Jno. Gordons Mounted Spy company from the thirtieth day of Sept. 1813 to the First day of April 1814 as per my certificate of service herewith...In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Eight day of July 1815." John signed the document with an "X". His name was written on both sides of the "X" as follows: his

    ............................................................John x Gholson


    John was discharged in April 1814 and appears on a jury in Gallatin County, Illinois in November of the same year with other Hamilton Co.Illinois names. It is believed that his Power of Attny placed the above x as so he wouldn't have to return to Tennessee. He later is appointed a Justice of The Peace in Hamilton, County, Illinois which shows he could read and write.

    John Gholson (son of Francis) of General Jackson's Tennessee Militia: and fought in battle of the Horse-Shoe Bend, Alabama, in Indian war. (From a letter of his grandson, John G. Gholson, to Col. James E. Saunders, of Alabama, in 1889. He is author of a 'New Physics,' 'The Grammar System,' and 'The Participle.' Lives in Broughton, Hamilton County, Illinois. He added, 'many Gholsons are in Kentucky and Tennessee, but he did not know their lineage."

    This footnote is cited for the information about John Gholson son of Francis. John's Discharge Certificate from Captain Gordon's Company of Spies in the War of 1812 proves that he served under Major General Andrew Jackson who later became President of the United States. The John G. Gholson who wrote to Col. Saunders was John Gaines Gholson, who was born in 1851. In a general sense, he was a grandson of John Gholson but in actuality, he was a great, grandson. He was a son of Tomzen Gholson (b. 1831), a grandson of Eli Gholson b. 1808), and a great, grandson of John Gholson (b. 1784).

    John Gholson moved from Maury Co., Tenn., to White Co., IL., sometime after the 1818 State Census of IL., and before the 1820 U.S. Census. Research indicates that John's first wife probably died about 1820/1821. The marriage records of Hamilton Co. IL., show that John Gholston (sic) married Polly Dinsmore 25 Dec. 1823.

    The Name Index Files at the Illinois State Archives, Springfield, IL., show that John Gholson was appointed Justice of the Peace 4 June 1824 and again on 13 January 1825.

    (In the minutes of the Muddy River Baptist Assn., 3rd Saturday in September 1825, John Schoolcraft, Jarvis Sweeten, & John Golston are listed as messengers of the Rector Fork Baptist Church located about 3 miles west of Walpole, IL., and reported to the Association. (J. Gholson)

    John Gholson died sometime between March 1826 and 23 October 1828, the date his widow Polly Gholson married John Braden in Hamilton Co. IL. Their marriage record shows that Polly was the widow of John Gholson.

    NOTE: John Gholson, son of Francis Gholson and wife Mary Craig, known as Polly, did NOT, repeat did NOT, marry Talitha Morton in Clark Co. Ky., as recorded in Families and Descendants in America of Golsan, Golson, Gholson, Gholston by James M. Black. It was a Thomas Gholson who married Talitha Morton in Clark Co. Thomas moved to western Ky., and later died in Cape Girardeau Co. Mo., where his will, his widow Talitha, and his children appear.

    Compiled by: William Harrell Melton (1998) Provo Utah

    Children of JOHN GHOLSON and UNKNOWN are:

  • i. WESLEY6 GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1804, Probably, Scott Co. Ky.; d. May 01, 1846; m. LUCINDA MAYBERRY, July 09, 1825, Hamilton County Illinois; b. Abt. 1807, Tennessee.

    17. ii. JAMES GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1806, Scott County, Ky.; d. April 1850, Lafayette County, Wisconsin.

    18. iii. ELI GHOLSON, b. April 22, 1808, Scott County, Ky. or Maury County, Tennessee; d. July 11, 1841, Hamilton County, IL..

    iv. POLLY E. GHOLSON, b. June 1810, Probably, Scott Co. Ky.; d. Aft. 1870; m. ENOCH JOHNSON, January 05, 1826.

    Notes for POLLY GHOLSON:

    Marriage record states Polly is daughter of John Gholson.

    v. LYDIA GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1812, Probably, Maury Co. Tenn.; m. HIRAM CROSS, August 24, 1830, Hamilton County, IL..

    19. vi. FRANCIS GHOLSON, b. March 09, 1821, Hamilton County, IL.; d. March 04, 1880.

  • Generation No. 6

    18. ELI6 GHOLSON (JOHN5, FRANCIS4, ANTHONY3, WILLIAM2, ANTHONY1) was born April 22, 1808 in Scott County, Ky. or Maury County, Tennessee, and died July 11, 1841 in Hamilton County, IL.. He married MAHALA PORTER March 28, 1828 in Hamilton County, IL., daughter of TOMZEN PORTER and REBECCA HARDESTY. She was born January 10, 1811 in Kentucky, and died August 23, 1862 in Hamilton County, IL..

    Notes for ELI GHOLSON:

    Eli Gholson started a cemetery on his land where he himself is buried which became known as The Gholson Cemetery, located about one and a half miles southeast of Broughton, IL. Eli and others formed a school district and built a log school accross the road from the cemetery near large oak tree. The school was used many years until a new one was built near Broughton. (J.Gholson)

    Eli Gholson & Hardin Porter applied for and were granted permission to construct a mill dam across the North Fork of the Saline on Section 15, Township 7 South, Range 7 East of the 3rd Principal Meridian (House Journal 1838-1839, pg. 579, 601 & 607) (public Laws 1839, pg 291). Eli signed his name ELY and borrowed money from the bank of Shawneetown to build & run the grist mill and in his probate records are several bank notes that were co-signed by family relatives James, William & other people who knew him. (J. Gholson)

    He was commissioned Justice of the Peace Sept. 2, 1839 (Executive Record 1837 - 1843, Vol. 3, pg. 96), Eli Gholson, died Successor Justice of the Peace elected Aug. 14, 1841 (Election Returns, Vol. 46, pg. 3);

    More sources; Probate records Hamilton Co. IL., Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly, Volume 3, No. 4, Winter 71, pg. 191, Patent Land Entries, Hamilton Co., IL., re Eli Gholson; Name Index File, Illinois State Archives, Springfield, IL., re; Eli Gholson, Candidate for County Commissioner, Aug. 6, 1838 (Election Returns - Vol. 33, pg. 86).

    "Early Settlers of Alabama" by Col. James E. Saunders.


    Notes for MAHALA PORTER: (By J. Gholson)

    After the death of her husband Eli, Mahala marries Wm. Hudson, 1 Feb. 1842. This marriage ends when a large tree falls on him resulting in death. Mahala marries 3rd time Nov. 22, 1849 to Gibson Worthum Gaines. He has 7 children that become Mahala's Stepchildren. (1) Mary Elizabeth, (2) Robert (3) Margaret (4) James Henry (5) Larenzo (6) Latitia Jane (7) Susan Matilda


    Children of ELI GHOLSON and MAHALA PORTER are:

  • 22. i. TOMZEN7 GHOLSON, b. December 29, 1831, Hamilton County, IL.; d. November 27, 1899, Hamilton County, IL..

    ii. WESLEY GHOLSON, b. June 02, 1833.

    iii. JOHN GHOLSON, b. Bet. 1834 - 1835.

    iv. JAMES GHOLSON, b. Bet. 1835 - 1836.

    23. v. FELIX GHOLSON, b. March 27, 1838, Broughton, Hamilton County , IL.; d. July 07, 1916, Broughton, Hamilton County , IL..

    vi. ELI GHOLSON, b. March 18, 1840.

  • Generation No. 7

    22. TOMZEN7 GHOLSON (ELI6, JOHN5, FRANCIS4, ANTHONY3, WILLIAM2, ANTHONY1) was born December 29, 1831 in Hamilton County, IL., and died November 27, 1899 in Hamilton County, IL.. He married (1) MARY ELIZABETH GAINES March 06, 1850 in Hamilton County, IL.. She was born July 15, 1830, and died November 07, 1875 in Hamilton County, IL.. He married (2) NANCY PERMELIA CLARY, DAWES January 16, 1877.

    Notes for TOMZEN GHOLSON: (By J. Gholson)


    Tomzen & first wife Mary Elizabeth Gaines signed & deeded the "Gholson Graveyard" to The County of Hamilton State of Illinois for the use of the inhabitants of the Rectorville Settlement June 24, 1867, property passed on to him by his father Ely Gholson.

    Tomzen Gholson and Samuel B. Allen operated a store in Rectorville and later Broughton, known as the firm of Allen & Gholson. When the railroad missed Rectorville the people moved to the new town of Broughton where a station was set up.

    Children of TOMZEN GHOLSON and MARY GAINES are:

  • 26. i. JOHN GAINES8 GHOLSON, b. February 21, 1851, Hamilton County, IL.; d. February 04, 1913, Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

    27. ii. JAMES TOMZEN GHOLSON, MD. b. September 29, 1853, Hamilton County, IL.; d. January 18, 1882, Hamilton County, IL..

    iii. INFANT GHOLSON, b. November 03, 1856.

    iv. MARTHA ANNE GHOLSON, b. July 09, 1858.

    v. MAHALA JANE GHOLSON, b. October 14, 1860.

  • Children of TOMZEN GHOLSON and NANCY P.CLARY are:

  • 28. vi. EDWARD8 GHOLSON, b. May 07, 1879.

    vii. ELIZABETH GHOLSON, b. 1882.


    Generation No. 8

    26. JOHN GAINES8 GHOLSON (TOMZEN7, ELI6, JOHN5, FRANCIS4, ANTHONY3, WILLIAM2, ANTHONY1) was born February 21, 1851 in Hamilton County, IL., and died February 04, 1913 in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. He married FRANCES BAKER March 08, 1880 in Posey County, Indiana. She was born July 07, 1857 in Wilkerson County, Mississippi, and died March 12, 1934 in Oakland, California.


    This is the John G. Gholson who contributed that illuminating footnote contained in "Early Settlers in Ala" p. 376. NOTE: Francis Gholson, of Virginia went to Scott county, Kentucky, after the Revolution, and there married Mary Craig. Afterward removed to Maury county, Tennessee, and later to Hamilton county, Illinois. Fought in Revolution and Indian wars; in latter, 1754, with Colonel Washington, Company H. (Virginia Magazine History, Volume 1) His three brothers James, John and William, all moved to Scott county, Kentucky and thence near Nashville, Tennessee. James was Major in some of the old wars, and died at Jackson, Tennessee.

    John Gholson (son of Francis) of General Jackson's Tennessee Militia; and fought in battle of the Horse-Shoe Bend, Alabama, In Indian war. (From a letter of his grandson, John G. Gholson, to Col. James E. Sanders, of Alabama, in 1889. He is author of a "New Physics," "The Grammar System," and "The Participle," Lives in Broughton, Hamilton county, Illinois. He added, "many Gholsons are in Kentucky and Tennessee, but he did not know their lineage."

    In the above letter he mentions he is the grandson (should have read gr. grandson) of John Gholson, son of Francis. This proves that John G. Gholson of Broughton, Hamilton Co., IL. was a descendant of John Gholson son of Francis Gholson. John Gaines Gholson (b. 1851) son of Tomzen Gholson (b. 1831), son of Eli Gholson (b.1808), son of John Gholson (b. 1784), son of Francis Gholson (b. ca. 1756/60.

    He studied to be a doctor, but when nearly ready to take the finals, changed his mind, went back to college and got a degree in law. He practiced in Elizabeth-town until the Courthouse there burned down. He was an author, and a man having many interests and talents.


    The funeral of J. G. Gholson retired lawyer who has resided in this city for many years, took place this afternoon from the residence of his son, Ernest Gholson, 903 Kinzer St. Mr. Gholson died last night after an illness of several weeks. He had been living on a houseboat for some time against the protest of his sons, Earnest and Clarence Gholson, preferring perfect seclusion and rest there. The Rev. W. M. Baker of the Christian church conducted services and burial was in the City cemetery. Two daughters who reside in New Mexico also survive their father.----Poplar Bluff, (Mo.) Daily Republican. Feb. 5. 1913.

    Children of JOHN GHOLSON and FRANCES BAKER are:

  • i. ERNEST9 GHOLSON, b. May 17, 1881; d. October 05, 1940, Albuquerque, New Mexico; m. MINNIE.

    30. ii. CLARENCE TOMZEN GHOLSON, b. November 14, 1883.


    iv. ANNA GHOLSON, b. August 14, 1890.

    v. MARY CORDELIA GHOLSON, b. April 17, 1898.

  • 27. JAMES TOMZEN8 GHOLSON (TOMZEN7, ELI6, JOHN5, FRANCIS4, ANTHONY3, WILLIAM2, ANTHONY1) was born September 29, 1853 in Hamilton County, IL., and died January 18, 1882 in Hamilton County, IL.. He married CELESTE LOUISA DAWES September 26, 1872 in Hamilton County, IL., daughter of EDWARD DAWES and DELILAH THRASHER. She was born March 06, 1854, and died June 29, 1931 in Hamilton County, IL..

    Notes for DR. JAMES TOMZEN GHOLSON: (By J. Gholson)

    James Tomzen Gholson took his medical degree in St. Louis. It is believed he was influenced to become a doctor by his father-in-law Dr. Edward Dawes. Both lived in Rectorville and James later lived in Broughton near end of Dawes St. Doc Jim's life and practice was short-lived however, as he was out for a country house call (possibly delivering a baby) was soaked, took a chill followed by pneumonia. He died a young man just a little over 28 years of age Jan. 18, 1882.


    Burial: Gholson Cemetery

    Children of JAMES GHOLSON and CELESTE DAWES are:

  • i. CHARLES9 GHOLSON, b. November 13, 1876; d. July 1878.

    32. ii. FLOYD BAUDWAY GHOLSON, b. August 29, 1879, Hamilton County, IL.; d. January 25, 1962, McLeansboro, Hamilton County IL..

  • Generation No. 9


    32. FLOYD BAUDWAY9 GHOLSON (JAMES TOMZEN8, TOMZEN7, ELI6, JOHN5, FRANCIS4, ANTHONY3, WILLIAM2, ANTHONY1) was born August 29, 1879 in Hamilton County, IL., and died January 25, 1962 in McLeansboro, Hamilton County IL.. He married (1) EMILY CAROLINE VIERS May 11, 1902 in Hamilton County, IL., daughter of JEREMIAH VIERS and LOUISA COMBS. She was born December 26, 1866 in Perry County, Illinois, and died August 17, 1927 in Hamilton County, IL.. He married (2) HARRIET CATHERINE KENNEDY DAVIS SPARKS 1927. She was born December 28, 1875 in Saline County, ILLINOIS, and died January 27, 1944. He married (3) FRANCES BERRY February 21, 1945 in Hamilton County, IL., daughter of FRANK ARNETT and ELIZABETH REED. She was born 1879 in Baxter County, Arkansas. He married (4) POLLY ANN CHELF TROUT Abt. 1953. She was born February 05, 1882 in McLeansboro, Hamilton Co. IL., and died March 01, 1965 in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, IL..



    Emily Caroline, a daughter of Jeremiah and Louisa Viers, was born December 26, 1866, in Perry County, Illinois. She died August 17, 1927.

    At an early age she professed faith in Christ and united with the M. E. Church at Webb's Chapel.

    She was united in marriage to Geo. W. Wilson January 15, 1888. To this union four children were born, namely: Lewis of East St. Louis; Lawrence, Joseph and Henry, all of Hamilton county. Husband and father of this union died Jan. 25, 1898.

    She was united in marriage to Floyd B. Gholson May 11, 1902, and to this union were born two children, Mrs. Mary Boyer of McLeansboro, and Everett Gholson, who is in the U.S. Navy, stationed near Seattle, Wash.

    She leaves to mourn their loss besides the above named children and husband, one brother William H Viers, five grandchildren and many other relatives and friends.

    Funeral services were held at Webb's Chapel Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock August 19th, conducted by Rev. C.M. Prince of Crossville, assisted by Rev. S. A. Matthews and the body was laid to rest in the Odd Fellows cemetery at McLeansboro.




    U.S.S. ALGORMA (AT-34)

    Port Angeles, Washington. 19 August 1927

    The following donations were received from "THE CREW OF THE U.S.S. ALGORMA" $23.80 for the purchase of a wreath for the deceased mother of GHOLSON, J.E. SC3C.

    More About FRANCES BERRY:

    Residence: Bef. 1945, Ironton, Missouri

    Children of FLOYD GHOLSON and EMILY VIERS are:


    37. i. MARY LOUISE10 GHOLSON, b. August 24, 1903, Hamilton County, IL.; d. May 18, 1979, Hosp. McLeansboro, Hamilton County, IL..

    38. ii. JAMES EVERETT GHOLSON, b. November 22, 1905, Hamilton County, IL.; d. July 10, 1970, Wood River, Madison County IL..

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