Spirited Fight Results In Electing President of Villiage Board On Independent Ticket and All the Other Candidates On Peoples Ticket.

Broughton, Ill. April 29____

In the election here yesterday which was very spirited, Sheridan LeMay candidate for president of the Board of Trustees on the Independant ticket was elected by 16 votes over J. M. Taylor of the Peoples ticket. Mr. LeMay was the only candidate on his ticket elected, the three trustees elected being H. O. Hughes Arthur Dawes and S. W. Richardson on the Peoples ticket and Lolan Porter for village clerk on that ticket.

The vote was as follows:

Peoples Ticket

For president of the Board of Trustees J. M. Taylor - 103

Trustee......H. C. Hughes - 122

Arthur Dawes - 120 - S. W. Richardson - 121

For villiage clerk...... Lolan Porter - 120

Independent Ticket for President of Board of Trustees

Sheridan LeMay - 122

Trustees - M. E. Harrawood 107 - Sherman Prine - 108 - W. B. Simmons - 99

For villiage clerk--- R.C. Hatton - 106