Geo.Mitchell letter 1865 Civil War
Mr W.W. Gayle, Esqr

Rectorville, Hamilton County Illinois

This sheet of paper and envelope furnished by Indiana Sanitary Commission being purchased with funds contributed by the Soldiers Friends at Home.

Fly little missive to my cherished home and cheer the loving hearts to me so dear Ill follow when in Honor I can come and leave our Flag in triumph floating here.

Feb the 5th - 65

Washington City DC

Camp Sherman

Dear Uncle and Aunt: After so long a time I will try to rite you a few lines to let you all no that i am enjoying good health this time and truly hope that these few lines will find you all well. Well, Uncle Walace I got yours and Ant Matildas letters a few days ago. I was very glad to here from you and the children. it was the first letter that i have got for some time. Well, my dear Uncle I would love to see you all very much i think that I could enjoy Myself very well in your company if i was there a while with you. I think that we could have some fun. Well Uncle Wallace I was at Evansville Indiana on the 20 of January and left Clifton Penn on the 17 of January. When I was at Evansville this boy came very near coming home a few days if it was to do over again I would come. I was at Cincinatti Ohio on the 22 of Jan and crost the Ohio river at Bulard over in to Virginia and we went in to Marland (Maryland?) and then back in to Virginia. We are now in Washington City. Well Uncle Walace and Aunt Matilda I reclect the capital of the United states is the nicest place I was ever in. Old Abe is not in--Old Abe has gone to meet the rebel peece commissioner to see what can be done towards making peece but I dont think that he will do any good to - wards that point. Well Aunt Matilda you told me to tell you if I had ever been in the guard house for not nursing negrose. Well Aunt I will tell you I would lay in the guard house my time on before I would nurs negrose. you said that Shuble Jordan had binn in the guard house for that trick. Well Uncle and Aunt I will tell you something about henry Clay - he is well but he cant talk any yet. he May stay (line crossed out & blurred) careful only his feelings. I was very sory to hear Happ Garrett as being dead. Well my friends I will close for this time hoping to hear from you all soon. Uncle Walace & Aunt Matilda I want you to rite me ever chance you get and I will do the same for you for i love to read letters from home. Tell Osker and Brehilda that I wold love to see them both. Tell James Joreton and his family that i send my best wishes to them and Aunt Jenny Jordan. Tell James that I would like to see him.

No more for this time from your friend

George W. Mitchell

To my dearest Uncle and Aunt

William Wallace Gayle Matilda Gayle

Letter from George W. Mitchell to his Uncle Wm. Wallace Gale & Aunt Matilda Feb. 5th 1865

Thanks to Silvetta Parsons
Thanks to Silvetta Parsons