NORTH FORK (Picture taken 2002) Historical Church - Primitive Baptist - The church sign has been removed and placed inside.

Established in 1823 this church was listed that year in the Muddy River Baptist Association as having 13 members and first messengers were Daniel Powell & William Gholson.

Late in 20th Century when the congregation disbanded and the property came up for sale, Kenneth Hunt and his wife Becky, bought the property which is next to their farm about three miles east of Broughton. Hunt utilized the property for outdoor gospel singing, while indoors, was clothing for needy, donated furniture, garden vegetables and participating in the Food Share program. The sign above the door, "North Fork Community Services."



By John L. Gwaltney

The North Fork Church is still standing.

She's stood for a century and more.

No services are held there on Sunday,

But she's helping the needy and poor.

The workmen who built her with hammers

Have all gone to meet their reward.

But their Church stands proud by the roadside,

She's still there serving their Lord.

She's a place you can take surplus garments,

Anything you think you can spare;

The Church doors are open and ready,

And the needy can find clothing to wear.

You'll say it's a miracle working.

The old Church is doing her part.

There's no room for a price tag in this building;

Things come and go from the heart.

Contributions are taken for foodstuff;

It's there for the people in need.

For the aged, the unemployed, the homeless,

And the poor with small children to feed.

There should be more places like North Fork;

We should be more willing to share,

It would minimize most of the suffering,

And we'd have a bit of Heaven down here.