Allen Street, on the north edge of Broughton, had no houses on the south side of the street.  On the north side, at the East End (Allen and Second) was the old (1) yellow building that had once been a school.  My brother, Edgar, had started school there.  The first family I remember living there was the Lancaster family, MAURIE and Jim Lancaster & family.  Later some Trouts lived there and then Louis Campbell and his family.


(2) The next house, at Allen & Third Street was where a McMahon family lived.  I don't remember the parents names, but two daughters, Arletta and Rosetta, was in my grade at school.  Rosetta died when we were in the third grade, and I remember the teacher lining us up single file to march down to the house and file by her casket, which had been brought out to the front yard.  Later Frank Ritchey and his family lived there.


(3) West of this house was where Uncle Jake Gibson lived, and then Will & Hattie Gibson & their family lived there.


(4) Starting the next block, (Allen & 4th St.) was Ivan and Verda Brown's house.  After they moved away, I remember John and Vera Searles living there.


(5) Charley Griswold and family lived next, at the West End of Allen Street.


(6) Back of these last two houses was the Alvin Hardesty house.  He had a barbershop in his home.


Main Street, running east and west, on the left side of the street (south side)

(1)   Was here Charley and Bessie Cleveland lived.  Bessie was epileptic, and I remember being at the home with my Mom one time when she had a "spell" and how it scared me.  After them, Ed Gholson lived there.  He was a mail carrier.  He was separated from his family, but Bertha (Austin) Gholson and her daughter Ethel, lived with him.

(2)   Next was the Methodist Church.

(3)   Across the street was the old Jane Gholson house, that Gunters had knocked the back out of, and used for a Black Smith Shop.

(4)   Just west of this bldg was Maude and Henry Gunter & their family.

(5)   Across the railroad track was an empty lot.

(6)   Across Second Street, going west & still on the south side of the street was Aunt Patsy Wilson's home.  After she died, it rented for awhile, and then Willis & Angie Searles and their family moved in.

(7)   Next were Mack and Maude Simmons and their family.

(8)   Across the alley was the "Old Doc Osborn" house.  It rented to several people.  I remember Bill Parsons & family, Willis Mick & family, Frank & Ercel Johnson & daughter Ethel, George & grace Scott and their family.

(9)   On the corner of Main & Third Street was Doc Osborn's office.

(10)           Across Third Street were Charley and Orlena Warren & their sons.

(11)           At the West End of Main Street was Arlie & Lucille Barker's home.


Back to Main Street, East End, right side (north side)


(1)   There was a big barn everyone called "Charley Cleveland barn" where he kept his ponies, later different people rented it to keep stock in.

(2)   Across First Street was a large two-story house where Oda and Anna Dudley and their family lived.

(3)   On West was Swaddie Porter's home where he lived with his daughter Dorothy.

(4)   Across the railroad track was the Croquet Yard.

(5)   Across Second Street, still on the north side was the George Carnahan home.  After he died I remember Andrew & Violet McMahon living there, Carl and Effie Bealmer & their family, Charley Allen family, then Casey and Ovah Jones & their family.

(6)   Next, West, was where Andrew and Sarah Taylor & daughter Beulah Rose lived, after they moved away Mrs. Wilson & her daughters, Meg & Lou lived there, then Buell & Rosa Hardesty.

(7)   Across the alley was where Sammy Smith & Amanda lived with their family.  She was a blind woman; later Edgar & Eva Simmons lived there, Scott Jones & his family, and Jim and Haley Stevens.

(8)   Up on corner of Main & Third, was Mrs. Griffin's house. (Mary Griffin) after her death, John & Iva Allen & their family lived there, Lewis & Teoria Ruphard, then Joe & Ruby Ruphard & their family.

(9)   Next was the Presbyterian Church that was later a Grade School, grades 1 through 4.

(10)           West of the school was Uncle John Shroyer's house.  After he died Ralph & Lena Shroyer & their family lived there.  Uncle John kept bees out back and would give the school kids "bees wax" to chew. (I know, I got deathly sick from too much of it.)

(11)           Down on the corner of Main & Fourth was where Felix and Burke Allen lived.

(12)           The last house was Aunt Sadie Thompson's house.  After she died Buck Fann and his family lived there until the house burned.


Dawes Street


(1)   East End, north side was a house where Felix & Parthena Gross lived for awhile.

(2)   West of this was Audie Reeder's Garage that later sold to Ed Gholson, and became the "Ed Gholson Garage".

(3)   There were a couple of older bldgs. that was used for misc. purposes, rented out, but were soon torn down.

(4)   At the end of the block was Grace & Arthur Irvin's house.

(5)   Across First Street was the Depot.

(6)   On other side of the railroad tracks was Griswolds Feed Store.

(7)   Next was Allen's Store.

(8)   Dr. Hall's office bldg. That had become Minnie Johnson's Restaurant.

(9)   Hamilton's Store.

(10)           Across Second Street, still on north side, was Herman & Amanda Gaines & their family, John & Molly.

(11)           Next was Wright Hamilton and his daughter, "Miss Linna"s' home.  She was a school teacher.

(12)           Across the alley was where the Shoemakers lived, Jim, I think it was.

(13)           Next was where Charley & Lucinda Draper lived.  He was a shoe cobbler.

(14)           On the corner was the Baptist Church.

(15)           Across Third Street was where Miles Osborn & his wife Grayce lived.

(16)           On west was where Charley and Minnie Johnson lived with daughter Esther.

(17)           Floyd Gholson & wife lived next.  Later, Albert & Vina Mathis lived here. Note: (this house in 1880s belonged to Dr. James T. Gholson & wife "Lou" that would later be known as  "Aunt Lou Barker's house. (J.g.)

(18)           The Hart House was last one on that side (North Side) of street.


Back to East End of Dawes St. left side or (south side)


(1)   Cletus (Skinny) & Louise Schoolcraft had a restaurant here that was the local hangout for the young people in town.

(2)   The "Old Jailhouse".

(3)   A store that burned when I was small.  I remember us standing out & watching it burn & things explode.  It was never rebuilt and I don't know who the owner was.

(4)   Fronia Irvin's house.

(5)   Across the railroad tracks was the Elevator on south side.

(6)   Griswold's Grocery Store

(7)   Dr. Osborn's office bldg - later moved up by his home.

(8)   U.S. Post Office.  After it moved to a new location the bldg was used by Turners Funeral Home.

(9)   Behind this bldg, down the alley, was Mr. Draper's shoe shop, and back of it, on down the alley was the Old Red Barn that had been a livery stable.

(10)           Across the alley was Ed and Hallie Barker's store.

(11)           On West, in the bldg that housed three businesses, was Mr. Carlisle's store where you could get a lunch packed for school for 10 cents, a sandwich, piece of fruit & some cookies.

(12)           Barber shop - Josh Organ, George Johnson.

(13)           Post office.

(14)           Charley & Agnes Allen's home.

(15)           Across Second St. - Arthur & Nell Dawes and their family.

(16)           Aunt Jane Hardesty's little house.

(17)           Katie Nichols and her son Jimmy.

(18)           A large house stood here that burned when I was small - owners unknown.

(19)           Ed and Hallie Barker & family.

(20)           Across Third St. Aunt Martha Ann Porter's home.

(21)           Sheridan & Etta Lemay.  He was a Blacksmith & had a shop next to his home.

(22)           Uncle Nick Linden's house.  Later Charley Allen & Caroline lived here with their family.

(23)           Hargraves Family

(24)           Whitmire Family.


Gholson Street East End, North Side


(1)   Edward "Mousie" Tyler, Town Constable.

(2)   Ivan & Verda Brown & family.

(3)   Railroad tracks.

(4)   Joe & Julie Mick.

(5)   Harry & Bess Sullivan & family.

(6)   Lolan & Bertha Porter & family.

(7)   John & Grayce Carlisle & family.  Later, Albert & Winnie Coontz lived here.

(8)   Across 2nd St. still north side, John Oeth's home, later Ira and Wreatha Oeth & family lived here.  He was a paperhanger.

(9)   On West, George & Lucy Cook lived.

(10)           Across the alley, Tom & Annie Allen.

(11)           Matt Gholson lived on the corner; she married Mr. Rudolph, then Willis Farris.

(12)           Across Third St. was Sherman and Maggie Prince, their dau, Beulah Johnson & her 2 children lived with them.

(13)           Roe Barker & children, Fern, twins - Roe & Joe, & Fred.

(14)           Lyman & Laura Greer & family.


Back to East End of Gholson St. South side.


(1)   John Anderson Porter & wife Katie, both deaf mutes.

(2)   Owen Randolph & wife.  After her death he left, & Pete & Wilma Barker lived here.  He was a schoolteacher; she had a beauty shop in their home.

(3)   Across the railroad was Aunt Betty Reeves' home.

(4)   Arlie & Ruth Farris and family.

(5)   Tom Gholson, wife & daughter Hallie.  Next Huck & Jeanetty Richardson, Warner & Beulah Mick, then Lee & Thena Harris & family.

(6)   Across the alley was the John Smiley family.

(7)   Next was a little two-room house where Grandma Parsons & Jay lived for awhile.  Later, Reggie & Edna Tedford & their family lived there.

(8)   On west was Hubert & Ann Brown with children Glenn & Wilma.

(9)   Across second St. Florella Driskell lived.  Glenn Lancaster lived with her.

(10)           Dan & Esther Shroyer & family.

(11)           Across the alley was Roey Taylor & his wife.

(12)           Aunt Matt Wilson & her grandson Billy Simms were next.

(13)           On the corner was a house where Kitchens had lived for awhile.  Then Dutch and Mary Searles lived there.

(14)           Across Third Street, Albert & Bertha Brown & dau. Wilma lived.  He was a Mail Carrier.

(15)           Scott and Effie Jones & daughter Jean.

(16)           Sam & Julie Hendrix - their grandson Robert Wayne Wasson lived with them.

(17)           Jim & Mary Mitchell & family


Appel St.


East End - North Side.


(1)   Earl Williams & children June & Everett

(2)   Switch board/Telephone Office

(3)   Snow Johann & son Robbie - he was a school teacher

(4)   Ralph & Edna Cotter & son Donald

(5)   Audie & Belle Reeder - later, Edgar & Eva Simmons lived there.

(6)   Les & Lottie Edwards & dau. Hilda Jane.

(7)   Clyde & Lottie Acord & family - Mail Carrier

(8)   On the corner was Ott & Eliza Brown. Later, Tom & Myrtle Pennington lived here.

(9)   Across Second Street was Aunt Polly Ann Davis.  She had a parrot that stayed on the screened porch & would scream at the kids as they went by on way to school.

(10)           Bud Wilson lived on the corner of Appel & Third St.  Later, Mabel Gholson & sons Robert & Roland lived here.

(11)           Willis Farris lived across Third St. after he moved Walter & Nellie Mick & their family lived there, then Uncle Will & Aunt Julie Owens.

(12)           Felix and Parthena Gross were in the next house.


Back to the East End of Appel Street on the South side


(1)   Wes Richardson & his family lived in the first house off the hard road.  He was a Basket Maker

(2)   Across the railroad was where Sam & Ella Mae Miller lived, with their daughter Ruth.

(3)   On west was the house where Uncle John and Aunt Liza Bridwell lived.

(4)   George and Mae Mitchell lived next with their family of boys.

(5)   The Little Yellow Schoolhouse, Grades 1 & 2 was next.  After it quit being used as a school, Faye's Beauty Shop was here.

(6)   Little Yellow School, Grades 3 & 4 was next.  It was converted into a home, where Albert (Ab) Gregg & wife Ollie lived.  Their daughter Ann Turpin and son Billy Turpin lived with them.

(7)   Joe & Chloe Hardesty and daughter Sharon Rose lived next to the schoolhouse.

(8)   West, Across the alley, was where John & Ruth McElvain lived.  He was a Politician, she the Post Mistress.

(9)   Next house was Everett and Iva Brown and their daughters.

(10)           On the corner of Appel and Second was Isaac and Eva Van Trease.

(11)           Across Second Street was the home of Uncle Sol & Aunt Polly Davis.

(12)           Next was where Lodge and Mildred Grant & children lived.  He was the High School Principal.

(13)           The house on the corner of Appel & Third was where Edgar and Celesta Van Trease lived.  Later, Victor and Mary Driskell lived there.

(14)           Across Third Street was Fred and Kate Wilson's home.  He was a Mail Carrier and later postmaster.  They had one daughter Ruth.

(15)           On west was the home of Carl & Mamie Davis and their family.

(16)           Next was where Bill & Lucille Parsons & family lived.


Washington Street.


Was the last street in town, on the South Side.  Going from the East End of street, on the North side was:

(1)   Harry & Myrtle Hughes & family.

(2)   Across the road, (Third St) was where Irvin & Chloe Auten lived.

(3)   Next was Stella Miller's home.

(4)   Across the alley, on west, was where Martha Ramsey lived.

(5)   Wiley & Nellie Brown & daughter Ruby lived next.  He was a Barber.  Later, Leland & Veda Ritchey lived there.


Back to East End of Washington St. on the south side lived:


(1)   Emma Garrett and her Mother.

(2)   A Murphy family lived in next house

(3)   Across Third Street was the home of Leslie and Lottie Pullium.  After she died, he hung himself.  Later on Ben & Rose Foley lived there.  He was a Depot Agent.

(4)   Next house on west was where Tom & Myrtle Pennington lived, with children James (Penny) & Betty.

(5)   At the end of the street was the Reeves home.

(6)   South of the Reeves home was a house where Sherman Bonner & his family lived.  John & Vera Searles lived there later.


First Street, running north & south, on the East Side was:


(1)   Methodist Church

(2)   Midway of the block was where Herman and Amba Griswold & their family lived.


On the West Side of street, at the corner of First & Main was:


(1)   The old house that had belonged to Aunt Jane Gholson & that the Gunters had converted to a Blacksmith shop.

(2)   Next was the home of Emma Perkins

(3)   On south was Emma Perkins Hat Shop.  After Emma closed the Hat Shop, Opal and Glenn Owens lived there for awhile.

(4)   Next was the old yellow Hotel building that was rented to various families.

(5)   On South, next was the Bank building, the Odd Fellows Lodge met upstairs.

(6)   Next was the Depot.


Second Street - Running north & south, on the East Side - (North End)


(1)   Ed & Hallie Harrawood & family.  Back of their house was Ed's Blacksmith Shop.  Later, Harry Sullivan would run the shop.

(2)   Across the alley was where Albert and Anna Scott lived.

(3)   On South, East Side, was George Cooks Poultry House.

(4)   Hamilton Store stood on corner of Second & Dawes.

(5)   Across the street, South, was Charley and Agnes Allen's home

(6)   Midway of the block, East Side, was Ira and Madge Dillsworth's house.  Frank Dillsworth lived with them part time.  Later, Sherman Hughes lived here.


Second Street, West side:


(1)   Willis Searles on corner of Second & Main

(2)   Herman Gaines on corner of Second & Dawes

(3)   Across, (South) Arthur Dawes on Corner

(4)   Midway of block, Robert and Katie Mathis


Third Street, running north & south, North end, East side


(1)   Doc Osborn's Office building

(2)   Home of Dr. E. E. Osborn & Ella, with their daughters Martha, Blanche, & Jane

(3)   Louie and Flora Kitchen & family

(4)   Baptist Church.


On West Side of Third Street, North end:


(1)   Charley & Orlena Warren & sons

(2)   Josh & Bea Organ & family.  He was a Barber.

(3)   Miles and Grayce Osborn & sons

(4)   Across Dawes St. was Aunt Martha Ann Porter's house.

(5)   Midway of block, West Side, were Elmer & Eliza Driskell & family.


Fourth Street - Running north & South


(1)   On left (East) side:

Felix and Burke Allen lived on corner of Fourth & Main St.

(2)   On West Side was Uncle Dave Essary's Mill.

(3)   Just South of the Mill was Uncle Dave's home.