Post Office Broughton, IL.



(Converted to U.S. Post Office Tuesday July 5, 1966 from former Barker and later Lyman Greer owned grocery store.)

I remember this building in the late 1940s as a grocery store operated by Lyman Greer. It had a larger window in front that has been closed in. I came in from school during lunch period and I could get a spiced ham sandwich for 10 cents and a 12 oz. Pepsi was 5 cents. He was having a drawing for a special ball point pen with 3 colors of ink, kind of unique at that time. I was given the opportunity to sign a slip for drawing each time I came in. I had a feeling I was going to win the pen and told my dad I had to get to town on Saturday to get my pen. Before I got to the store, some of the kids from school told me in town, that I had won. (John Gholson)

The Post Office was located in the Gholson/Allen Store in Rectorville and possibly was still there when they moved to Broughton. It was later moved to the Big Allen Store on the north side of Dawes Street. In the 1926 survey map of Broughton, the Post Office is shown on the south side of the street, just east of its present location, across an alley.

Below is a picture of the former Post Office taken July 6, 1965 with James Everett Gholson standing at the front door. Claude Lasater was serving as Postmaster. The wood frame window also reads Post Office. This building is no longer standing in the Village. Before it was torn down the Post Office moved west to the store building next door to the C.W. Allen house. Later the Lyman Greer store was converted to a Post Office where it is at present. (See top photo)

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