LICK CREEK Primitive Baptist Church 1820 - 1841












Primitave Baptist Church 1820 – 1840


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William Walker                                            Sally Pearce

Sally Walker                                                 Moses Pearce

Charles Lee                                                   James Pearce

Polly Lee                                                        Betsy Pearce

Elizabeth Wilson                                           Sarah Collard       July 22, 1841

Sally Meghee                                                 John Carter

Polly Gholson                                                 George Long

Samuel Spillman                                            Jacob Heck

Betsy Emerson                                               Apr. 1826  Rebecca Shelly

March 1826 Benjamine Gholson                   Nancy Heck

John Gholson                                                  Elizabeth Tombs

Able Rice                                                         Wm Toombs  Mar. 1839 Excluded

Lydia Rice                                                       Barbary Newman

Feb. 1826 Isaac Naught                                 Isaac Johnson

“          “   Nancy Naught                                Caty Johnson

Mar. 1826  Jane Gholson                               Mar. 1827 John Hutson

Patsy Moore  Aug. 1845                                  Lydia Long

Allen Moore                                                     James Alben

Polly Naught by letter                                     May 1826  Nancy Miller

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Jamima Pearce, Sr.                                          John Conner

Nancy Heck                                                      Betty Johnson                                           

David Eastwood                                              Mar. 1827 James Gholson

Elizabeth Farley                                              Hosea Pearce

Hannah Blanford  Sept. 4, 1827                     Mar. 1827 Polly Hutson

 James Evans                                                    1828  William Meghee

 Sally Eastwood  Dis. Oct. 1826                       John Sweeten

                                                                           Delia Hanon

          -----------------                                          Jamima Pearce, Jr.

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William Briant                                                  Nella Johnson

Nancy Renshaw 1829                                        Mary Satterfield

Sally Toombs                                                     Lucy Conner

Edward Hutson                                                 Edward Franklin

Ciba Briant                                                          Sally Franklin

Jeremiah Collard                                               John Schoolcraft

Betsy Collard                                                      Polly  Head

March 1824 Betsy Hutson Decd 1831               Mary Schoolcraft

Moses Pearce Sr. dec. 1831                                Nancy Perry

William Henson                                                   ----------------------------

Molly Sweten                                                       Ezekiel Harelston

Susanna Dinsmore                                               Sister  Gent

Polly Gholson, Sr.                                                Polly Hatchel

Sister Hoskins                                                      1826 Sister Powell

Isaac Alben  decd 1826                                        Sister Steward

Jane Braden                                                          Sally Thomson

Susannah Henson                                                 Drury Thomson

                                                                                Thomas Braden

                                                                                 Samuel Johnson

                                                                                Polly Johnson

                                                                                Cumity Franklin

                                                                                 John Franklin


                                                                                 James Miller Dis. 1830

                                                                                  1827  Betsy Underwood

                                                                                  Susannah Row

                                                                                  Aggiy Barneten  1827

                                                                                 Jane Barten  1827


     Part 2 Lick Creek-Plain View Baptist Church  Cont.


Patsey Sweten                                                         Elizabeth Hull

Delia Herd                                                               John Abar

Fanny Sweeten                                                       Lydia Miller  March 1828

John Brown  May 1829                                          1827  Cooper

Sinthy Brown  dis 1829                                           Nancy Renshaw dis. Sept. 1826

Betsy Harget  March 1828                                      Betsy Dosen(R.)

Hepsy Willis                                                             Sister Wolsery  Dis. Nov. 1826

July 1827 Hannah Nelson                                      Francis Williamson

Merit Taylor                                                            Association  1826

Sister Vaughan                                                       COLEMAN HOSKINS a minister

William Harget                                                        Nancy Hoskins

Ambrose Dawsey                                                     Richard Freeman Boren   “

Henry Woolsey                                                         Sept.1828 Sally Boren  dis.

Israel Dosey                                                              Judy Mitchel

Association 1827 past                                                --------------------

1834    dis Nancy St. John


Be Putman                                                                  Sally Harvy

Sister Putman                                                             Lucinda Riley

Catherine Medlin                                                       Squire Riley

Fanny Grigory Aug. 1824                                         (?)romly Eubanks

Lewis Howell 1834-1837 reinst.                                Milly Tadds July 183-

Margaret Musgrave by Letter Dec. 1830                Jno Dorris  dis July 1829

Jesse Medlin                                                                Thomas P. Pettypool

Sally Steward                                                               Polly Pettypool

---------------------                                                           Polly Grear

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Sister Knite, Patsy dead 1836                                     old Sister Jackson

Dildy Edwards                                                            Robert Edwards 1832 excluded

Jane Tarrant                                                                Sister Patsy Bailey

Father Knite                                                                George Bailey

Gindy Vandeventor                                                     Robert Burnett  Oct.1

George Gurley                                                              Nancy Brown

1830 Saliy Reed                                                            Asa Greer  dismissed 1830

William Harget  dis July 1834                                    Delaney Harison

Betsy Harget  July 1834                                               -------------------------

Eliza Blackard  May or June 1832                              Ira Ambers dis July 1824

* Margaret Hoskins                                                     Mary Miller

Mourton Eubanks Dec. 1824                                       Asa Greer

Hisiah King                                                                   William Harvey

Ciba Briant                                                                   Nancy Harvey dis Feb. 1833

Peggy Leach                                                                   Henry Morgan

Association 1831                                                             Arthur Dicus

Selia Ralph                                                                     July Brake

Louiza Briant                                                                 William Meadows

-----------------------------                                                   Mary Meadows Des.Sept. 1839

Jno Sands                                                                        Association 1832

Sister Sands                                                                    Susannah Morgan

Sister Willis                                                                     Polly Lewis  (Dewey?)

Council Tire                                                                   Isiah Lewis

Sister Tire                                                                       Association 1833

Sister Easly                                                                      Daniel Powell

Levina Dewey Dis. Jan. 1835                                         Elder Joseph Cullen dis

Mary Ford                                                                                                    April 1835

Caroline Burnett                                                             Sarah Cullen

Rachel Leathers                                                              Sally Moses

Mariah Leathers                                                             Betsy Farley, Jr.

Sister Chapman                                                                --------------------

Martha Hudson                                                               1835 Joanah Chapman

Quiller Greer                                                                    1839 Betsy Scat

Isreal Dewey                                                                     June 14, 1840 Ann Kesler

                                                                                            Wheeler Potts

Page “3” or 3rd group of names:


Nancy Morris                                                Elizabeth Potts ?

Isreal Deivey                                                  Bathenna Pearce

Polly Deivey                                                   July 10, 1840 Thomas McGehee

Henritta Rice                                                 Melvina Hoskins

Lavina McGehee                                           Eliza Nelson

Rutha Mcgehee                                              Aug. 1840  Jane Greer

Parson Leathers                                              Sally Collard

Suiza Cotton                                                   Betty Leathers

Lissa Newcomb                                              Polly Cremon

Oct. 1842  William Harvey                            An Poots

John Stevens                                                  Elizabeth McGehee

Elizabeth Leach  Aug. 1845                          Rody Pearce

John F. Heard                                                Jackson Chapman

Delilah Greer                                                  Aug. 6 Hanna Pool

Laviney Greer                                                Joseph Tucker

Phillipena Seagen                                           Anmy Potts

Susanna Cotton                                              Polly Silliman

Sally Hendricks                                              Polly White

Catherine Hughes                                          Elizabeth Vineson  1841

William Thomas                                             Polly Wooten

Russell Pearce                                                 Starling Sanders

Lucinda Greer                                                 Eleny Oblinger

Nancy Pearce                                                   Barlet Adkins

Henry Briant                                                    Nancy Powell

Nancy Michell                                                  Nelson Howell

Sury Collard                                                     William Johnson

Starling Sanders                                              Elizabeth Johnson

Parlee Greer                                                     James Catts

Nathen                                                               William Thomas

------------Napier        1820-1843                       Polly White

Moreer Green-Greer                                        Timothy Wooten

1842 James Eubanks                                        Polly Wooten

Apr.  Prussian Pearce                                       Jeremiah Wooten

Thomas Aud & wife                                          William Chapman

Boston Wease                                                    Lucinda Chapman

Prussian Wease                                                 Nelson Howell

Elizabeth Stead                                                  Sister Given

Nancy Powell                                                      Morondage Greer

Aug. Elizabeth Leach                                        James Pearce

Kiddy Edwards                                                  Agga Chapman

Jane Tarrant                                                        1845 Delilah Greer

Mourton Eubanks                                              Laviney Greer

Peggy Leach                                                        Elzady Olinger

Lauiza Briant                                                      Elnor Greer

                                                                               John Stevens

                                                                              William Johnson

                                                                              Elizabeth Johnson

                                                                               Isaac Ambler

                                                                               Ma(?)y Miller

                                                                               Arthur Divus

                                                                               William Meadows

                                                                               Mary Meadows

                                                                               1832 Susannah Morgon

                                                                               Elizabeth Cullen Dis. Apr. 1835

                                                                               Sarah Cullen

                                                                               Sally Moore

                                                                               Betsy Farley, Jr.