David Tate's Home 1919


David Tate's Home 1919 - Dallas Tate had married Gladys 1919 and took her home to meet the Tates. L-R Back Row: Grace Heathman, Jess Heathman (son John), Moody Pemberton, Zetta Carter, Roy Carter, Myrtle Tate (holding Willie), Jessie Aaron, Corda Duckworth, Vernia Tate, Della Tate, ____, ____, ____, Marie Tate, Noel Tate

2nd row from back: Ed Smith, Louisa Smith, Raymond Carter, Vesta Carter, Pesia Cantrell, Virgie Cantrell, Delana Pemberton, (behind her is Lucille Pemberton) Ruth Melton (behind her is Verla Aaron), Lena Tate (behind her is Johnny Carter), Bonnie Carter, (behind her is Irene Pemberton), Clyda Tate, Willie Tate, ____, ____, Rance Pemberton, Lawrence Tate (behind him is Tom Adams), Charlie Duckworth (behind Charlie is Robert Melton and Aimon Tate), Silas Aaron, (behind him is Ed Tate), Audie Pemberton, (behind him is Ed Pemberton.

3rd row from back: Amy Adams Mamie Pemberton, Dallas Tate, Gladys Tate, Ellie Tate (holding Lelon Tate), Stella Pemberton, Parlee Pemberton, Eliza Tate, Hazel Tate, (holding James Oscar Tate), Joe Tate, (holding Opal Tate), Dave Tate, Jasper Tate, Hugh Carter, Rillie Melton, Fronia Tate, Matt Tate

Front Row: ____, Imogene Pemberton, Ilene Tate, Ruby Pemberton (holding Bill Tate), Fern Pemberton, (holding Glenn Pemberton), Monette Tate, ____, ____, ____, Norman Adams, ____, ____, ____, ____, ____, Minard Tate, Bert Tate.

Submitted by Silvetta Parsons