Saline County Schools


Saline County Illinois Schools

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This is a picture of Chenault School that was originally 2 miles east of Galatia, IL., and 1 mile north on LeCount Rd. This one room school was moved and now sits in park museum in Harrisburg, IL.

Muggin School 1912

Muggin School 1918

Muggin School 1919

Muggen School 1933

Muggin School 1938

Muggen School 1941

Chenault 1941

Chenault School 1946 - 1947 Teacher - Felix Williams

Unknown Raleigh School - No date

Unknown Raleigh School

Raleigh School unknown date

Vineyard School 1927

Ward School Galatia, IL. 1930


Galatia 1946 - 1947 1st Grade

Galatia 2nd Grade 1947

Galatia 1947 4th Grade

Galatia 4th Grade 1949

Galatia 1953 8th Grade

Cross Road School 1930

College Heights 1940 - 1941 Eldorado, IL.

College Heights. 1941-1942 Eldorado, IL.

Douglass School

Douglass School 1930

Douglass School 1930s?

Douglass School 1935

Douglas 1939 - 1940 Basketball team

Douglas School 1939 - 40 Essie Grable teacher

Douglass School class of 1940 - 1941

Douglass School 1942 - 43

Douglass School 1943 - 44

Cox, Grisham & Porters on steps of Douglass School 1940s

1912 Gholson Grove

Gholson Grove School Was Typical Good Rural School

Saline County Illinois photos & Misc.

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