Isaac Hardesty - Story 1900

Isaac Hardesty

My grandfather, Isaac Hardesty worked at Allen's Mercantile in Broughton ca. 1900. Whenever a Singer sewing machine would come in, grandpa would hoist the crate on his shoulders and carry it out to the farm of whoever ordered it...sometimes walking five miles or more!!! He must've been a tough old bird.

My dad relates how one time, Isaac was watching some men disassemble an old bridge, taking the 14 inch square logs and tossing them into a pile. One of them landed on his foot and had a huge spike in it. The spike went through his foot, pinning it to the ground. They took him to the doctors office, where it took six men to hold him down, while the doctor took a cloth soaked in iodine and ran it back and forth through the hole in grandpa's foot! Can't imagine the pain...and then he walked home.

Dick Hardesty