Fond Memories Of Broughton

Fond Memories Of Broughton


 My name is Fred R. Cook. My mother is Ruth Wilson Cook, daughter of Fred and Kate Wilson of Broughton. My father is Orlie Cook, son of George and Mary Cook of Broughton. My parents left Broughton in the mid 1930's and moved to Springfield where my father worked in the State of Illinois Treasurer's office under State Treasurer John C. Martin. I was born in Springfield and we moved to Salem, Illinois in 1939 when Mr. Martin left as Treasurer and assumed the position of President of Salem National Bank. My father worked there and retired as Vice President some 31 years later. My mother passed away in 1992 at the age of 83 and is buried in Paradise Cemetery in Salem. My father passed away in 1994 at the age of 90 and is also buried in Paradise  Cemetery.


 I have many fond memories of our almost weekly trips to Broughton and the summer days of vacation that I spent at the Broughton grain elevator where my grandfather, Fred Wilson, was manager. I was in grade school then and it is a miracle that I survived those days roaming all over that elevator when they were unloading grain or loading grain into the railroad box cars. I waited in great anticipation for the steam engine train to arrive and drop-off or pick-up box cars.


 My grandfather, George Cook, owned the poultry house located behind

Allen's Store. I spent time with him and my grandma Cook at the poultry house. I was fascinated with "candling eggs" in the box that held the light bulb and had a hole about 1 inch in diameter. You would inspect each egg by placing it in the hole and the light from inside would shine through the egg so that you could see if the yolk and white of the egg was clear. If so, it was a good egg.


 So much for my memories of Broughton.


Fred Cook

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