Mayberry Township Road 1400E

Just one fourth mile south of the Gholson Cemetery the gravel ends but the road continues as a dirt road for 3/4 of a mile to the Saline County line. The road is 1400E on a platte map. Our great great grandfather gave land for the road. This road was always passable 30 minutes after a rain when we lived on the family farm. Our dad maintained the road with a shovel and kept the ditches open and it drained well. In 1946 to 1948 new culverts were put across the road at two points to carry away rainwater. These culverts have never been replaced and have filled up with dirt and collapsed. One culvert was actually removed and tossed into the edge of our field. About 3 years ago the new sign 1400E at the Saline County line was removed. We think those with 4-wheel vechicles are responsible as well as the deep ruts cut into the road about 4 foot deep. This has been going on for a number of years. The ruts are now deeper than the ditches and the water collects in the ruts making it a grand play ground for the 4 wheel vehicles. A fuel tax has been collected from this road for many years but little effort put forth to maintain it. It needs grading, the ditches opened and a crown put on the road and gravel. It is a shame to have to park a quarter of a mile away and walk to inspect your farm. It is even difficult to get a tractor down it in places. I don't think we should allow our public roads to be abused and taken over by a few that just want to use them to play in. A 12 inch cresent wrench helps to show the depth of the following rut in the picture below. Pictures taken October 2007.