Dr. Edward Dawes Album





Dr.Edward Dawes Album

B-1820 D.C.

Edward Dawes was born on 23 Feb 1820 in the District of Columbia and his parents, who died while he was a boy, came to America from Wales/Engand via NY, NY He was raised by 2 uncles who apprenticed him to a shoemaker ro a priest. At about 10 - 12 years old he ran away Shawneetown, where a fine old lady took him in and helped educate him near Louisville, KY. He was trained in practicing medicine and became a physician. He served briefly in the military during the Mexican War in 1846 from 29 June to 30 Aug, when he took ill.



Mex War Shawneetown Goes To War



1st Marriage:

He first married Louisa McCreery on 21 Sep 1848 who died in childbirth. Their only son, Rufus, died in infancy. After their deaths Edward left Rileyville area and went to Rectorville, Illinois as a practicing physician.

Louisa (McCreery) grave site 1st Wife of Dr, Edward Dawes


Dr. Edward Dawes Medical Journal Part I - 1848 - 1857


2nd Marriage: Dawes Thrasher Marrage

He married Delilah Thrasher on 30, June 1852 in Hamilton County, IL. They had four (maybe five) children:

1853 - 1858 George Stone

1854 - 1931 Celeste Louisa "Lou" C Lou Dawes

1858 - ???? Margaret "Maggie"

1860 An infant boy was listed in the 1860 Census

1861 - 1916 John Thomas John Tom Dawes 1909 Picture Postcard to sister in Broughton, IL.

John Thomas Dawes



Civil War Dawes Diary



3rd Wife Nancy Permelia (Clary) Dawes