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We welcome your contributions to this site and appreciate those that have sent what they have to make this site enjoyable for all to see. Family Photo Albums is a must see, as they contain much information of Broughton that is not out on the main page.


July 2011

Obits - Added Carroll E. Gregory 1925 - 2011

Obits - Added John William Owen - died Dec. 2010


March 2010

Added to old Broughton photos; Old North Fork Bridge East of Broughton. Sitting on top is Bryon Lasswell, Conrad Russell and James Gwaltney. Picture also in Lasswell Album courtesy of Joel K. Lasswell.

October 2009

Obituaries - June Sisk 1946 - 2009

Broughton Days - Homecoming photos are posted


Announcement - The Broughton Homecoming is October 3rd & 4th Hope to see you

at the Homecoming dinner Sunday October 4th!


Obituaries - Claude "Hammer" Lasater 1922 - 2009


Obituaries - Edward G. Allen 1957 - 2009

June 2009

Obituaries - Peggy S. (Porter) Toledo 1934 - 2009

May 2009

Obituaries - Mary Barker Wheeler 1930 - 2009

Walpole Schools - added 2 more but need identification of students. 1934 -35) -1935 - 36 High School, teachers Arthur Coffee and Ruth Moore. Also added many names to Walpole School 1912.

March 2009

Obits: Madeline Gaines 1919 - 2009

1952-1953 Basketball Team #2 B.R. Gholson - Coach - Team identified, thanks to Geraldine Barker

Obits: Helen (Wilson) Allen 1907 - 2009

November, 2008

Kane photo album - placed photo of Hugh & Alma Kane

Old Newspaper - Broughton Reporter Sylvetta Parson, Visitors Father's Day 1984

Obits - Wayne A. Knight 1926 - 2008

Obits - Adah Fern (Tucker) Corn 1922 - 2008

Obits - Helen M. Smiley 1920 - 2008

October, 2008

Old Newspaper - 1938 Allen Store ad (bargains galore) courtesy of Rick Moore

Broughton Homecoming pictures are posted under Broughton Days" 2008

Broughton Schools Added - School Souvenir 1903 Teacher Cloyd C. Hall

Broughton Schools added - School Souvenir 1907-1908 Teacher W.W. Daily both souvenirs have students names and were contributed by Rick Moore

The Annual Broughton Homecoming is the first weekend in October 4th & 5th - We hope to see as many of you there as can make it.

September, 2008

Obits. - Helen Rekau 1939 - 2008

Obits. Hugh Deen 1923 - 2008

August, 2008

Obits. - Thomas Young 1920 - 2008

Obits. - Mildred K. Rector 1934 - 2008

June 2008

Obits Added - Charlene McKinnies 1956 - 2008

Obits - Added - Blossom M. (Gholson) Storey 1917 - 2008

May 2008

Obits - Added - Helen Gray (Douglass) Launius 1914 - 2008

Obits: Added - Grace M. (Bealmer) Schoolcraft 1925 -2008

Added an 1895-1896 reunion picture to the Porter Album (possibly in Saline Co.) Lots of names identified.

April 2008

Obits - added James D. Stroud 1954 - 2008 also Elwanda Acord Kelly 1921 - 2008


Broughton Military Service Men & Women - Added Dr. A.C. Toby WWII. If anyone has a Broughton area veteran they would like added to the page, please send their name, and service information. If you have a photo or letter home that would be nice also.

The E-Mail Room has been updated with new links. If you have an e-mail link that has changed please send your new address.

March 2008

Obituaries - added Hal DeLap 1922 - 2008

Obituaries - added John T. Melton 1953-2008 & Vernon Ray Mayberry 1941-2008

February 2008

Servicemen - added Henry Edo Melton WWI & John T. Melton US Navy Viet Nam

Obits - Added Jerry Ray Gaines 2008

Several obits of Cook & Wilson in Cook Album added to Obitituary page

Correction of dates and names added to school pictures Grade 3 - 1953-54 Essie Grable, Grade 5 1955-56 Wade Ellis- Grade 6 1956 - 57 Thelma Warren, with 2nd pose photo added - Grade 8 1958 - 59 Hugh Kane - All pictures are of the same students. Some students still are not identified and we could use your help. Thanks!

January 2008

At top of Broughton Schools page - The Dale page, and Hamilton Co. Schools - added Hamilton County Basketball Tournament (1956) held at Dale school gym.

Obits - Added pallbearer list to George A. Mitchell obit.

Happy New Year!

December 2007

Obits - Added, Herman Griswold Jr. 1920 - 2007


November 2007

Broughton Schools - Added grade 4 or 5? Abt. 1955 - Teacher Wade Ellis (Tried naming, for identification and corrections e-mail J. Gholson.

Broughton Schools - Added 1952-53 Basketball Team - Coach unnamed, added Broughton School Band unknown year. Unknown school & year Hugh Kane Identified as Cherokee School in 1930s - moved it from Broughton page to Hamilton County Schools. Thanks to Anna Mae (Brent) Anderson for the last remaining names for Mr. Hugh Kane's 8th grade class of 1957-58 identified!

Obits: Added (Irvin) Evelyn L. (Irvin) Meyer 1935 - 2007

Obits: Added George W. "Jack" Douglass 1917 - 2007

Schools: Added Unknown School & Year Teacher Hugh Kane, also added another Broughton school unknown year, probably in the 1960s, need identification of year, students & teacher.

Broughton Schools - Added 5th & 6th grades 1950 teacher Ralph Gray

A link on right side of Broughton page added "Things that make us angry"

Broughton Schools added 1949 Basketball team, added a second picture to 1950-51 Basketball team of Clarence Barker with cheer leaders

October 2007

Broughton Days had a good turn out both days - pictures posted

September 2007

Obits: Added Howard C. Bealmer 1912 - 2007

Obits: Added Vera Dee Coontz 1917 - 2007

Obits: Added Kathlyn J. Irvin 1916 - 2007

Added death certificate of John Gaines Gholson to James & John Gholson album

August 2007

Added Family Group Sheet to Ingram Family Album

July 2007

Under Obits - Added John T. Gholson 1915 - 2007

May 29, 2007

Obits - Added Sylvia Rose (Gholson) Drosdahl -2007 dau of Randal & Georgia (Pierce) Gholson

Obit for Helen (Dawes) Barnes now listed under Barnes

May 1, 2007

Gholson Cemetery - Added marker for Elmo John 1931-2006

Added monument for Eva Marie Trout 1940 - 2006

April 23, 2007

Broughton Schools -at top of page. Added High School Year Book 1944 "The Beacon" Courtesy of Rick Moore

April 19, 2007

Broughton Service Men - added Jimmy S. Nichols with 3 photos

Broughton & other area churches - added History of Gholson Grove Baptist Church

April 9, 2007

Broughton Photo Albums - Added Ingram Family, Photos submitted by Susan Ingram, Thanks!

March 30, 2007

Added obituary for Helen Mae (Dawes) Barnes - for right now it is listed under Dawes .

Under Old Newspaper - Added Edgar Gwaltney & Joe Matricord convicted; news item from 1932 - submitted by Silvetta Parsons

March 20, 2007

Obits - Added obituary for Harriet M. Johns 1830 - 1919 (submitted by Dale Houseworth)

Have been adding schools to the Hamilton Co. page. Concord, Logansport, Thackeray and more to come.

March 1, 2007

Obituaries - Added Earl Wayne McDonald 1935 - 2007

February 23, 2007

Names added to Belle Prairie School 1939-40 Thanks to Charlene Frey Rubenacker

February 04, 2007

Updated names in Gholson Cemetery, added monument for Roberta Scott

January 09, 2007

In Hunt album added a picture of Donald Cox & Kenneth Hunt about 1951

Obituaries: added James S. "Jimmy" Nichols 1923 - 2007

Happy Neew Year!


Happy Thanksgiving


November 26, 2006

Hunt Album - Added Daniel Keasler Family (g.grandfather of Kenneth Hunt)

Walpole Schools - Added Walpole School 1911 and 1912 need identification. Submitted by Barbara Ellis Bennett

November 19, 2006

I Remember Broughton - added a story from Dick Hardesty of his grandfather Isaac Hardesty

Big Hill Cemetery - added pic of stone for Mary "Polly" T. Vickers 1810 - 1889

Kenneth Hunt album - added a picture of Lee McKenzie, Ed Gholson & Wayne Hunt abt. 1950

Kennth Hunt album - added picture of Kenneth Hunt & Harold "Bud" Littlefield with 4H Club calf abt. 1949

GHOLSON CEMETERY - Added monument photo for John T. Pruitt added names James W. Sisk, Eva Trout, & Roberta Scott.

November 16, 2006

Obits - Added James W. Sisk 1942 - 2006

Kenneth Hunt Album - Added Daniel & Mary (Smith) Keasler Family abt 1897

Silvetta Parsons Album - Added photo of Betty Gail Boyer sitting on Broughton Depot steps

October 22, 2006

Added 5 pictures to Douglass School on Saline Co. Schools courtesy of "S.D." Gholson

October 16, 2006

Attendance pictures added to Broughton Days 2006 - To view larger picture click on photo



Notice! 40th Annual Broughton Days is the first weekend in October, 7th & 8th. The Homecoming is Sunday the 8th. On Saturday October 7th there will be Chicken & Dumplings 11:A.M. - 2:00 P.M. Cake walk at 6:00 P.M with musical entertainment after the cake walk.

Sunday Oct. 8th, joint church service 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Pot luck dinner 1:00 p.m. fried chicken & ham provided. Free will donations accepted.

Sept. 30, 2006

Added photo of Minnie Logsdon, Sherman Hughes & Ruth (Curry) Faries to Faries album

Under Hamilton Co. Schools added Young School 1948/49 with identification of students by Kenneth Hunt and added it also to his photo album on Broughton site. Thanks Kenneth!

Students identified except for one in Douglass School 1935. See Saline Co. Schools.

Updated the Comments Page on Broughton site. Seems we had been collecting them but weren't posting.

We have been informed that Keasler Cemetery was saved or rescued from the plow. Don't have all the details but want to thank Bonnie Phillips, the Phillips family for all their work and efforts in cleaning up the cemetery.

September 2006

Added photo of monument for Gross, James W. & Lucy M. at Big Hill Cemetery

Added to obits, Mary Driskell, Finis Biggerstaff & Faye Sisk, all recent deaths.



At the bottom of page Broughton Schools (Hamilton Co. Schools) Added Young School 1947 John Grable Teacher. Submitted by Kenneth Hunt.

Under Schools, Broughton, Hamilton & Saline Co. - Added an article about Gholson Grove School and its history, including teachers and some students.

Obituaries - added Lulu (Ruphard) Moore - 2006 (plus photo)

Cook Album added "Wilson & Cook" also "The Kennedys"

St. Mary's School of Nursing Graduation Class Evansville Ind. 1960 Becky (Lamp) Hunt added to Hunt Album

May 20, 2006

Walpole - Walpole Residents in 1940 & on by Joel Kevin Lasswell. Thanks Joel!


Walpole page - Walpole Revisited (Article appeared in the "Times"submitted by Joel Kevin Lasswell

April 23, 2006

Gholson Cemetery update monument for H. Victor Driskell 1909-2004

monument photo for Edward Eugene "Gene" Trout 1928-2005

photo Marker for John T. Pruitt 1954-2004

(old Broughton Photos) Postmaster Certificate 1910 for Fred Wilson

Photo Album for Pemberton started


March 31, 2006

1867 Probate added for William Parsons

March 20, 2006

Obits, Added Harriet Catherine Kennedy, Davis, Sparks, Gholson- died 1944, thanks to Rick Moore for the obit, from clippings of late Bernice Owen collection.

Added obit for Edith (Campbell) Clark 1915-2006

Added obit for Charles "Chuck" Mitchell 1934-2006

February 23, 2006

Obits: Added George O. Irvin 1918 - 2006

Added 1st picture to Dale Page of 3rd grade class, Dale School courtesy of Jo Ann (Barker) Bunce. Need identification of students. Thanks

February 10, 2006

Three more Cherokee schools added: 1935 - 1936 - 1940 need teachers name for 1940

Lasswell album: 3 pictures added Oneita Ann Russell Gwaltney, one of her & son John Wesley, also a painting she painted of her mother, Elizabeth McGill Russell

February 7, 2006

New school picture class 1963 submitted by Margie (Gwaltney) Dunning, also she identified most of 1967 Barker team (basketball)

Obits: added Tom Dawes 1946-2005 (Thomas Arthur Dawes) son of Fred Dawes

January 16, 2006

Two more photos added to the Lasswell Album one is of the John Frank McGill family related to Barbara Mandrell.

2 schools that were misidentified as Twigg have been identified as Sutton schools 1933 & 1934. Thanks to Tom James and his father for naming all the students in both schools!

At the top of the Broughton Schools page is a link to a drawing of the school gym, that John Gholson made and colored in 1950 while attending school at Broughton. Would appreciate a picture of the gym to see if he drawed it right. Ha,ha. James

January 14, 2006

Thanks to Jo Ann (Barker) Bunce for Broughton Elementary school picture 2nd grade 1949-1950 Teacher - Mrs. Mable Gholson (added to Broughton schools) We need identification of students. Thanks!

Photo Albums: added John & Frank McGill Family to Lasswell Album

Gholson Cemetery - Updated- Trustees & addresses

Added to cemetery list: Edward Eugene (Gene) Trout 11-2-1928 - 10-3-2005

Dec 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

Family Albums - Added Oma Davis Irvin Album

Dec 10, 2005

On Hamilton County Photo Exchange - Hamilton County Schools - Added OPossum Creek Dist# 40, several Pyrtle Schools 1930 through 1940 and White School

obituaries - added John R. Shroyer 1931 - 2005

Added Ralph E. Shroyer 1928 - 2005

Dec 05, 2005

Our thanks to Edgar Satterfield, Karla Hutchcraft, Malchus Smith, the Trout twins, Delsie (Trout) Lynch & Elsie (Trout) York, for putting names to the faces of Barefoot School Unknown Year. Malchus Smith gave us a year of 1934-1935 and the picture has been updated with a lot of names. Also Barefoot 1941-42 updated with a couple names.

Seems we are constantly finding links to pictures or pages that did work but have stopped working. We have been busy fixing these, and changing the looks of the main Broughton page. Family Trees have been moved to a second page. We have added one called "Mary Ann Elizabeth Young" Laura (Fair) Randell, that submitted it is looking for more information on Nancy Permelia (Clary) Dawes of her line.

Nov 27, 2005

Added Lodge & Mildred Grant home to Historical Bldgs.

Under Saline County IL.Photos & Misc. added David Tate's home

Nov 21, 2005

Added East Side Grade School 1963/64 McLeansboro to Schools Hamilton Co. (Photo Exchange)

Added Sunday pictures of Broughton Days 2005

November 7, 2005

Added a link on the Broughton page to a newly created site: Saline County Photos & Misc. Have posted pictures of schools, churches, and people, so far from Galatia & Raleigh with more to come

Village Records - Index School Dist. Expence - Added School Districts Big Hill, Harrawood, Pig Ridge, Dist. 23, Oliver & Cherokee. Lots of names here, people hauling coal, cleaning school houses, wells, teachers etc.

October 21, 2005

Updates to Gholson Cemetery - added Monuments for Rudy Moore, Rhonda Gould and marker for Donald E. "Rocky" Phillips who died Apr 11, 2005

Historical buildings - added sites where former Broughton residents lived: Dr. Inman Hall, Kate & Fred Wilson, Dr. John Organ, Wright Hamilton, and Gaines home. Also added Hardin Porter home south of town.

October 19, 2005

Schools - Added Broughton School 1895 - also in Rick Moore album

Obituaries - Added Mary Ann (Turpin) Gholson, Pennington 1917-2005

Update Gholson Cemetery - Added Monument for Homer F. Lauderback & military marker


October 9, 2005

Marriages - added James Everett Gholson & Ethel Heard also added William Lewis Ruphard & Teoria Scott

Old Broughton Photos - Added Stationary of Reeder's Garage Lincoln Ford Dealer Broughton (Thanks to Rick Moore. Stationary was used for itemized account of other business.

October 1, 2005

Village Records - School Districts - Added #81 Jennings

September 29, 2005

Walpole - Schools added names to unidentified photo of Union School 1938 courtesy of Pearl (Pearce) Mitchell

Village Records - added names from expense records of each school district. More to come, have #76 Walters and will be adding Big Hill and others from a record book from Bob Barker of Broughton. Lots of names mentioned here if you are looking for someone.

August 22, 2005

Reposted Cherokee School 1930 (that didn't come up)

Under Schools added Douglas School 1935 Teacher Milton Kane

Added Bridwell photo album & added Cross Road School to this album

August 14, 2005

Under Village Records: Added more Broughton Court Cases, also added Chattel Mortgages 1913

Uder Old Newspaper: Added article, Broughton Elects Village Trustees - 1939

July 28, 2005

Under Records: added Chattel Mortgages 1911 & 1912

Under Village Records added " Court Cases "

July 20, 2005

Village Records" added Chattel Mortgages to Jan. 1911

Under Village Maps & Information - added a link to FEMA Flood Map for Broughton

Obits: added obits for Wright Hamilton & Willis R. Gholson

Old News: added Weddings & Announcements of Essary, Mathis, Jean Hughes/Stovall article

July 13, 2005

Broughton Schools- Added High School Report Card 1926/27 for Jessie Lee Porter

Added High School Attendance Report for October 1878 - Teacher S. D. Gholson

July 9, 2005

Under Broughton Churches - added a church meeting on Methodist page and added another church meeting in 1920 on the Baptist Church page. Click on the links for information

Under Old Newspaper - Two Broughton High School Boys Drowned at Picnic - 1932

July 5, 2005

In Simmons Album & Old Broughton Photos - added old bank book 1920 belonging to "Mac" Simmons reads: Broughton Bank.

Added names to some in Baptist Church Picnic in Barker Album

In Simmons album - and Broughton Schools - Added another school picture dated 1918 with identification of many.

June 29, 2005

Gholson Photo Album: added pictures of John Gaines Gholson's family wife "Fannie", and daughters Grace and Cordelia. also added John G. Gholson's obituary and some notes

June 28, 2005

Under Documents, click Military Documents & Pensions: Added Pension applications for Elias (Eli) Porter & his wife Mary for serving in the Revolutionary War 1777

June 25, 2005

Broughton Schools - Added several pictures at the very top of the page, click on the link to view pictures of unknown years of Broughton Schools. We will be adding more but will transfer them to regular page time line when we get dates and or identification. This group of pictures contributed by Mary Jane (Wilson) Miller.

June 24, 2005

Broughton Schools - added picture about 1908 contributed by Mary Jane Wilson Miller

June 23, 2005

Remaining Historical Buildings - Post Office - Old Broughton Pictures- Added information to Broughton History of Post Office and Employees. Article was written by C. E. Hatton and appeared in Goshen Trails in 1967. Submitted by Silvetta Parsons. Thanks!

June 19, 2005

Under Old Broughton Photos, added interrior layout of Allen Store Co., as remembered by Silvetta Parsons.

Added Broughton State Bank note - submitted by Silvetta Parsons

Added property tax receipts of C. W. Allen - contributed by Tom Young

Under Records: created Military Documents - added 1812 document showing enrollment of Thompson (Tomzen) Porter, submitted by Richard "Dick" Hardesty


Obits: Added Ruby Bealmer 1918 - 2005

"Wanted Photos" A person requested a picture of Sherman Hughes (former Mayor of Broughton) He was her Grandma's 1st cousin. You may e-mail this person and the webmaster would also like a copy for the web site. Thanks!

June 9, 2005

Family Photo Albums - Added "Simmons" Thanks to Silvetta Parsons for the added photos and those belonging to her sisters. 31 photos here with an article on Sheridan LeMay that was submitted by Silvetta, Courtesy of Rick Moore

June 6, 2005

Under Old Broughton Photos: Added Yellow Restaurant 1964

June 4, 2005

Added another picture of Arthur Dawes/Wayne Porter home opposite side view under historical buildings

Added another picture of Broughton Post Office 1965 - historical buildings

"Under Old Broughton Photos" - at the top left side: Broughton tour of north side of Dawes Street

May 31, 2005

Added Arthur & Nella Dawes home plus carriage house to historical buildings

May 28, 2005

Added Dr. J.G. Wheeler home to historical buildings.

May 7, 2005

Added comments to Broughton historical buildings etc. Post office, and two other houses once used for funeral homes.

Added Mitchell Family to Broughton Photo Albums

May 4, 2005

Broughton School Reunion 2003 - Added identification of those in the main photo of last High School graduation class at Broughton. Thanks to Silvetta Parsons and Juanita (Gunter) Phillips for their help.

April 27, 2005

Under Broughton and other area churches - Added Wolf Creek Primitive Baptist Church (Saline County, Eldorado, IL. - with signs telling of Church History.

April 25, 2005

Broughton historical bldgs - added several houses and some history as to lived there in the past.

April 2, 2005

Updated Southern Illinois Photo Exchange under church records added the membership records of Lick Creek Primitive Baptist Church 1820 - 1841. Added membership after 1871 - 1896. Added members of Norris City Primitive Baptist Church Organized 1901 - Link to Broughton site.


Under Village Records (Mortgages) added more to April 1910


January 26, 2005

Under Wills: Added the Will of George Reeves dated March 1st 1869 - Courtesy of Hugh Corrigan IV

Under photo albums added two more pictures to Lasswell Album (John William Reed & Eliza Caroline (McGill) Reed, courtesy of Barbara F. Clayton

January 11, 2005

8 more photos added to Joel Kevin Lasswell album, of Reed & McGill courtesy of Barbara F. Clayton

January 07, 2005

Happy New Year!

Under Broughton Historical Buildings: added picture of C. W. Allen house, Dr. Osborne house, and Broughton funeral home.

December 30,2004

Under Broughton Schools: Broughton's First Kindergarten Class 1931 - Teacher Fern Barker, (submitted by Larry Melton - Courtesy of June Melton)

December 26, 2004

Under Obits: Glenna (Allen) Gregory 1934 - 2004, Rev. Ray Essary 1933- 2004, Helen (Scott) Gray & John Franklin Gaines, 2004, & Victor Driskell 1908-2004

November 12, 2004

Thanks go to Larry Melton for the following pictures courtesy of June Melton: Sunday School Class circa 1914, a picture of Lodge Grant Principal Broughton High School 1942, teachers,Merle & Glenn Fulkerson Broughton H.S. 1942, Broughton School 1940's , two pictures of Broughton Flood 1937 and a picture of Tom & Annie (Linden) Allen at their Broughton home.

November 1, 2004

School pictures added to Broughton Schools, 1946/47 contributed by Juanita (Gunter) Phillips

Several more pictures added to Lasswell photo album

October 8, 2004

Pictures of Home Coming 2004 posted.

School group picture added to Broughton Schools early 30's probably 1932 contributed by Don Mitchell - Thanks to those at Broughton Days for identification and to Silvetta Parsons for help with the photo.


September 18, 2004

Added to Kay Turpin Johns Album, Broughton & Walpole page, Indian Tribe Membership Card, Obit., death certificate & gravestone of Kay's husband Elmer Ray "Gail" Johns

Broughton Days 2003 - Added picture #12


July 31, 2004

About 14 school pictures added to the photo album of Adrain A. Smith on the Walpole site. Photos of Belle Prairie, #9 Union School, Barefoot, and Walpole. Pictures contributed by Joel Kevin Lasswell, via A. A. Smith that has the originals. Thanks Guys!

July 2004

Under Records - Town Records, Chattel Mortgages 1908 through 1909 (more to come)

June 29, 2004

Updates (reunions) this month include pictures of Wildcat School Reunion

"One Room School" Reunion 2004 - pictures

May 31, 2004

Broughton Days & Reunions - Added Owen Reunion 2001 & Wild Cat School Reunion 2004

May 25, 2004

Ruphard Album started from pictures from Ruby Ruphard. More to be added.

April 17, 2004

Added names to Douglass School 1943/44

Obituaries - Added Kenneth Porter, Essie M. (Owen) Graham of Broughton & Homer "Rocky" Lauderback also of Broughton. Our thanks to Silvetta Parsons for transcribing and sending.

Finished the Cash Book Town Treasurer's Report (see Records) Added misc. expenses school teachers pay, fuel, etc.


March 4, 2004

Broughton Churches: added Broughton Pentescostal Church, added more pictures to Methodist Church Photo Album

Obits: added Dorothy (Johnson) Enloe 1914-2002 (dau of Sarah Webb & Grover Johnson)

Walpole school page - added Union School 1938

Dale page - added Fellers Cafe, Methodist Church & Thrashing Machine

Old Broughton Photos - Added hogs in holding pen for shipping & Broughton Community School Bus picking up Wheeler children

February 23, 2004

Village Records - Added Bid for Calaboose

Obits - Added Ray Dean Allen 1935 - 2004

February 4, 2004

Broughton Days 2003 - added copy of signatures of sign-in sheet

Walpole - Smith School abt. 1935-36 submitted by Earl Tate (need identification some students)



Faris Album - Added " Remembrance of William H. Davis & Sophronia (Roberts) Griswold Davis" plus their obituaries, also added to the Obituary pages.

Obits- Added Floyd B. Gholson & James Everett Gholson

Walpole - Added picture of Joel Kevin Lasswell to the Lasswell album (dated 11-23-2002)

January 16, 2004

Faries Album - added about 9 photos of Faries, Griswold & Davis Families

Walpole schools - Added identification of students of two photos of Helm School (thanks to Wanda Hawkins Cross for pictures and identification and to Joel Kevin Lasswell in forwarding information.

January 11, 2004

Added obit of Rudy Moore 2003

Broughton People - Added Lyman Greer


January 10, 2004

Obits - added Nettie Francis, Ralph Knowles Gholson, Minnie Lasswell, Rachel Matthews & George Henry "Casey" Jones


"I Remember Broughton" - added part of a letter from Grace (Wilson) Watkins to Silvetta Parsons, regarding school dicipline at Broughton


Added Twigg schools to the Walpole page

January 7, 2004

Under Obits: Added Benice Wooldridge, James S. Reeves, James D Pennington, Eva VanTrease, Joe Dudley, John Dudley, Logan G. Porter, John VanTrease, Mattie Barker, Ruth Miller Gholson, Virginia Hardesty, Robert L. Gholson, Ovah Jones, Marion E. Smith, Huck Richardson & Mamie Davis (Thanks to Silvetta Parsons)


Under Old Newspaper, added Sports section, and included 2 old Broughton news articles one of basketball scores and one of Ott Brown croquet player.

Under "Researching" added a picture of Noble J. Hughes to Research page of Sheila Rosson Berube

Walpole page: added pictures of Helm School 1933 and 1934 (under Walpole schools & to Lasswell Album - Walpole Postmasters - Courtesy of Joel Kevin Lasswell

Broughton Days 2003 - Photos


December 6, 2003

Broughton Schools - Added a school map of Early Hamilton County Schools with index list so you can locate them.

Under Obits, added Hubert Brown, Lou Ellen Reeves, Martin Clyde Acord, Riley Acord, Obe Irvin, Thurman Gray, William Hardin Porter, Steve Gholson, Rev. J. W. "Joe" Gholson, John Thomas Gholson, Grace Roberts Gholson, Austin Johann, Charles "Bud" Gunter, Albert Mathis, Charles Melton, Elbert Scott, Eliza Driskell, and George Cook. (Thanks to Silvetta Parsons - more to come)


December 4, 2003

Album posted for Mary Jane (Wilson) Miller

Under Obits added picture of Therza Johann to her obit

Four more Broughton Schools added courtesy of Mary Jane Wilson Miller, these are in her album and also on Broughton Schools page. These pictures are of grades 1-2 & 3 different years, teacher Isabel Pennington.


Broughton Days 1976 Article

Added information to North Fork Church (under Broughton churches) and poem by John L. Gwaltney


November 19, 2003

Walpole Page - "Walpole has 1st High School Reunion in 50 yrs."

Old Broughton Photos - Picture of Allen Co. Store safe


November 12, 2003

Under "I Remember Broughton" - Vada Hardesty busy at Broughton home

Added to Broughton Servicemen; Donald Cotter, & Jerry R. Gaines

"Broughton People" Added pictures of "Irish Tom Allen" - and Annie (Linden) Allen and a picture of their farm.


November 1, 2003

Under Broughton Schools, added Saline Co. Schools - Muggen 1933, 1938, 1941.

Douglass School 1942 & 1944


October 24, 2003

Added James S. Nichols photos to Broughton Service Men

Added 2 Stones to Gholson Cemetery listings FRANCES DICKEY & (?) JHON L. TROUT

Broughton Days parade 1981 of Shriners & Broughton Fire Truck in parade 1982

Unders Obits, added THERZA JOHANN Oct. 2003


October 14, 2003

Under Broughton Area Churches, added history of Tate's Chapel


Under Wills Probates, Records, have entered in Township Records Treasurer's Report 1860 to 1870 names interest paid etc.


September 21, 2003

Under Wills & Probate records - changed graphics of page to look similar to stacked courthouse books and added Township treasurer's report 1860 to turn of century. Have years transcribed to 1867 more to be added when time permits.

Added a photo album to Dale page, called Donna's Album, includes unknown pictures and things from her grandmother Nova Irby Tate when she passed away

September 13, 2003

Big Hill Cemetery - More photos of monuments added. If they don't load be patient and come back later for a visit as they may not be sent to site yet but much of the work has been completed to go.


A photo album for Mildred (Irvin) McGill is on the Dale page. It contains several pictures of Twigg School. To find it just look for the Dale link on the Broughton main page.

August 27, 2003

Added picture of James Timothy Allen to Photo Album page with Wm D. Allen

Added school pictures to Walpole Page in Photo Album of Zella Mae Smith 1-8th grades Moorman School 1932-1939

3 more monument pictures added to Big Hill - more to come

August 18, 2003

(Under Researching Family Trees) added - Info on Noble J. Hughes and more


August 15, 2003

Under - Old Broughton Photos - Old Broughton Insurance Sign

Under Wills & Probates - Probate of James Allen died 1876

In Photo Allbums - added W.D. Allen Photo Album

Added school pictures to Broughton Schools

August 3, 2003

"Broughton People" Added James Anderson Porter - Tomzen Gholson & S. B. Allen

Old Newspaper - County's oldest resident Mary Jane Johns dies at age 101

Old Newspaper - Faries Golden Anniversary

Broughton Days changed on front page to Broughton Days & Reunions - Broughton School Reunion 2003 pictures to follow


July 30, 2003

Added more schools to Broughton Schools - added Cornerville School & Gholson Grove School

July 10, 2003

Added pictures to Broughton Schools and pictures added to picture album of James & John Gholson

June 30, 2003

In Kay Turpin Johns Album - Added Quit Claim Deed to Unity Baptist Church 1882

June 24, 2003

Broughton & Other area churches - Smith (school) Church Northwest of Walpole, also added picture of Rector Fork Church & "Primitive Baptist Sign"

(Gholson Cemetery) added new monument for Benn Fann, also added new Military plate for James E. Sisk.

June 20, 2003

New link on main page called "Remaining Historical Buildings" (just under Broughton days)

Pictures of Depot outside and inside pictures, pictures of Masonic Lodge & Post Office 2002.


Added photo to Broughton Schools 1950 - 1951 eighth grade

June 13, 2003

"Broughton Days" Added old Broughton Days Photos of Mildred (Irvin) McGill family in old time clothing.

Scroll down to One Room School 2003 Added picture of a one room school as most of them have now been torn down. Added 3 photos taken at the One Room School Event. Had a good turn out but didn't get the pictures.

June 9, 2003

Bible Records added to Marriages, Wills, Deeds & Probate. Picture of old Bible belonging to Bernice (Owens) Wooldridge with her gr grandfather Wm Thomas Gholson and family in it. Also entry of marriage date of James Allen & Elizabeth.

June 4, 2003

Added Essary/Irvin Album to Broughton Photo Albums added link to Essary Web Site

June 2, 2003

(Under Old Newspapers)

Ethel Gholson Celebrates 80th Birthday


(Broughton Schools)

2 photos added 1957 of 4th Grade and 1957 7th Grade


Photos were taken Sunday May 25, of Tate Chapel front - side - and inside views. They are listed below Broughton Area Churches, in Other Area Churches. Also a link to it is added in Silvetta Parsons Album.


May 22, 2003

Broughton Service Men - John R. "Jack" Shroyer U.S. Navy 1948 - 1952 Korea - submitted by Larry Melton and photo in his Album page also.

Kane Album - Broughton School April 18, 1941 Grace Wilson Teacher - Also listed in Broughton Schools 1941 (thanks to Dana Shroyer for identification of students)


May 5, 2003

Grave Site of Louisa McCreery, Brooke Cemetery 1st wife of Dr. Edward Dawes (in Dr. Dawes Album - also added picture postcard of John T. Dawes to his sister, Celeste with a written note.


(Under Broughton area Churches)

Added picture of Old Presbyterian Church in deteriorated condition before it was torn down. Contributed by Rick Moore

May 2, 2003

Carl & Cecile Turpin (parents of Kay Turpin Johns) added to Kay's Album


- In Broughton Area Churches -

Douglass Church & History (contributed by Silvetta Parsons plus Directions and photos


April 1st - Gone Mushroom hunting for the tasty Morel variety! Won't be back until they're done popping up!


March 2003


Old Newspaper - & Faris Album - Former Broughton, & Wood River Resident Ruth Faries celebrates 90th birthday June 5, 2001


Names added to picture of Picnic 1938/39 in Rick Moore Album thanks to Grace Reeves & Silvetta Parsons!


School page"Old Broughton High School that burned submitted by Silvetta Parsons via Rick Moore


Kay Turpin Johns Album - Johns Family Tree updated


Rick Moore Album - Picture of picnic about 1938/39 of Hardesty, Simmons, Reeves, Gaines, Davis, Brown, Prince & Gunter


Broughton Schools - added pictures contibuted by Silvetta Parsons. Pep game songs - That old gang of mine" & assorted pictures of individuals - some linked from Nada (Carlisle) Barker Album

pictures from the United Methodist Church 2001 book added to their page - News articles of Church 1914 - 1964 - Church Bell & Price list - some pictures of members - Pastor Perry Williams added to Ministers 1936 - 1959 - He is also in Church Album with family.


Another Broughton School picture Basketball team 1960 Clarence Barker Teacher added to Kane Album


Obits - Rex Gholson

Old Newspaper - Added Articles Broughton news as reported by Silvetta Parsons


Membership Names added to United Methodist Church

Pictures added


February 2003


Membership Names added to Unity Baptist Church


Broughton Churches - Added picture of Old North Fork Baptist Church


United Methodist Church- Added 3rd & 4th grade Rhythm Band (names from Methodist Church Centennial book 1901-2001)


Unity Minutes 28 pages - Transcribed by Kay Turpin Johns - Minutes are on Kay's Album Page and also posted on the Walpole Page under Unity Church Minutes (Thanks Kay!)


1905 Platte Map of Broughton (Lots)

Memories of people and where they lived 1920-30's by Silvetta Parsons - link is just below the map and is helpful in locating-hopefully. More stories can be added here of when people lived and where.


(Under Broughton Maps & Villiage Information)

Added link to Broughton Bussiness District map dated 1926


Walpole page

Letter from Miss Mildred Lucille Pulliam to Silvetta Parsons

James Twigg - Obit & Historical record copied from microfilm by Rick Moore (Thanks Rick!)


Gholson Cemetery

Ben Fann 1936-2002



January 2003



Robert E. Smith Sr. plus photo

Edward Tyler 1891 -1964 (Broughton's Constable)

James Tomzen Gholson Photo Album- Added a framed print a favorite of his wife "Lou"


December 2002

Broughton Days

Page revised to read Broughton Days 1967 until now

Homecoming pictures 2002 added


Under Schools, Broughton H.S. 2nd Year - Unknown date, believe it to be early twenties. Need names. Submitted by Bill & Millie Luffman - Thanks!


Kay (Turpin) Johns Album

Transcribed list of members of Unity Church

Pictures of clean up before and after of Johns Cemetery

Pictures contributed by Kay of cemetery stones


Doing work (links) to Dawes Album


Hunt Family Album

about a dozen photos added, schools, reunions & family


Harkrider Infant with readable stone added to Gholson Cemetery


Kane Photo Album - Broughton Grades 3 & 4 1942 - 1943 (April 43)

Dec. 16th

Broughton School Grade 3 - 1950 and others added to Kane Album


Hunt Family Album - Douglass School 1943 Grace Poppins - Teacher




Under Broughton People, William Hall Burton, Picture includes his two sons John & Charles


Pictures added to Hunt Photo Album

3 more school pictures of Plain View & Hickory Corner


(Local Cemeteries)

Pictures of Big Hill Cemetery with view from top of cemetery and some photos of monuments


New Photo Album started more to come - Nada Carlisle Barker


(In Kay Turpin Johns Album) & Walpole IL.) Unity Church Steps & Memorial

Revised map to Unity Cemetery & Johns Cemetery


Monuments & Stones on hill in timber behind Unity Church


Walpole Page - Walpole Sign (Erected by Ralph O. Gray)


Name & Stone added to Gholson Cemetery List - Elbert Earl Pirtle 1895-1896


Made correction to Mabel Gholson (stone) Gholson Cemetery




Glenn Simmons 1911 - 1985


(Under I Remember Broughton & "Old Newspapers")

Trip Down Memory Lane To Broughton by John W. Allen


(under Broughton People)

It Happened In Southern Illinois - John W. Allen (Photo & Interesting article about him from the jacket of his book)




Sylvetta Parson Album - $60.00 Funeral Bill


Kane Family Album - Lots of Broughton School pictures, including Basketball, Cheerleaders, Broughton Grade School Bands - School pictures various years will need help on identification.


Unity Baptist Church Minutes in (Kay Turpin Johns Album. This is not finished but will be as time permits.


(Old Newspapers)

Vada Johnson Hardesty to celebrate 98th Birthday - as reported by Broughton Reporter Sylvetta Parsons


More photos added to Kay Turpin Johns Album



(Under Miscellanious)

The Leader Cook Book - McLeansboro, ILL 1912 (A collection of receipes of the Women's Exchange ) Our thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Tom Young for this contribution.

Kay Turpin Johns Album - Picture of Anne Gregg Turpin & Georgia (Pearce) Gholson




Daniel "Huck" Richardson

Hugh Kane

Sherman Hughes

Daniel Shroyer

Grace Gholson

Mamie Davis

Mabel E. Gholson

William Clarence Barker

Ethel (Gholson) Porter

Wayne Parsons

Letha Carnahan




(Under Wills & Probates)

Probate Sale of John V. Tate, Money owed Estate, buyers, items, & cost etc.

John Pemberton Probate

Adding photos to Gholson Cemetery (Monuments stones, Markers)


May 2002

(Researching Family Tree) Biography of Sarah E. (Gholson) Bowman

(Family Trees) Turpin & Johns Family Tree

New = Lasswell Album

Photos added to Kay Turpin Johns Album plus Johns Family Tree

McLeansboro Times Leader - Mary Jane Johns to be 100 Friday - First Co. Resident to Reach Mark


Broughton Servicemen

Daniel Shroyer WWI

Charles Melton WWII

Charles W. "Bill" Gholson WWII


April 2002


Photos of Monuments & Markers of entire Gholson Cemetery finished.

Will be posting these a few at a time as time permits.


In Tom Young Album & Kay Turpin Johns Album

William Turpin #1 (identified) son of Dras & Anne Gregg Turpin


Broughton Servicemen

Added photo of Charles T. Melton W.W.II



Maude Simmons1881 - 1947 (corrected)

Kenneth Greer 1908 - 1992

Hugh Wilson 1907 - 1999

Fred Dawes 1911 - 1999

John Inman Gholson 1905 - 1944

Deborah Gholson 1916 - 2002

Arlie Barker 1911 - 1989

Ovah Jones 1906 - 1999

Otha Steele 1013 - 1993

Maude Simmons 1881 -1947

Wayne Porter 1916 - 2002


Silvetta Parson's Album (article on Steamer General Lyons)

Land Record) James A. Porter - W.W. Gayle lots in Broughton


March 2002


Kay Turpin Johns (New photo Album)

Schuyler Turpin Family photos

Marriages (added under Wills & Probate page)


Nathan Everett Turpin

Drass Turpin


Obits (added)

John R. Gholson 1859-1918

Felix T. Gholson 1894-1922

Jim Gaines 1923

Elizabeth (Shroyer) Gholson 1848-1922

Thomas Grable 1855-1922

Frank Marion Rhine 1861-1922

Letisha Jane (Gaines) Owens 1873-1921

Nellie Lemay Turpin

Rev. Nathan Everett Turpin



A Gholson did this on 60th Birthday (Jeff's Sky Dive)

Village of Dale

Time Line Page

(with links to Presidents) When did your family come to Southern IL?)

Started with John Gholson of Virginia to Ky, Tenn., & IL.



Names added to Walpole School picture



Rectorville Advertisement by W. P. Hale (Thanks to Rick Moore)



February 2002

Feb. 1st. - Broughton Area Churches

United Methodist Church

Broughton Baptist Church

Presbyterian Church


Feb. 10th. Obits.

Minerva C. (Taylor) Porter

Glenda K. Parsons

William W. Parsons



January 2002

Walpole page: Two photo albums added


Gholson Cemetery page: Deed info: Tomzen deed to settlement of Rectorville


Wills & Probate Sales = Tomzen Gholson Will 1899

Documents: deed..Paris Gholson & Wife to James Webb

Deed - Benjamin & Jane to Paris Gholson

Deed - James A. Porter to Tomzen Gholson

Various deed records of Rectorville

Land Grants for Gholson - Allen - Dawes in Hamilton Co.