Big Hill Cemetery




Big Hill: Located East of Broughton as you go toward Norris City, look North to your left for the hightest point and when possible travel that direction. While visiting this cemetery, took a few pictures of monuments and a view of cemetery. See below. View # 1 View # 2 View # 3

Allen, J. H. 1835 - 1898

Infant Dau, of JK&SM Barker

Beck, Clearisa S.

Beck, Henry J.

Blake, Ardelo B.

Blake, Earl M.

Blake, Ethel

Blake, Hester A & James M.

Blake, James M. 1810-1853

Blake, Joseph M.

Blake, Chester D. & Marie

Blake, Vernon M.

Blake, Louisa C.

Blake, Mary M.

Bolerjack, James K.

Bolerjack, James A.

Bolerjack, Laura L.

Bolerjack, Mary R.

Bolerjack, Wm H.

Buttrey, Jesse F.

Buttrey, Wm. A.

Campbell, James

Cook, Sarah

Crouse, Alice

Crouse, Daniel

Draper, D. F.

Dunivan, Donna D.

Fairweather, Earl

Fairweather, Freada

Farewethers, John 1825 - 1877

Fairweather, John S.

Floyd, William B.

Floyd, Isaac

Gholson, Marine F.

Gholson, Nancy J.

Gholson, Salomey N.

Gholson, Stephen D.

Gibson, Martha F.

Gibson, William, 1852 - 1888

Gott, John

Gott, Margaret M.

Grimes, Allen D.

Gross, George

Gross, James W, 1866 - 1919 Lucy M, 1869 - 1947

Gross, Nancy

Gross, Mary C. & Felix

Gross, William

Gross, Wm A.

Gross, Richard Baily

Gwaltney, Sina E & LW

Gwaltney, Wesley

Gwaltney, Infant Dau. of Geo & Laura

Hampton, John F.

Hardesty, Christopher

Hardesty, Fred

Hardesty Frederick 1862

Hardesty, John

Hardesty, Mary J.

Hardesty Nancy 1852

Hayden, Ella Mae & L, A.

Hildrich, Nancy wife of Robert

Hildrich, Robert

Holland, Alice 1875 - 1912

Howard, Nellie & James A.

Howard, Rebecca & John F.

Hughes, James 1869 - 1949

Hughes, Martha Ann 1849 - 1937

Hughes, Mary 1894 - 1894

Hughes, T. J. & Martha A.

Hughes, Artimis S. wife of James

Hughes, Elizabeth M. wife of James

Hughes, James

Hughes, Sarah

Hughes, Wm

Hughes, Alvin M.

Hughes, Delia 1884 - 1937

Hynes, Andrew S. 1797 - 1846

Ingram, Eliza A.

Jamerson, Mary A.

Jennings, Elijah & Sarah

Jennings, Eliza J.

Jennings, Wm B.

Lasater, Elisa J.

?(our children) Nancy Ellen & James Madison

Martin, Lucinda

Mayberry, Frederick

Mayberry, Margarett & Fredrick S.

Mayberry, Priscilla

Mayberry, Susan

McKenzie Alexander 1852

McKinzie, Benjamin

McMurtry, John

Millspaugh, D. M.

Millspaugh, James

Millspaugh, Jawe son of Robert

Millspaugh, Margaret

Millspaugh, Mary A.

Millspaugh, Robert

Millspaugh, Sarah

Millspaugh, Theodore

Millspaugh, Wm

Millspaugh, Susan C. & Franklin

Parks, Andrew 1802 - 1877

Parsons, Ella Mae

Parsons, Infant Son of JF&HI

Parsons, William S.

Parsons, William W.

Parsons, Carrie

Parsons, David J.

Parsons, James F. & Hilda I.

M. J. Wife of J. P?ndrg

Porter, Austin

Porter, Harden

Porter, Sanford

Porter, Hannah wife of Harden

Porter, James A. & Martha A.

Porter, Logan A.

Porter, Phillip Sheridan & Louis

Porter, Phillip S. (Sheridan foot stone)

Ritchey, Nancy w/o Samuel

Ritchey, Samuel - 1812 - 1903 Husband of Nancy

Ritchey, Wiley

Sutton, Rosaline 1850 - 1900

Sutton, T. J. 1846 - 1927

Vickers, Lee Andrew

Vickers, Rebecca A.

Vickers, Thomas

Vickers Mary T. 1810 - 1889

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