The Croquet Yard


One of my earliest memories of growing up in Broughton is of the croquet yard, and Mom sending me down there to tell Dad when she had a meal ready. The croquet yard was on Main Street, just west of the Railroad track. The men kept the square between the railroad track and second street, Main and Allen street, like a park, keeping it mowed, and with benches under the big tree that stood near the road on the south side of the Croquet Yard. There wasn't a twig or a pebble alllowed to mar the surface of the yard, the sand was always kept perfectly smooth. These men took their croquet game seriously. Each man had his own mallet (Dad spent hours keeping his smoothed and in shape) and the place was seldom empty, always a game going on. Some of the regulars I remember was Dad (Mac Simmons) Tom Pennington, Wright Hamilton, Ott Brown, Jerry Richardson, Wiley Brown, Herman Gaines, Uncle Nick Linden, Ira Oath, Serman Prince, Albert Brown and Les Edwards. I'm sure there were others I have forgotten, for it was always a busy place for the men in the town with a game almost always going on.

Silvetta Parsons