Kay Turpin Johns Album



Kay Turpin Johns Album


Malinda Catherine Henderson

Stella Nily (Timmons) Turpin

Schuyler Turpin Family

Schuyler - Katie & Carla

Turpin Research

Gregg Family

Turpin Family Tree

The Johns Family Tree

Mary Jane Johns Will Be 100 Friday

Children of Charles Alexander Johns

Charles Alexander Johns Family

Olive (Allen) Gregg

Anne Gregg Turpin #1

Anne Gregg Turpin #2

Anne (Gregg) Turpin

Anne (Gregg) Turpin & Georgia (Pearce) Gholson

William G. Turpin U. S. N.

William G. Turpin #1

William G. Turpin # 3

William G. Turpin # 2

William G. Turpin # 4

William & Anne Gregg Turpin

Anne & William Turpin

Carl Eugene & Virginia Agatha Turpin

Carl & Cecile Turpin

Helen Kay (Turpin) Johns & Elmer Ray "Gail" Johns 1957

Elmer "Gail" Johns Tribal Card

Obituary of Elmer "Gail " Johns

Elmer Johns ( Death Certificate)

Elmer Johns - Grave

Minutes Of The Unity Baptist Church

Johns Cemetery

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