Letter from Maggie (Lewis) Casey 4 - 10 - 1984




Alton, Ill.

4 -10 - 84

.....Received your letter and so glad to get it. It brought back so many old memories of when I was young and lived in Broughton. I knew your father and Edgar when he was a little boy. My mother washed for Mr. Simmons and Edgar before he married your mother. Later Edgar and I were in the same class at school, also Ed Barker and Hallie ( Austin) Barker, Myrtle (Allen) Pennington, Iris and Gertie Richardson, Lou and Alma Reeves, Ella Mae (Call) Prichard, Andrew and Willard Warren, Lee Gregg, Amon Call, Hubert Brown, to name just a few in my class at school. My husband and I used to go to Marion on 30 of May and come back by Gholson Cemetery on our way home. I would see so many I knew. Gertie Richardson would introduce me to the ones I didn't know. All those times are in the past now. My husband died 1969 and I am 87 years old this last Dec 16. I remember all the houses in Broughton. One time we came by on 30 of May, Nell Daws was there. she insisted we stay all night with her. That was after Arthur died. We stayed and Agnes Allen and Frieda came over and visited. I knew all the Grable family when I was growing up in Broughton. Cantrell school was my first school when I was 6 years old. Then I went to Hardscrable a couple of years, then we moved to town and I finished school in Broughton. I still have fond memories of Broughton but I haven't lived there since Dec 10, 1913 when I went to Kankakee Ill to work in the state Hospital, then I married and quit to raise a family. I hope I get to see Broughton again someday. I imagine it has changed a lot from when I was a girl but it is home to me.

Maggie (Lewis) Casey

(Contributed by Silvetta Parsons)