Hunt Family


Kenneth & wife Becky (Lamp) Hunt

Family Album

Wayne W. Hunt & Family

Kenneth Hunt & Grace Poppins

Wayne Hunt & James E. Gholson

Wayne Willis Hunt

Juanita. Hunt & Ethel Gholson

Picking Corn - "Bear Gaines" & Harry Hughes, Kenneth Hunt on ground

1937 Flood - Barn

1937 flood house

Wayne & Juanita Hunt with their team & wagon

Billy Ray Gaines (his mother) Madaline & Kenneth Hunt

Wayne Hunt and his F20 Farmall Tractor

Jennings School (Unknown year)

Plain View Abt 1925?

Plain View Abt. 1928

Hickory Corner School about 1933

York School 1932 - 1933 Floyd Stallings

Kenneth Hunt & Ty Hess 1943

J L Murphy

Douglass School 1943 - 44

Wilcat School 1947 Teacher John B, Grable

Young School 1948 Teacher Madge Thompson

Kenneth Hunt & Harold "Bud" Littlefield abt 1949

Donald Cox & Kenneth Hunt abt. 1951

Mr. Raiborn

Keasler Family 1897

Daniel & Eva (Smith) Keasler Family

Dau. Mary Gholson Mary Alice Hardesty Gholson Fred Gholson Floe Keasler

Wayne Willis Hunt 11-12-1917

Billy Ray Gaines & Kenneth Hunt on right

Glenn (Bear) Gaines

Wayne & Juanita Hunt at home in Enfield, Illinois where Kenneth was born

Wayne Willis Hunt

Ed Gholson's Garage - Broughton - before paved highway

Ethel Gholson Keasler

Parents, Grandparents, and Siblings of Wayne & Juanita Hunt

Family Reunion

Old Christopher Hardesty place

Hunt Reunion

James Gideon Gholson

Kenneth Hunt - his Mother Juanita & Billy Ray Gaines

John Keasler

Kenneth Hunt (Baby Picture)

Kenneth Hunt on Tricycle

Untitled School 1948-49

Lee McKenzie, Ed Gholson & Wayne Hunt abt. 1950

Juanita & Wayne Hunt

Juanita & husband Wayne Hunt

St. Mary's School of Nursing 1960 Evansville,Ind.

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