Wanted Photos





Photos Wanted


Name Last B. D. Location Contact
Tomzen Gholson 1831 - 1899 Broughton Il. John Gholson
Louisa Combs 1834 - 19?? McLeansboro John Gholson
John-Gaines Gholson 1851-1913 Elizabethtown .....................
Family Aarons     Jenn
Jonathan Grant Waters 1848-1887 Hardin County Nancy Marti
Anderson Andrew Vinyard 1828-1912 Gallatin County Nancy Marti
William Moor 1848 - 1925 Gallatin County Nancy Marti
Sarah Brinkley 1844 - ?? Gallatin County Nancy Marti
Family Witters   Hamilton County Karen
Family Noah Sullivan   Hamilton County Karen
Fred Sodders Fred Sodders was the barber in Dalghren and I would love to have a photo of his shop. Can anyone help? Hamilton County Karen





Photos Found

Name Last B. D. Location Contact
Dr. Edward Dawes 1820 - 1873 Broughton Il John Gholson
Nancy Permelia Clary   Broughton Il  
Samul B. Allen   Broughton Il