LADIES AID BOOK 1908 - 1913


Members: Agnes Allen, Emily Farris, Mat Gholson, Gertie Gholson, Nancy Hall, Mat Hart, Edith Hall, Mrs.Muah, Eliza Ingram, Annie Lemay, Sister Lowery (joined Nov 27, 1908) Selia Mathias, Josie McNail Ella Osborn, Mary Organ, Francis Porter, Martha A. Porter, Minnie Hardin Porter, Rosie Joe Porter, Rose Sherman Porter, Annie Reeves, Lou Reeves Bettie Reeves, Drucilla Summers, Estella Summers

Broughton, Ill May 21, 1908

Aid met at Sister Annie Reeves to pay dues and straighten up the books. the following was found in the sack.

Jan 9, 1908 for quilting 1.00

April " " ' " " 1.00

Nov 1907 " " 1.00

Jan 2, 1908 " " .50 cents

July 4, 1907 Bal for sugar .25 cents

Mar 9, 1908 tacked carpet rags

April 1908 quilted

June 24, 1911 - Miss Minnie Hamilton, 50 cents for quilting.

June 4, 1908

First Baptist Ladies Aid met at Sister Annie Reeves and quilted for same. Sisters present, Eliza Ingram, S Selia Matthias, S Agnes Allen, S Annie Reeves, S Josie McNail, S Lou Reeves, S Drucella Summers, S Estella Summers (a new member) S Mat Gholson

June 11, 1908. Met at Sister Martha A Porters and quilted for same. 12 members present. visitor Lena Warren. When work was done Aid went to Sherman Gholsons to see twin calves.

Mat Gholson, Sec.

New officers elected - Sister Lou Reeves, President

Sister Selia Mathias, Treasurer, Mat Gholson, Sec.

July 21, 1910 Mrs Mathias pd on supper

Aunt Nancy Hall pd on supper

Bro Daily pd on supper

H.M. Barker pd on supper

June 24, 1911

Quilting for Minnie Hamilton

Quilting for Mollie Mitchel

Quilting for Anamelia Wilson

Expenses for Aid Nov 17, 1910

Bro. D. A. Reeves, Coal, $4.35

Allen Store Co $11.08

Barker & Gregg .70 cents

John T. Lemay - walks $5.75

H & G for Mrs. Barn - quil $2.10

Feb. 2, 1911

Mrs Lemay on flowers .15 cents

Agnes Allen on flowers .15 cents

Rosy Sherman, flowers .25 cents

Mat Gholson, flowers .25 cents

Annie Reeves .15 cents

Matha A. Porter .15 cents

flowers, Lymons $.43

Pd Hardin Porter $7.32

Pd Hand gains for MD .20 cents

Pd. Sister Barker .77 cents

Rec'd Minnie Hamilton .50 cents for quilting

Rec'd Mrs. Schrieber ,50 cents

Rec'd Mat Gholson donated $1.00

Rec'd Sister Marada for quilt .50 cents

Results of supper $3.01

June 20, 1909 Quilted for Mrs Shrieber

Quilted for Mrs. Marth Porter

Quilted for annie Reeves

Quilted for Gertie Gholson

Quilted for Rose Porter

Mar 17, 1910 Quilted for Ella Osborn

Quilted for Minnie Porter

Quilted for Selia Mathias

Dec 1 1910 Rosy J Porter on peanuts .10 cents

Rec'd of Frankie Gholson .50 cents

Rec'd W W Daily family .50 cents

Eb Miller .25 cents

Dec 1910 Rec'd Sock Special $17.75

Nancy Hall pd on sock special .12 cents

June 18, 1908 First Baptist Ladies Aid met at Sister Martha A Porters & quilted for same. Sisters present 10. Visitors - Lena Warren, Aunt Pollie Bowers and Letha Couch

Sec. Mat Gholson

June 25, 1908 Sisters met at Sister Eliza Ingrams and quilted. sisters present 9, Visitors 1

Nov 1908 Aid met at Sister Martha A Porters and quilted for Sister Marada, Sisters present Annie Reeves, Frances Porter, Martha Porter, Minnie Porter, Mary Organ, Drucilla Summers, Mrs. Lowery Agness Allen, Visitors Lena Warren & Letha Couch

Dec 10, 1908 Aid met at Sister Annie Reeves & attend to some business and talk about having a supper New Years Eve night for the benefit of the Church and we decided to have one. 7 Sisters present. Some who helped pay for Sister Farries flowers -

Mat Gholson 25 cts Edith Hall 25 cts
Annie Reeves 50 cts Salia Matthias 50 cts
Agnes Allen 25 cts Whit Daily 25 cents
Minnie Porter 25 cts Drucilla Summers 25 cts
Gertie Gholson 25 cts Rosy Joe Porter 25 cts
Eliz Ingram 25 cts Josie McNail 25 cts

Dec 17, 1908 Aid met at Sister Selia Matthias and decided to have a real supper. Our meating opened with devotinal exorcise and a comit was appointed to see for the supper and the member of the Church and solict ther help for the supper. Adjourned to meet at Drucillas 3 O'clock Wed eav 23 of Dec to report same. 8 Sisters present.

Dec 23, 1908 Aid met at Drucilla Summers to settle matters about the supper and each of us to considder there self one of the Committee and to meet and get the hall ready Monday eav Dec 28. Sisters present 8.

Jan 7, 1909 First Baptist Ladies Aid met at Rosy Porters. According to previous arrangement our supper was served Dec 31, 1908 for the benefit of the First Baptist Church of Broughton. Benefits received there from $30.1 cent. Our meeting being first in the beginning of the New Year it was a joyous one, led in singing by Sister Hall Scripture reading by Sister Matthias, Prayer by Sister Annie Reeves. And had a feast of Apples and candy. Adjourned to meet at Sister Ingrams Thursday Jan 14 to quilt. sisters present 12.

June 14, 1909 Met at sister Eliza Ingrams, There being no work we had a nice visit with each other. Eat candy and finished up with a delightful sleigh ride. Arrangements made to meet with sister Ingram Jan 21 and quilt for same. It was a pleasant meeting for all having had one of our old Friends and neighbors with us. Mrs Laura Srayer Aunt Tish and Mrs Julia Owen. Sisters present 10.

Jan 21 Ladies Aid met at Sister Ingrams & quilted

Jan 28 Met at Sister Ingrams & quilted for Mrs. Shriber.

Feb 4 1909 Met at sister Martha Porters & quilted for same.

Feb 26 Met at sister Martha A. Porters & quilted for Leatha Couch

Apr 1 Met with sister Lowery & studied Sunday School lession. Sisters present 7

Apr 22 Met with Josie McNail & studied Sunday School lesson. Sisters present 4

Apr 27 1909

Agnes Allen $1.00. June 2 1908 pd in full up to June 1909

Mar 3 1910 pd. 55 cents

Mar 17 1910 pd up to Nov 17 .37 cents

Nancy Hall pd in full 1908 - 1910

Mat Gholson pd in full 1908 - 1912

Mat Heart 1908 -

Gertie Gholson pd 1908 - 1910

Edith Hall 1910 pd to 1911

Expenses of Aid

Feb 8 1908

Orton Farris Janitoring $4.00

Ralph Gholson, Janitoring $2.00

Sec. Book 25 cents

Pd out for freezer $1.00

Burnett & Allen for M.D.S. $3.50

Mat Gholson for Janitoring for the Protracted Meeting held by Bro Barnwell $4.00

Burnett & Allen, mds $24.66

Pd to Barker & Son for mds .20 cents

Napkins .20 cents

Burnett & Allen .15 cents

Ladies Aid donation to Pastor $1.50

Aid pd for Janitoring $2.00

Carpet Warp for weaving $2.98

Coloring .25 cents

Pd to Mat Gholson for Janitoring $5.00

Pd to Mat Gholson $1.50

Apr 21, 1908 Bur-Allen, produce of carpet $8.75

Bro Matthias for Shawneetown lot $5.00

B & Allen $.39

D A Reeves $2.35

Pd out 5 cents for needles .05 cents

Pd Mat Gholson for janitor $4.25

May 6, 1909 Ladies Aid met at Sister Pollie Bowers. After a friendly sociable talk we studied the S S lesson, sung some songs of praise and had warm old fashioned hand shak was led in prayer by Sister Lowery

July 22 Ladies Aid met at Mat Gholsons and talked over Church finance and set Saturday to meet at at Sister Betty Reeves to look up some Sisters. Present 6

Dec 16 Settled all acounts for carpet Those Contributed:

Annie Reeves 50 cts Gertie Gholson 25 cts
Mat Heart 50 cts Eliza Ingram 25 cts
Rosy S Porter 25 cts Nancy Hall 50 cts
Rosy J Porter 25 cts Mrs Balmer 50 cts
Mrs Frank 35 cts Lou Reeves 15 cts
Mrs D Hall 25 cts Nora Irvin 25 cts
Nell Dawes 15 cts Drucilla Summers 25 cts
Minnie Porter 25 cts Josie McNail 25 cts
Martha Porter 25 cts Mat Gholson 15 cts



Emma Balmer joined Oct 28, 1909 pd up

Ada Merida joined Oct 28, 1909 pd 50 cents

Marry Gholson joined - pd in full 1915. Three new members added to our little flock.

Nov 11 Ladies Aid met at Sister Annie Reeves and dyed carpet rags

Mar 10 Met and tacked carpet rags. Members present Lou Reeves, Annie Reeves, Francis Porter, Rose Porter, Josie McNail, Selia Matthias, Mable Call, Clara Bonner, Drucilla Summers, Minnie Hardin, Martha Porter, Agnes Allen, Girty Gholson, Grandma Wilson, Aunt Patsy Wilson, Mat Gholson Sec.

Mar 31 Met at Sister Annie Reeves & tacked carpet rags for aid. Those that paid for carpet warp: Francis Porter 24 24 cts, Selia Matthias 25 cts, Lon Reeves 15, Annie Reeves 25cts, Eliza Ingram 25cts Agnes Allen 25 cts, Josie McNail 20 cts Rosy S Porter 25 cts Mat Gholson 15 cts.

Apr 21 Ladies Aid met at Mat Gholsons & made carpet for Mrs Matthias & sold it to her for 35 cts yard. 5 sisters present.

July 14 Ladies Aid met at Sister Rosy Joe Porters studied S. S. lesson, had refreshments, read a letter of thanks from Sister Lou Reeves for sewing. Paid to Bro Matthias for Shawneetown $5.00 pd, $1.39 pd D. A. Reeves $2.35, Two cents left in treasure

July 28, 1910 Ladies Aid met with Sister Bettie Reeves. Members present 9, quilted for Annie Couch. Mrs Lemay pd 55 cents dues. 50cts pd out for needles

June 16 1910 Ladies aid met with Sister Josie McNail. Sister Rosie Porter pd 26 cts due. Pd 10 cts cleaning Church. Aunt Nancy Hall pd 25 cts on supper Bro Daily 5 cts on supper. Bro Roe Barker 5 cts on supper

Nov 25 1910 Ladies met with Sister Ingram & quilted 2 quilts for Mrs Murry. 11 Sisters present

Dec 22 1910 Aid met at Sister Minnie Porters and attended to Sunday School treat.

Jan 5 Ladies Aid met at Minnie H Porters and finished Sistter Barnwells comfort and put in one for Aunt Sarah Davis. Paid for same 50cts. Minnie H Porter paid 50 cts for quilting.

Feb 2 Balance on hand $8.75

Feb 23 Aid met with Agnes Allen & quilted for Sister Rosy Porter. Members 17. Sister Agnes treated on candy. Music by Mary Brown. We had all roring good time. Sister Lemay paid 5 cts dues

Feb 2 1911 Aid met with Sister Agnes Allen & quilted for Rosy Sherman, 15 members present. Francis Porter paid 25 cts dues, and had our picture taken.

Mar 9, 1911 Ladies Aid met with Sister Rosy Joe Porter & quilted for Golda Shriber. Present 7. Got the quilt quilted and another one hemed. Sister Rosy treated on candy, a good time & plenty of work was enjoyed by all. Miss Essa gave us some nice music which was appreciated very much. This ended the afternoon

Mar 20, 1911 Ladies Aid met with Sister Eliza Ingram & quilted for Anna Couch. Members present 10. eliza treated on candy, Had good time in spite of the new greens eat for dinner although some oppressed.

Mar 30 Quilted at Sister Eliza's for Aunt Nerva Jane Barker. The top donated by Sister Drucilla, lining & pading by the Aid. Sisters present 10

Apr 20 Quilted at Sister Martha Porters for Minnie Hamilton.

Apr 27 Raining

May 4 Ladies Aid met at church yard and cleaned it off. Members presents 8, Paid Felix Gross 25 cts for hauling off the trash. The first time Aid met in the Assocational year for 1912

Oct 19 Met a Mat Gholsons & quilted for Mrs Pembrton. Sisters present 11. Had a square mes of raw turnips, enough for all.

Nov 16, 1911 Met at Sister annie Reeves and quilted for Mrs LeMays sister. Present 12

Dec 21 Ladies Aid met at Sister Allens. Quilted for Ella Porter. Members present 11. Sister cone with us and organized a Womans Mission Club

Jan 25 1912 Aid met with Sister annie Reeves & quilted for same. Present 10. Have quilted at Sister Agnes Allens, Sister Farreis, Sister Halls, since there was any record made.

Beginning with Association year 1912

Oct 19 Pd out to Mrs Call for Janitoring $1.50 Oct. 19 Rec'd on dues, quilting, measuring 65 cts $2.75 - $19.55 Quilting for Aunt Feeba 1.00 Rec'd Annie Reeves 50 cts Pd Mrs Merida $2.52, Mrs Miller 50 cts Lou Barger 50 cts Linia Farris 50 cts Mrs Prince 50 cts (quilt) Mrs Hall 50 cts

Those of the Aid who helped pay for Sister Emily Farries flowers

Mat Gholson 25 cts Drucilla Summers 25 cts
Edith Hall 25 cts Gertie Gholson 25 cts
Annie Reeves 50 cts Rosie McNail 25 cts
Silia Matthias 50 cts Josie McNail 25 cts
Agnes Allen 25 cts Eliza Ingram 25 cts
Minnie Porter 25 cts  

For the benefit of the Church, those who Paid for carpet made in 1910 Francis Porter 20 cts

Feb 2, 1911 Those who gave for Lymans flowers.

Mrs Lemay .15 cts Mat Gholson 25 cts
Agnes Allen .15 cts Annie Reeves 15 cts
Rose Sherman 25 cts Martha A Porter 15 cts
Minnie H Porter 25 cts Drucilla Summers 15 cts

Deaths of our Sisters in Christ Sister Lizzie Barker died on Saturday before the 2nd Sunday in May 1907

Sister Emily Farries died on Saturday before the 3rd Sunday in Nov 1908

$59.76 for Home expenses $8.42 to Mrs Dora I Cone for Mission

Names of Members

Agnes Allen Gertie Gholson
Mat Gholson Nancy Hall
Mat Heart Edith Hall
Eliza Ingram Anna LeMay
Anna Lowery Selia Matthias
Josie McNail Ella Osborn
Mary Organ Frances Porter
Martha A Porter Minnie H. Porter
Rosy J Porter Annie Reeves
Rosy S Porter Lou Reeves
Drucilla Summers Bettie Reeves
Estella Summers Aanamelia Wilson
Emma Balmer Ada Marida
Mary Gholson