Lesson learned in Broughton Illinois


Lesson learned in Broughton Illinois 1947

I came to Broughton that fateful day, to visit my grand father’s new wife. Frances was her name. You could tell right a way she was a very nice lady, as she asked me if I need any thing to eat. I noticed she didn’t ask me to wipe my feet. I expected some chores but she gave me none! As she said go on outside and play. Ill call you when dinner is done!

Some horses were tied in front of Sherdan LeMay’s, He was the blacksmith across the way, I could see him picking up the horse’s foot, I didn’t know what he would do, But as I got closer you could see him measure the shoe, He looked at some shoes that hung by the door, He chose some that he would size to fit. As he fired up the forge with great care, He looked around and saw me there, He hollered at me," get out back of the door! There are hot pieces all over the floor! So back I went, all the way to the street. For unlike these men I had no shoes on my feet.

I could see him heat those shoes red hot. And with tongs he held them, with great strength, as he hammered and pounded those shoes on anvil until they fit, Then he would stick them in water for a final dip. But this looked like fun and something I would like to do, so I crept closer to see more, when I stepped on a hot piece there on the floor.

I took out like a streak! Never running so fast, Mr LeMay never again had to say, stay out of the way! I learned my lesson hard but true! When one says stay out of the way they are looking out for you!

By John Gholson


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