Hallowween Prank

Southern Illinois. Pranksters

It's October in Southern Illinois and Mr Massey is gathering in his corn. Before quiting for the day he takes his empty wagon to the field where he will start next. He returned home to take care of other business.

Meanwhile some local boys were out for some Halloween fun. They saw the wagon and pulled it to the Rhine School that was nearby. The school was located in Saline County Illinois, about 1mile east of the Old Jot it Down Store in Long Branch Township. It was here they were disassembling the wagon so they could lift it onto the roof of the school. They had the entire wagon all assembled on the roof of the school except for the bed when some one was coming! The boys were shocked! Not only would they be caught doing this dastardly act, it couldn't be worse, as they recognized the owner of the wagon! It was nearly dark,and to their supprise Mr Massey called out to the young men could you boys use a hand? The stunned boys quickly recovered and said yes! We sure could use some help! They all gave a heave ho to lift the final piece to the roof of the school. Then they all stood back and looked at a job well done. They all discussed what kind of look would be on the faces of the people going by when they saw the wagon on the roof. The boys were enjoying the fact that they had pulled it off, and the owner of the wagon assisting them just made it that much sweeter. So they all went home in a good mood and had a good laugh.

The next time Mr. Massey took his teem and went to the field where he expected to find his wagon it was not there! His first thought was someone has stolen his wagon! He followed the tracks that went toward the school and then realized where his wagon was! I am sure he knew where to go to get help to get it down.

This story was told to me by Jesse Pingleton who's brother took part in the above prank.

John Gholson

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